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Yuko Hyodo

Yuko Hyodo (兵動 裕子 Hyōdō Yūko) is a character introduced in the Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie spin-off manga. Eikichi's twin sister, and the "Legendary Exorcist".

As a result of being fatally injured in a battle with a Sagako, she had to be substituted by her brother as a member of the Sagako Busters.


Yuko is a high school girl so she wears a high school outfit consisting of a light blue knee-length skirt, a dark blue jacket with a collared shirt underneath, in terms of her physical appearance. Yuko is quite weak in combat, her hair and eyes are golden in color and her hair is quite long and ground. When she is dressed as Saga Sagako she Buster she wears a white uniform outfit and some extra accessories.


Yuko is a pretty good girl including her brother who tends to be rebellious constantly, she won the award for attending her school and also has the highest grades. She tried to protect Saga from the curses and also the life of her brother at all costs even giving her life in return, she is altruistic because of the selfless actions she takes when trying to protect the daily life of her brother by cost of hers. She apologizes to a Sagako that she is about to exorcise, telling it that the exorcism might hurt. Sadly, this gives the curse a chance to nearly kill her and her turned into an onion.

Despite being an exorcist, she has feelings for the Sagakos she seals and thinks that even though they are purifying the souls within them, they should at least try to make conversation with them to find out the reason why they came to the world in the first place.

When she met Tae, she promised that she would not let any Sagako harm people and even when she was a child she tried to defend Tae from what would be imminent death. Thanks to this, the two began working together at Karatsu Burger when Yuko reached a certain age and later they met Jofuku and the power of Misogi used to seal the Sagakos.



  • Harvest - In the day Yuko was a farmer on her family farm and she was in charge of the harvests of the onions that grew on them to sell them, some onions she also kept as a charm.
  • Intelligence - Being the opposite of her brother, she was highly intelligent in school and popular with her class, which subsequently earned her several accolades.

Unique Abilities

  • Exorcism - She had a unique ability to permanently exorcise the Sagakos thanks to the use of onions grown on her farm. The Hyodo twins have access to this ability, being able to seal the sagako using special protectors made from onions. Yuko specialized in this during her time as Sagako Buster.


  • The name Yuko means "abundant" (裕) (yu) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Yuko's surname Hyodo means "soldier, warrioir" (兵) (hyo) and "dynamic, motion, change, confusion" (動) (do).


  • Tae Yamada says that Yuko does the purification ritual for miko (巫女 の 禊). The reason Tae thinks it's ridiculous for a child to do it is that miko (shrine maidens) are traditionally young maidens. It's part of the Shinto tradition, and the overall story is infused with Shinto vibes.
  • The Hyodo twins share very similar facial shapes, something the Busters notice upon meeting Eikichi.
  • Yuko joined the Sagako Busters after meeting Tae when she was still a child.


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