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Season 1

Episode 1

After their successful performance at a death metal festival, all the zombie girls regain their senses, Yūgiri wakes up along with Saki.

Episode 2

After coming back to her senses, Yūgiri spends most of her time smoking in addition to training with Kotaro. However, she still participates in the group's first real performance at the Saga Castle. As Sakura and Saki verbally fight each other on stage, Yūgiri and Lily team up for backup turning it creatively into a rap battle. The performance was successful and the girls receive a standing ovation from the audience.

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Episode 3

Before meeting Kotaro's hasty expectations, Lily suggests that the group present an original group name as she feels that the ones provided by Kotaro are too bland. Yugiri suggests a complicated, traditional name, but it was denied. When Tae sneezes while rambling, Lily appears with an inspired and original group name. Yugiri and the rest of the girls agree and that is why they have decided to call themselves "Franchouchou".

The girls then train overnight to prepare for their public flash performance, though it ended bittersweet for everyone.

Episode 4

When arriving at Ureshino, Yugiri is accompanied by Lily, since she wants to see what a current city is because she has been dead for more than 150 years, together with the other girls they enjoy their stay in Ureshino, at the time of the hot springs standing up, she says that it is the first time she has gone out with friends for a walk and says that she wants to please the guests at night (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), to which Sakura tells her not to say such things. In the hotel, the bandages that were given to them are tested, taking on greater flexibility and now they can give a better concert.

Later, when Sakura scares the owner of the pharmacy, she mistakes her for a customer and she turns her head in a terrifying way scaring her even more.

Episode 5

When Kotaro tells the girls that they are going to Drive in Tori, Yugiri doesn't know what it is, however at the restaurant he seems to enjoy the food together with the other girls and he even pouts when Kotaro scolds them, later in the filming. of the commercial, she says that he would like to have a chicken suit when she was working, being a not very clear reference to her work in Oiran.

In the Gatalympics, she tries to cheer on Junko or is simply confused because Junko does not seem excited and touches her back, already in the contest she demonstrates her skills in the rope test by getting a good score for her performance, however she should jump in and not do something scenic. When Tae jumps up and loses her body parts, she looks visibly scared of being discovered and runs to accommodate Tae's body.

Yugiri idol 1.png

Episode 6

In episode 6, Yugiri is seen in a very sexy way when taking pictures with fans, but she is surprised by what is happening with Junko turning her face, Yūgiri cannot continue long and has no idea what is happening happening, but she still does things without complaining, that shows how mature she is and also tries to help Ai and Junko to recover after their fight together with Saki and Lily. While all the zombies are out of their point in time, Yugiri is the most egregious example, being the oldest of the seven, having been revived from the period of the Meiji Restoration. She basically exposes how she deals with the situation in Episode 6, explaining that being confused about what's going on wouldn't be helpful, so she decided to accept things as they come. When Ai leaves after making Lily cry, she only says that many fights start because both sides were right at one point but never managed to disagree, this being a nod to what happened in her time.

Episode 7

In episode 7, Saki asks what they should do about Junko and how to bring her back, Yugiri says they should wait and emphasizes Lily's maturity with an answer she gave. When Junko finally decides to go and is run over by Kotaro, she runs to hug her showing that she is fond of the group as it is, in Saga Rock she manages to have a good performance together with the rest of the group and become known.

Episode 8

Being surprised by Takeo, Yugiri stays with Lily outside the room where they are questioning him to find out why he touched Lily, realizing that it was her father is surprised along with the rest of the girls. In the mansion she mentions how dangerous it is to work when you are exposed to the world, implying that she knows the risks, after Lily tells them her true identity she only limits herself to saying that it was a surprise, but decides to accept her in the group since both they were quite close from the beginning of the series leading a mother-daughter relationship.

Episode 9

Appearing at the beginning of episode 9, her only relevant action is in the truck, because when Junko feels dizzy she tries to use one of her techniques to calm her down, however Sakura reminds them that they are dead.

Episode 10

Kotaro decides that the girls will now appear in Arpino, surprised Yugiri knows that Kotaro plans something, the next day he sends them to Mount Tenzan where they must relax and not practice so that everything goes well in Arpino, the girls decide to take different roles and Yugiri goes by fungus, however when talking to Sakura he realizes what Kotaro was planning and his relationship with Sakura.

When Sakura is eaten by a wild boar, she says that the Sonno Joi taught her something about playing dead, but they are already dead, an important phrase because the Joi and the mibu wolves were groups that fought each other in Yugiri's time. In the evening after returning to the mansion she decides to go out to talk to Kotaro and tells him that he is very nice to Sakura, implying that she knows that there is something between the two of them, and at the end of the episode telling him that it worked to what Kotaro simply does that does not know.

