Zombieland Saga Wiki

The Zombie Land Saga Blu-Ray is the official CD adaptation of the anime being sold as part of the official line of merchandise of the series.

Season 1

Number Launching Episodes Cover page Sells
Saga 1 December 21, 2018 Episode 1-4 izquierda 23,178 Sales
Saga 2 February 22, 2019 Episode 5-8 izquierda 17,500 Sales
Saga 3 April 26, 2019 Episode 9-12 izquierda 18,908 Sales
Zombie Land Saga LIVE-Franchouchou Let's Go Together! July 26, 2019 Franchouchou live: Let's Go Together!
Franchouchou live 1.jpg
Blu-ray BOX "Zombie Land Saga" March 26, 2021 Episode 1-12 izquierda ??

Season 2

Number Launching Episodes Cover page Sells
Zombie Land Saga LIVE-Franchouchou LIVE OF THE DEAD "R" May 28, 2021 Concert izquierda
Zombie Land Saga Revenge SAGA.1 June 25, 2021 Episodes 1-4 izquierda 9896 sales
Zombie Land Saga Revenge SAGA.2 July 30, 2021 Episodes 5-8 izquierda 6151 sales
Zombie Land Saga Revenge SAGA.3 August 27, 2021 Episode 9-12 izquierda 6262 sales
Zombie Land Saga LIVE-Franchouchou Saga, join us! February 22, 2022 Concert izquierda

Blu-ray Buying Benefits

SAGA.1 ~ 3 Total Volume Purchase Bonus

  • Amazon: Freshly Drawn Full Volume Storage BOX (Ai, Junko, Lily)
  • Animate (including Animate Online): Freshly drawn B2 tapestry (Sakura, Saki, Ai)
  • Players: full color tote bag with SD character set (Sakura, Saki, Ai, Junko, Yugiri, Lily, Tae)
  • Toranoana: Freshly Drawn B2 Tapestry (Sakura, Yugiri)
  • Sofmap: Freshly Drawn B2 Tapestry (Ai)
  • Animyumo (Avex Official Online Shopping Site) - Removable Collective Acrylic Stand (Sakura, Ai, Junko)
  • MAPPA ONLINE STORE: A set of 3 bromides with a newly drawn Cheki-style character autograph (Sakura, Saki, Ai, Junko, Yugiri, Lily, Tae)
  • AmiAmi: A5 acrylic clock

Revenge SAGA. 1 ~ 3 Total Volume Purchase Bonus

  • Amazon - All Volumes Purchase Privilege Freshly Drawn Characters Thin Canvas Board (Junko)
  • Animate: Bonus for buying all volumes of the B2 flag (Sakura, Saki, Ai)
  • Players: Limited Edition Full Volume Purchase Item Scene Photo Acrylic Charm
  • Players: bonus for buying all volumes of B2 tapestry (Ai, Junko)
  • Animyumo: Bonus for the purchase of tapestries of all volumes B2 (Sakura, Saki, Tae)
  • Toranoana: bonus for buying the entire tapestry from volume B2 (Yugiri, Lily)
  • Toranoana: bonificación por comprar todo el tapiz del volumen B2 (Yugiri, Lily)
  • Sofmap Animega: Bonus for Buying Full Volume B1 Fabric Poster + Full Volume Storage BOX (Ai)
  • MAPPA ONLINE STORE: Bonus for buying all volumes Jacket illustration Universal rubber mat
  • HMV: Full Volume Storage BOX Full Volume (Junko) Zombie Land Saga Revenge Purchase Privilege
    • Tickets BD from Ticket Pia (1) to (3) will be sent together
  • Seven Net: ecological bag with full volume purchase privilege
  • AmiAmi: A5 acrylic watch with full volume purchase privilege
  • TSUTAYA Online - Full Volume Purchase Privilege Square Tin Badge
  • Melon Books - Full Volume Purchase Privilege Double Suede Tapestry
  • Neo Wing: Smartphone Holder with Full Volume Purchase Privilege

Revenge SAGA. 1 ~ 3 Ticket Pia with BD ticket purchase privilege

  • Storyboard Flyer for Episode 1
    • with every product for every purchase.