The Zombie Land Saga Manga adaptation was in publication during the anime's broadcast until March 2020, it was adapted by Megumu Soramichi on October 8, 2018.


The plot of the first 4 chapters is a compilation of what was seen in the anime.

After the 5th you see a development of Kotaro in how he performs the activities that will be essential for Franchouchou later, all while he eats and goes to Saga restaurants to reach the inspiration and put Franchouchou as the best group in Saga.

While a mysterious boy follows him and guides him in his plan to save Saga prefecture, this boy guides him through 3 wise men so that Kotaro becomes himself with his Saga.

At the end of the volume the epic battle of the openinig of the series happens, and the girls will have to destroy the terrible monster that caught Sakura while using Saga's special attacks without any remedy they use their internal power to conjure rays of light that come out of the earth destroying the monster but in turn the center of the city of Saga.

Volume 1

Zombie Land Saga Saga Awakening Edition

Unfortunate high school girl Sakura Minamoto gets hit by a car one day and revives as a zombie! For some reason, does she become a local idol to save "Saga" ?! Producer Kotaro Tatsumi's journey to know the "Saga" from the beginning! zombie × idol × Saga × gourmet.


Volume 2

Zombie Land Saga Saga Fierce fighting training.

Local idols in Saga, Franchouchou. Their true identity is zombies that have risen from various eras! Kotaro Tatsumi, a mysterious producer who aims to save Saga prefecture using zombie idols. With the aim of reaching the heights with the idols, he will eat in the city of Saga!, a spin-off manga with a producer training to get to know Saga and the creation of the opening Adabana Necromancy.


Volume 3

Zombie Land Saga Saga Nostalgic Roman Edition.

The story of the zombie idol group Franchouchou was revived to animate Saga. To go one step further, the mysterious producer Kotaro took them to the ruins of Yoshinogari, an ancient settlement that Japan is proud of. Can Franchouchou and Kotaro find the truth of Saga?


Volume 4


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