Yugiri ep 11.jpg

Episode 11

After Sakura woke up and was surrounded by zombies, she asks to slap her but Tae arrives and Sakura is knocked unconscious, it does not become relevant until when the girls, trying to get Sakura out of the attic, simply go down to cry, so she decides to do it herself herself, she dresses up in all her attire, with platform sandals and a headdress when she tries to pull Sakura out of her depression, but before she knew it she had already left the mansion leaving her in shock.

Episode 12

With Sakura still refusing to go to Arpino and attacking Tae for her attempts to cheer her up, she locks herself in the attic and along with the other girls seem concerned about Sakura's attitude, Tae breaks into the attic and forcibly takes her out, As this happens, a smile is seen on her face, but it is quickly removed when she realizes that the speech they gave when Tae took her to the training room did not matter to her. At that moment, although she is able to contain her anger while maintaining her composure, she simply contained her anger in her hand with her five fingers and released it in Sakura's face with a slap that sent her flying, and now angrily tells her Let Arpino go and let them accompany her.

In Arpino, she tries to make sure Sakura is well and encourages her by winking when the stage is about to fall, the mysterious bartender appears in the final song of the series in one of the lines that Yugiri sings, implying her relationship with him.


Fierce Fighting Training

Kotaro leaves the girls in imari city to walk and entertain themselves while he goes to do business, the girls happen to enter a ramen restaurant following Kotaro's warnings.

Nostalgic Roman Edition

Yugiri lights the fire easily

Together with Franchouchou and the other girls, they go to Yoshionagari, but even without knowing the purpose of the trip, they are a bit puzzled. But without being able to ask Kotaro about his aggressive attitude, they restrict themselves to following his orders. However, the girls are distracted when they see that the park has many places where they can relax while they search for Saga's secret. Little by little the girls become distracted by the attractions and Yugiri enters with Lily, Ai, and Saki in an old-fashioned fire-lighting competition. But because of her little experience they only manage to get a little smoke out, Yugiri instead manages to light the fire quite easily, presumably thanks to Oiran's abilities from her.

Tae shows Saki what he did with Sakura, however Kotaro is angry that the girls are not taking seriously the job he gave them and Saki annoys him by establishing her dominance over Saga with a T pose. Now, with Kotaro depressed the girls continue with their activities, Yugiri tries on a Yayoi era clothes together with Lily and Saki. Sakura notices Kotaro's attitude in those moments and wonders what he's happening to him because it's not his normal attitude, but Saki says it's only temporary.

With his attention now, Franchouchou decides to talk about the experiences they have had until Yoshinogari's trip, it is where Kotaro realizes that the secret he was looking for is the team experiences and the entire journey that has led them there. Finally satisfied with the answer he decides to take more into account the opinion of the girls and not get carried away so much by himself.

In the mansion, they continue training for a concert during the night, at the end of the practice they decide to cook something for them since it is almost the new year, they prepare a Saga soup and eat it while they talk about their experiences as Franchochou.

It's New Year's Eve, the girls wake up hungry and Junko, Ai and Sakura talk about their experiences with Police Officer A. Following several panels on how to prepare a new soup, the girls decide to eat it, but Tae chokes and Sakura she goes to help her (even though they are already dead), but by mistake he hits Kotaro with what Tae spat, however he only screams a little and gives them more food for the new year, leaving only crumbs.

Yugiri manga 6.png

Future development saga

Kotaro takes Franchouchou to a restaurant to prepare a meal that an old man from Saga taught him and at the same time learn how to make it, in the end it turned out quite well and the owners congratulate the girls. At the mansion, and with their new food on the table, they decide to go practice their new song.

Now, Franchouchou is preparing for a big concert, while Kotaro watches and decides that now they will stop being idols to participate in a restaurant to promote themselves through food. Now the girls will have a judge with a bird costume and it will be the one who decides which of the girls prepares the best meal to win. At the end of the contest the girls unite and win the contest, later Kotaro checks social media to see Franchouchou's performance.

In the training room, the girls discuss about the concerts and the places where Kotaro has taken them, they decide to thank the busy manager and leave the mansion leaving a note in the room for Kotaro to read when he arrives. While Kotaro looks for Franchouchou throughout Saga, the group goes through various places in Karatsu while they talk about the future presentation at the EFS and as that will be their big leap, when Kotaro arrives they all decide to do their best for the big concert and make it big the name of the group.

Season 2

Yugiri bartender.png

Episode 13

Now and with the girls' debt, Yugiri got a job as a bartender in a small bar in Saga, where her most frequent client is the Policeman A, the same one who tried twice to shoot Sakura before in the first season.

In the mansion again and together with the other girls they discuss about Kotaro and how to bring him back until Ai says that there is something that he did not tell them and that he was in a hurry and they decide to enter Kotaro's room but they only find his recording from a month ago.

