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A 2008 calendar in Sakura’s room.

This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the timeline of the Zombie Land Saga anime, whose first season takes place in 2018 and the second season between 2019 and 2020.


Historical Events

Image Event Summary
Zombieland Saga Revenge - 09 - 14.jpg Saga Incident Kiichi's attempt to bring Saga back ends in a bloody riot in which he is nearly killed.
Busters 15.PNG Sagako Outbreak During the economic explosion of Japan in the 80's a bubble was created where everything was prosperous, at this time curses appeared in Saga to destroy Saga's prosperity.
ZLS project.png Zombie Land Saga Project Kotaro Tatsumi comes up with a plan to save Saga from the curse using local idols.
Zombieland Saga Revenge - 11 - 10.jpg Saga Floods Saga's curse threatens the prefecture with severe flooding, causing the citizens to refigure.
Zombieland Saga Revenge - 12 - 34.jpg Revenge of the Ekimae Fudosan After a year of failure, Franchouchou gets their revenge by getting the world's attention on Saga.



Date Events Image Source
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Elixir of Immortality

Date Events Image Source
2255 BC Jofuku is born.

アニメ : 徐福ものがたり

Documentary about Jofuku's quest for immortality

His character is based on the alchemist of the same name, who served the Qin dynasty.
2219 bc Jofuku's first expedition in search of the Elixir of Immortality.
2210 BC Jofuku's second expedition, getting the elixir and becoming immortal.

Creation of the modern Saga

Date Events Image Source
Saga Incident
November 23, 1863 Yugiri is born. Official Website
1874 Rise of the Samurai.

Saga disappears due to wars and is annexed to Nagasaki

"Episode 20"
1876 Saga disappears.
Autumn 1881 Yugiri goes to Saga to live with Mr.Hibiya who bought her freedom.

Yugiri receives the news that she is going to Saga

Spring 1882 Mr. Hibiya dies of an illness and Yugiri is left alone, later meeting Kiichi Momozaki.

Yugiri meets Kiichi after Hibiya's death

December 27, 1882 Shojiro Ito is killed by Yugiri.

Shojiro dies at the hands of Yugiri

"Episode 21"
December 28, 1882 Yugiri is sentenced to death after she takes the blame for starting a riot.

Yugiri takes the blame for the rebellion and she is sentenced to death

May 09, 1883 Saga Prefecture becomes independent from Nagasaki Prefecture.
August 04, 1883 Military justice reform.
August 13, 1883 Celebration of the 1st Assembly of the Prefecture of Saga.
Sagako Outbreaks
1960 Tae Yamada is born. Chapter 5: Cheers! Wait, what's in that shot?!
September 02, 1964 Junko Konno is born. Official Website
1972~1974 Takeo Go and Sachika are born. Chapter 6: A guy who never gives up! Good luck Sachi-ng for love!
1969~ Tae's parents are killed. Chapter 4: MJ shows up! The order is your squid, pretty smile!
May 15, 1979 Saki Nikaido is born. Official Website
1979 The Saga Sagako Busters group is founded to fight the Sagakos.

The Sagako Busters

Chapter 5: Cheers! Wait, what's in that shot?!
November 14, 1982 Policeman A is born. Official Website
December 03, 1983 Junko dies from the impact of the plane crash on her way to Kyushu.

Air crash in which Junko dies

"Episode 6"
1989 The manga "Zombie Land Saga Gaiden" takes place.

Eikichi in his first mission as Sagako Buster

Chapter 1: The Guy Who Smells Like Onions is Naked and On The Go
Yuko turns into onion - Eikichi obligatorily joins Saga Sagako Busters.
Early 1989 Eikichi's training begins - Eikichi seals his first Sagako.

Eikichi starts training hard

Chapter 2: Delivery! Onions Straight to Your Heart!
The Busters seal a Sagako at the Maryina club.

