White Ryu

White Ryuu is a minor character who made his debut in “SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio”. He is Saki’s idol who inspired her to become the person she is today from when she was in middleschool.



A rather stocky 35-year-old man, he has a peculiar long hair that looks like something out of the American movies of the 80s.


Regardless of the era, White Ryu proudly sports a hairstyle with a pompadour and sunglasses. His hairstyle, straight in the 90s, falls on his face, he has to push it with his hand to show his face. With age, his hair changes from dark brown to a grayish color. In 2019, White Ryu is more covered than at the beginning of his career and his face is slightly wrinkled.

Lily finds White Ryu's appearance cheesy, Saki discovers that he hasn't changed since the 90's.


Although at first glance he seems the typical conceited artist who thinks of himself, he is actually a good guy who continues to maintain his style from when he was most seen and always trying to give a message to people of finding their own way and making others shine. Although his advice is out of date he always tries to strive to find the path that leads to the truth and likes to guide and inspire others. In his debut episode he shows his cool personality by leaving Saki his legacy of continuing on the radio because he knows that he needs new energy in Saga.


  • His appearance and demeanor is in many ways based on satire of the Japanese youth motorcycle gangs "Bosozoku", which were popular from the 70s to the 90s and to which female part Saki and Reiko belonged to.
  • White Ryu's character is inspired by the real Japanese singer and actor Hakuryu. The latter interprets the character and the song "Do you hate windy days?". He also participated in the first announcement trailer for Zombie Land Saga Revenge, in July 2019, where he plays a mysterious character who wishes to take revenge.
    • Hakuryu is quite known for his Yakuza movies and his collection of sunglasses.
    • White Ryu and Hakuryu translate as "White Dragon", Ryu means dragon in Japanese and Haku and White mean white.
    • Hakuryu is from Imari, a city located in Saga Prefecture.
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