Back at Yugiri's bar, she attends the Policeman and tells him to continue taking care of Saga to which he happily replies that he will come to see her at night, but is interrupted by a drunk Kotaro who entered the wrong bar or probably wanted to enter another bar without Yugiri and he quickly leaves, Yugiri follows him outside the bar where she finds him vomiting and saying that he was wrong completely falling apart.

Later in the training room it is mentioned that Yugiri told the other girls about how Kotaro was and although Sakura tells them that she is going to bring him back, she fails completely and in the end they decide to go without him.

Now, without the help of Kotaro they decide to go to GEILS and do the presentation alone, but their concert is received with boos from the public and when they are about to leave Kotaro arrives without warning and encourages them, which generates a fight for Their interference and fuss, the girls sing the new song "REVENGE" and manage to have a bit of success afterwards.

Finally at the mansion, she is surprised to see the new Kotaro refreshed and ready to continue the zombie idol project.

Episode 14

Franchouchou is in the morning meetings together with Kotaro, who plays a TV presenter and annoys the girls as usual, Kotaro asks her what they will do now that they returned as an idol group and when Sakura's turn comes she answers telecommuting What annoys Kotaro and makes him pass the microphone over his face, this action results in Saki hitting him for this, but he just says it is zombie bullying. When he gets serious and says that they are going to spend the day with White Ryu is when Saki gets excited and screams with excitement.

The girls arrive in the city where the shrine is and Lily makes fun of Ryu's crazy fallen pompadour and Tae mockingly imitates him.

Then they ask Ryu a few questions and follow him around the shopping area, they try to buy some pet fish freedom but only get a holder for chopsticks. One of the presenters tells them to go to the shrine of the God of marriage, which makes Junko nervous to mention that topic, in the shrine the girls begin to pray and wonder if God will listen to them as they are zombies.

Almost at the end of the program, Ryu says that he wants to climb the hill to reach the top of the sanctuary and although he arrives tired due to his age, they succeed. In the mansion the girls discuss about love and how it is taboo for idols, Junko blushes when Ai tells her that idols had hidden crushes in her time and Sakura gets jealous because she does not deny having had a relationship in life.

Finally Franchouchou performs at GEILS death metal with a new cover song by White Ryu while watching shots of them on the station he left behind.

Episode 15

Yugiri trains with the rest of Franchouchou in preparation for their opening at Saga Arena, but otherwise does not speak during this episode.

Episode 16

Yugiri makes dinner for Franchouchou and lunch for Ai Mizuno, and later has makeup applied to her in preparation for their performance at Saga Arena. She compliments Kotaro Tatsumi's skills with cosmetics, and then performs with the rest of Franchouchou. Although she glares at Iron Frill with the rest of her compatriots when Shiori keeps trying to poach Ai Mizuno from them, she later acknowledges their skill in the last moments of the episode.

Episode 17

After noticing that Lily Hoshikawa had a great deal of thought on her mind, Yugiri waits for Kotaro Tatsumi to brief them, only for Lily to instead present her idea of auditioning at the "Japanese Got Performance" national TV show. Yugiri attended the show and cheered Lily on.

Episode 18

Yugiri sends Tae Yamada to get groceries, but otherwise has little involvement beyond being pleased that Tae returned with 20 million yen.

Episode 19

When it becomes clear that Maimai Yuzuriha knows that Franchouchou are all zombies, Yugiri says Maimai will have to die, but then comments that it's probably a bad idea. When Maimai asks to join Franchouchou, Yugiri thinks it's bold. Maimai later suggests performing at her high school, which Yugiri finds intriguing. She encourages Maimai during her training, and they then go to visit Maimai's high school early, Yugiri so that she can see more of the younger generation. After performing at the high school Maimai leaves the group, so Yugiri advises her to hold onto her boldness before bidding her farewell.

Episode 20

Episode 20-1.jpg

Yugiri's backstory is central to this episode, back in 1881 when Yugiri was a living, legendary courtesan. Near the end of her career she's freed from her profession by an older gentlemen who soon dies, leaving a portion of his fortune to her, and she lives the rest of her days in Saga (now Nagasaki, during the interregnum). Yugiri takes up dance teaching in Saga, and her students insist that she go outside to see the cherry blossoms. While out, she meets Kiichi Momozaki, who saves her from getting run over by a cart but subsequently falls in a lake, so she pulls him out.

Kiichi tries to give Yugiri a gift afterward, but soon passes out in embarrassment. Yugiri visits him in turn with her own gift, given that he "brav[ed] the blazing sun" to visit her earlier. They talk about Kiichi's vision for a free Saga, no longer occupied by Nagasaki, a vision he pursues because of his grandfather. Yugiri admires his dream, and later she, Kiichi, and Shojiro Ito have dinner together. Kiichi again passes out in embarrassment, so Shojiro talks to Yugiri about how times have changed and that everyone should accept that Saga is gone. Although Yugiri mentions Kiichi's ideal of a new Saga where everyone might pursue their own destiny, Shojiro is unmoved and soon leaves.

