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The erotic zombie with bewitching make-up, with her long haired tied to a knot.

The legendary courtesan who was there during the Meiji's restoration from Bakumatsu era. Thanks to her open-mindedness and calm demeanor, she is neither swayed by the fact she was resurrected in a world 150 years later, her surroundings nor herself being a zombie.

Yugiri (ゆうぎり) was a girl from the Meiji era (明治時代 Meiji-jidai).

She is titled as the Legendary Courtesan (伝説の花魁 Densetsu no Oiran)


Yugiri has light auburn hair with most of it being brought up into a bow-like shape on-top of her head and two long strands hanging over her shoulders. Her bangs are mostly center-parted with one-bit curling to the right. Yugiri also has light rust eyes, and like the other zombies, greyish-blue skin. She also has a scar across her neck.

Normally, Yugiri wears a kimono-like outfit; with the top a white and orange checkered pattern, a purple collar, and a forest-green skirt. She also supports dark purple leggings and dark grey boots. As an Idol, Yugiri wears a light red shirt with green dots and the number "5" written on it. She also wears a bright red skirt with white frills.


Yugiri appears to be a very calm and traditional girl, likely because of the time period she lived in. As a result, she appears to calmly accept and conform to the changes in modern society.

She tends to slap someone and lecture them on an answer or revelation they already know and about to answer.


Episode 1

After their successful performance in a death metal festival, all of the zombie girls regain their senses, she wakes up along with Saki.

Episode 2

After coming to her senses, Yugiri mostly spends much of her time smoking other than training with Kotaro. Nonetheless, she still participates in the group's first real performance at the Saga Castle. While Sakura and Saki verbally fight with each other on stage, Yugiri and Lily join in as backup by creatively turning it into a rap battle. The performance was a success and the girls receive an ovation from the audience.

Episode 3

Before meeting with Kotaro's hasty expectations, Lily suggest that the group come up with an original group name as she feels that Kotaro's provided ones are too bland. Yugiri suggests a complicated, traditional-like name, but was denied. When Tae sneezes as she rambles about, Lily comes up with an inspired and original group name. Yugiri and the rest of the girls agree and so they've decided to bee called "Franchouchou."

Afterwards, the girls train over night to prepare for their public flash performance, though it ended bittersweet for everyone.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

She can't follow up much and has no idea what's going on but she still does things without any complains, it shows just how mature she is and she also tries to help Ai and Junko make up after their fight along with Saki and Lily.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12


Courtesan (Oiran)

As her title suggests, Yugiri was a courtesan in the Meiji Era while alive, specifically an Oiran. An Oiran, though a type of Yūjo (prostitute) were more so entertainers than physical pleasures. This is probably why Kōtarō resurrected her in the first place as she had experience and skills as an entertainer before.


As evident in episode 2, Yugiri has incredible skill on the instrument called a shamisen, able to play fast and move her fingers around the neck of the instrument with high speed and skill.


  • Yugiri was revealed to be 19 when she died.
  • Chronologically, she is the oldest in Franchouchou.
  • Yuguri is the name of a character in The Tale of Genji.
  • Along with Yamada Tae, she is the only zombie who's cause of death hasn't been revealed yet.
    • The scar around her neck suggests that she was beheaded, which was not uncommon for her time period.


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