Eikichi seals a Sagako in a music club

Chapter 3: Aiming for Triple A! Shining Mirror Ball!
Mid 1989 With the help of Eikichi, Tae and MJ manage to save their last food stall.

Jofuku with a younger appearance

Chapter 4: MJ shows up! The order is your squid, pretty smile!
MJ tells the truth about the curse to Eikichi and the Busters attend an alleged possession case. Chapter 5: Cheers! Wait, what's in that shot?!
With the help of Saga Sagako Busters, Takeo manages to confess to Sachika.

Takeo stops a truck with his body

Chapter 6: A guy who never gives up! Good luck Sachi-ng for love!
August 01, 1989 Detective Keiji Higashino arrives in Saga in search of a former thief on the run.

Higashino puts at risk the Busters' plan to seal all the Sagakos

Chapter 7: What a guy!? A man from the past and the east!
Early August 1989 Anna finally rejoins the group after disappearing, Keiji seems to be planning something against Sagako. Chapter 8: Tell me! Your true feelings!
Late August 1989 Realizing the danger that Higashino is, the Busters split up to search for and stop him. Unfortunately, Eikichi is the one who must find him and ends up beaten by Keiji.

The group is critical after Eikichi's situation after being beaten by Higashino, he has already been in his room for 2 weeks and shows no signs of recovering.

Keiji beats Eikichi

Eikichi is depressed

Chapter 9: Encounter! A Straight Left To His Face

Chapter 10: Groping in the Dark, Completely at a Loss, Surrounded by Enemies on All Sides

With the help of Higashino, Magatsuhi begins to recover its power and with the help of a lightning storm, it merges with a Sagako Kaiju that destroys the team's mansion. MJ is weak and old.
Magatsuhi merged with Sagako
Chapter 11: Clash of Spears! What I Can Do for Someone Else!
Late 1989 Tae dies of an unknown cause. ????
End of the Sagako Outbreaks - End of the financial bubble in Japan
1991~1992 Kotaro Tatsumi is born. "Episode 12"
April 2, 1991 Sakura Minamoto is born. Official Website
March 07, 1992 Ai Mizuno is born.
1992 White Ryu starts his radio show broadcasting career.

White Ryu performing one of his songs

"Episode 14"
Sometime between 1992 - 1995 Saki, as a middleschool student, meets Reiko Amabuki thanks to White Ryu’s radio show.

Saki listens to White Ryu's show

End of the Sagako Outbreaks - End of the financial bubble in Japan
August 31, 1997 Saki dies as part of a failed motorcycle stunt.

Saki shortly before doing her failed motorcycle stunt

Official Website
1997 Reiko steps down as the leader of The Dorami Biker gang. "Episode 9"
October 06, 1999 Lily Hoshikawa, as Masao Go, is born. Official Website
1999-2000 Date predicted by Jofuku for the end of the world. Chapter 2: Delivery! Onions Straight to Your Heart!
Sometime between 1999 and 2011 Sachika passes away of an unknown cause. "Episode 8"
Early 2000s Maria Amabuki is born.

Maria as a baby

"Episode 9"
Sakura prepares for the play but falls ill on the day of the event.

Sakura falls ill before she can perform her stage play

"Episode 11"
2001 Sakura fails the relay of the athletic match.

Sakura is incapacitated before doing her relay race

2002 Sakura fails the relay of the athletic match.
2003 Iron Frill is founded. "Episode 6"
Sakura fails the relay of the athletic match.

Sakura is incapacitated again

"Episode 11"
2007 Sakura failed to take the entrance exam.

Due to various mishaps, she couldn't make it in time for her exam and fails it

February - March 2007 The first live concert, Budokan Live, of the new era of Iron Frill is held.

Iron Frill in an interview about their first concert

"Episode 6"
March - April 2007 Release of the first album "FANTASTIC LOVERS".

Ai during a tour to promote their new album

June - July 2007 Sakura participates in the national Iron Frill tour in Arpino.

