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“I'll make Franchouchou sing on the Arpino stage. That is the true beginning of the project. It is the beginning of the Zombie Land Saga Project."

— Kotaro Tatsumi's Diary, Episode 12

The Zombie Land Saga project is Kotaro's mystery project to save Saga from The Curse of SAGA.

Tatsumi explained that the girls who became "Legendary" in life were revived as zombies, and the plan was to save Saga as a new group of local idols in Saga, with the aim of making Saga recognized through tourism and avoiding the depopulation of this, the details of this project are unknown.


It is a zombie idol project created by Kotaro Tatsumi, Franchouchou's mysterious manager. His plan is to reunite a group of girls destined to save Saga Prefecture from oblivion who were killed by Saga's curse, a curse that prevents Saga from shining and will cause her to be forgotten. With the girl group Kotaro will do everything possible so that Franchouchou brings glory back to Saga and that it is not completely forgotten, thanks to the fact that these are zombies, he cannot die from the effects of the curse, which makes them perfect for the plan since it constantly tries to kill them... even if they are already dead.

Jofuku, is the one who is really behind all this and as his appearances show, since the 1880s he has been looking for a new successor who is willing to save Saga prefecture, Kiichi Momozaki was one of the precursors of the project by saving Successfully saga from oblivion in the year 1883 and restoring and creating a new Saga thanks to the help of Yugiri, Tae is next on the list with her plan to save Saga from Sagako and finally Kotaro who gathered a group of zombie girls to make sure there is something in Saga prefecture that is always associated with it and never disappears from people's hearts.



Kiichi Momozaki was the one who without knowing it, would start with the legacy of saving Saga, being chosen by Jofuku as Saga's savior after she disappeared from the world map after constant wars, thanks to the help of Yugiri Saga he can be saved and Kiichi fled out of the curse's interference to other prefectures.


Jofuku goes to the Saga Sagako Busters for their help to defeat the Sagako that torment Saga and thus prevent it from being destroyed and subsequently start an apocalyptic event on a global level.


Kotaro Tatsumi (Inui) loses Sakura in a road accident, so he finds Jofuku and asks him to revive her. Years later he started the current Zombie Land Saga project with a group of idols who saved Saga.


The Saga Prefecture is cursed, anyone who tries to make Saga popular is hampered by the curse and if this is not enough, the curse kills people through strange accidents, according to Jofuku Saga's prophecy it will disappear after the It was Reiwa and will be erased from people's minds after a cataclysm that will destroy the prefecture, so Kotaro started his zombie idol project to put the public eye on Saga and that it cannot be easily forgotten, the failure in the EEF was mainly due to Kotaro's eagerness to complete the project before the start of the Reiwa era but sadly it failed and left Franchouchou a year late to avoid the curse. Due to this the curse has already begun to destroy Saga and little by little the anger erasing from the map until there is nothing left of it, however Kotaro does not think to give up and will make Franchouchou together with Arata make the concert at the Ekidame Fudosan is a national success and thus ensure that Saga is never forgotten.


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  • The name of the anime, Zombie Land Saga, as well as the project, refer both to the saga (story) of the pop idol group consisting of zombies and to the prefecture itself.
    • As such, each episode has the word "Saga" included somewhere in the title.
  • It is revealed in Kotaro's "Episode 13" that the project actually has a set deadline. Although not much else is revealed other than the fact that they are running out of time to do their homework.
    • It is confirmed that he was referring to the new Reiwa era that began in 2019 and that would mark the beginning of the end for Saga.
  • Kotaro is being a victim of the curse by almost dying 3 times: drowned in the sea, crushed by a statue, drowned in the bar.
  • According to Jofuki, Kotaro started the plan twelve years prior to the events of the series. Meaning he immediately started the operation not long after hearing of Sakura’s passing.
    • Likewise, it is heavily implied that Sakura's death was the main trigger for Kotaro's entire plan.