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The Zombie Land Saga movie also called Zombie Land Saga: Beyond Revenge (ゾンビランドサガ 復讐のその先へZonbirandosaga Fukushū no sonosakihe) Unofficial title is an animated film that was announced at the Zombie Land Saga LIVE-Franchouchou Saga, join us! concert on October 17, 2021. To reveal the news, a special Live Action teaser was broadcasted during the concert, starring actors Hakuryu and Kunio Murai, who are big stars from Saga Prefecture.


[Fight without Zombies Saga Revenge]

That same day a trailer with actor Hakuryu and Kunio Murai was also released.

Both actors talk about Saga's future and Hakuryu's character's desire to restore Saga.

Kunio Murai's character dies during the teaser but reappears as a zombie and says these last words to viewers:

"The revenge of Saga is not complete, it has only just begun."




  • The teaser for the film was announced as a Live Action in the style of the Yakusas movies.
    • It is observed during the last seconds of the teaser a UFO as a shadow on the Moon standing out from the other blue spots, this is referring to the end of the second season where a spaceship appears and destroys Saga.
  • Hakuryu appears again to promote Zombie Land Saga after the first teaser for Zombie Land Saga Revenge.
    • It would seem to embody Kotaro's will in these teasers.
  • Kunio Murai is a Japanese actor, known for being Harrison Ford's Japanese voice actor.
    • Murai was born in China but has lived his entire life in Japan, in a city in Saga Prefecture.
      • Like the character of Jofuku, born in China but who will live the rest of his life in Japan and in Saga more particularly.
      • It seems that Murai plays Jofuku in this teaser, the character seems to know Saga's secrets and seems immortal as well.


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