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Zombie Land Saga Side Story: The First Zombie (ゾンビランドサガ外伝 ザ・ファースト・ゾンビィ Zonbirando Saga Gaiden za Fasuto Zonbii) is a spin-off manga that works as a prequel to the main anime. It began its publication on May 19, 2021 in the Ultra Jump magazine.


Eikichi Hyodo is a second-year high school student, and the eldest son of a family that farms onions. Eikichi withdrew from the baseball club due to an injury, so he now considers his life mediocre and has no encouragement. On the other hand, his mother and his twin sister Yuko are in perfect condition and have the opportunity to take over the family business. However, one day the older sister disappears without a trace...



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  • Although the title of the spin-off manga suggests that Tae was the first zombie to be successfully resurrected, this is technically not the case, as Romero is shown to be a zombie way back in the 1800s when he was living with the Momozaki Family.
    • Though, in terms of zombiefied humans, Tae would correctly be the first to be ressurected but the last to "wake up". Whereas Romero is the first and only (conscious) zombiefied animal, so far.
  • The manga takes place in the year 1989 of the Christian era, twenty-nine years prior the events of the main series.
  • Saga's curse is based on the legend of Xu Fu, who sent Saga to seek the Elixir of Immortality 2,200 years ago, the magician Anqi Sheng offered him the elixir upon his arrival. However, Chinese legends speak that Xu Fu met a huge sea beast that could be a Sagako and that after his arrival in Saga, Anqi Sheng threatened the emperor of death by launching a meteorite on the yellow river in China and saying "The first emperor will die and their lands will be divided." Soon after, the emperor died of mercury poisoning and China was divided yet again.
    • In the anime, the curse is present by killing the girls through accidents and Jofuku is the one who is in charge of giving the position to someone to fight against the curse for each era.
  • The room that serves as the Saga Sagako Busters' hideout is the same dungeon that Franchouchou holds its meetings thirty years later.


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