"Zombie Land Saga ANTHOLOGY" is a series of anthology comics released on for April 7th, 2021. Various manga authors participate in these comics, who each give their own perspective on how the events of the anime would pass if they were the authors.

Description of contents


Comics (in order in the Anthology)

Authors involved

  • Mekimeki
  • Sho Kakemaru
  • Saya Kiyoshi
  • Kumicho
  • Kenji Taguchi
  • Mottled Sai
  • Yuki Tatsuhiko
  • Izu Thrush
  • Mitsuru Hattori
  • Akuro Yoshibe
  • Azusa Manjo
  • Saburouta
  • Jun Minamikata


Front Covers

Back Covers

Promotional Materials


  • TBA
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