Episode 21

Yugiri lets Kiichi know that his grandfather is not doing well, and he lets her know that their plan to petition for the return of Saga moves apace. Later, she gets a picture with Shojiro and Kiichi, and afterward Shojiro identifies Kiichi's new comrades as Saga's old ruling class, raising Yugiri's suspicions. She later overhears these comrades discussing a more violent means of retaking Saga, and discusses it with Xu Fu, who seems aware of their intentions and simply says that matters of life and death will be decided by men. When he refuses to take his medicine, saying that there's no saving Saga, Yugiri forces him to take his medicine; given that Xu claims to be Saga, and waxes and wanes with it, this presages Yugiri's involvement in the freeing of the prefecture.

Shojiro later advises Yugiri to leave, implying that Kiichi has unwittingly stirred up a revolution that could be dangerous for her, but she instead admonishes him for underestimating Kiichi's ambitions. Unsettled, Shojiro simply tells her to watch after Kiichi, then leaves. She takes him seriously, and writes several letters: one which she mails immediately to her allies in Nagasaki, putting them on alert to assist Kiichi when the time comes; another, to Kiichi himself with instructions on how to free the prefecture, to be given to him later on; and one last, to Xu Fu himself, which she hides with his medicine to also be found later.

Snow falls, and Shojiro massacres the nascent revolution, leaving their blood on the white snow. He nearly kills Kiichi as well, but at the last moment, Yugiri emerges with a sword and blocks Shojiro long enough for police to arrive, sending them all scattering in different directions. Yugiri guides Kiichi away, insisting that he leave Saga, but he has given up hope, and simply wants to surrender and let Yugiri leave. She slaps him, admonishing him to not allow the men who died for his cause to have died in vain, and sends him on his way to Nagasaki with her letter, telling him to read it when he arrives and to call on her old allies so that he can free Saga.

Yugiri then remains, smoking, in the middle of their trail — which Shojiro was following. He arrives before her, hunting Kiichi, but Yugiri doesn't intend to let him pass. He rushes her, but she dodges at the last second and mortally wounds him with her sword. He collapses, and as he lies dying, admits to her that he wants to see the Saga that Kiichi will bring into being. He then dies in her arms, and she leaves to take the blame for the failed revolution, being executed summarily by the military.

With Kiichi leaving to restore Saga, Xu Fu is restored to health. He finds her letter for him, which explains her actions, and asks him to lie to Kiichi that she escaped to safety, should Kiichi ever ask after her. Kiichi then goes on to free Saga, while Yugiri is brought back as a zombie.

Snapping back to the present, Yugiri is preparing to perform with the rest of Franchouchou, and sings a courtesan's ode to Saga with the rest of the group. Afterward, she retires to a private bar, tended by none other than Xu Fu himself — still alive, slightly younger, and restored to complete health. They discuss the modern era, and Yugiri says that she intends to walk her own path in Kiichi's new Saga.

Episode 22

Prior to the disastrous performance at EFS, Yugiri was given confidence by Sakura Minamoto's optimism, saying that all of their previous performances required something crazy anyway. The performance nonetheless went terribly, and she walked dejectedly offstage with the rest of Franchouchou at its end. In the aftermath, when the group takes inspiration from Tae Yamada, Yugiri assures Lily that she can help them to drag themselves out of their rut to keep going.

Episode 23

Saga Prefecture is completely destroyed by a storm that left many cities completely flooded, the girls arrive at a Karatsu beach after their mansion was washed away by the sea and then collapsed on a beach. At the Kation Mall, the now homeless girls set out to help the survivors as she is local idols from the prefecture.

Ai, Sakura, and Yugiri work cooking for the survivors while the others do their own thing. However, the makeup of the girls begins to crumble and little by little their identity is put in danger. Together with Junko, they make ceramic masks to cover the makeup on their faces, masks that break due to their fragility and expose their faces to the public. Instead of being scared, the children exclaim that they are Franchouchou and that real zombies are scary.

Kotaro arrives where the girls are, Yugiri just looks at Kotaro with a smile because she knows what he's going to do. While she is putting makeup on them, he talks to them about the revenge concert that will take place on March 8, 2020.

Episode 24-4.jpg

Episode 24

A little less than 2 weeks away, the girls are still helping the citizens of Saga. Yugiri talks to Lily about that person she knew a long time ago, and who must be taking care of her and Franchouchou.

On March 7 they prepare to cross the prefecture and reach the city of Tosu, where they will carry out their revenge concert. Finally in the day, thousands of people come to Saga to see Franchouchou's benefit concert while Yugiri watches everything with a mischievous smile, knowing that the plan of Kotaro, the current saga of Saga, has paid off.