Sakura at Arpino's concert with Iron Frill

"Episode 11"
Mid 2007 The release of the Iron Frill Tour DVD, "FANTASTIC IRON".

Shiori watching one of the group's performances

Mid 2007 Sakura and Kotaro (formerly known as Inui) attend their first year at high school together.

Kotaro as Inui, remembers Sakura

"Episode 12"
April 07, 2008 It's Sakura's first day of high school as she prepares to head to her first idol audition only to be hit by a speeding truck just as she leaves her house.

Sakura is hit by a truck at high speed.

"Episode 1"
June - July 2008 Release of the third album "MAJESTIC ROAD", began the national tour of Iron Frill.

Ai is struck by lightning and dies later from her injuries

"Episode 6"
August 04, 2008 Ai gets hit by lightning during her concert in Tosu City and dies.
August - December 2008 Iron Frill activity pause.

Article related to Ai's death

November 30, 2011 Lily dies of a heart attack.

Lily dies of a heart attack caused by seeing that she is growing facial hair and her mother's hereditary condition

Official Website
December 01, 2017 It is announced that the name of the era will change on May 1, 2019 - It seems that the Zombie Land Saga project was planned around this time. ??
Start of the Zombie Land Saga Project
~2018 Maria takes over her mother’s position as the eighth leader of The Dorami Biker Gang.

Maria joins Dorami after discovering her mother's past life

"Episode 9"
Early April Kotaro is seen in a library in Takeo City and mentions that he must prepare for when the girls wake up.

Kotaro studying to be an idol producer and make his group flourish

Chapter 4
Mid April 2018 Kotaro and a mysterious man go on a trip to a restaurant in Yokubo. At at the end of the chapter, the other man leaves and tells Kotaro that he is waiting for the day to save Saga. An employee later tells him that the owner of the restaurant is waiting for him, making Kotaro realize that he never spoke with the real owner. Chapter 7
April 27, 2018 Sakura wakes up in an abandoned mansion and finds out she is a zombie. She meets the rest of the girls alongside Kotaro Tatsumi and Romero. The girls, as Death Musume, perform their first concert.

Sakura wakes up and discovers that she is a zombie

"Episode 1"
April 28, 2018 The rest of Franchouchou, except Tae, gains consciousness.

First concert of the group

April 29, 2018 Their second concert as Green Face takes place at Saga Castle.

Improvised rap performance

"Episode 2"
April 30, 2018 The girls settle on "Franchouchou" as the permanent name of their idol group.

Group concert as a guerrilla group

"Episode 3"
May 01, 2018 Franchouchou performs their first guerrilla concert by the local train station.
Early May 2018 Kotaro feels sick, and he goes to the doctor, he tells him that his stomach feels bad, so he goes to eat.

Kotaro falls ill due to stress

Chapter 8
Mid-May 2018 Kotaro makes the girls advertise Saganship Z in a hot springs hotel.

Kotaro talking to the owner of the pharmacy

"Episode 4"
May 26, 2018 Kotaro and the girls help shoot the new Drive-In Tori commercial.

Ai and Junko in the Drive In Tori commercial

"Episode 5"
May 27, 2018 Kotaro and the girls partake in The Gatalympics.

All for Tae's body

End of May ~ beginning of July 2018 Kotaro does not know how to write Atsuku nare, so he goes to Jofuku's bar, where the Drive-in Tori guy is, he tells him to try a soup to be inspired, from that soup the song "Atsuku Nare" was born.

Kotaro uses the food to create his next song: Atsuku Nare

Chapter 9
Early July 2018 Kotaro proposes his new song, Atsuku Nare, to Franchouchou, but he is worried about how the concert will be, so he goes to a restaurant to climb "Mount Fuji" which is just a dish in a restaurant in Imari. Chapter 10
July 05 to July 08, 2018 Ai and Junko get into a fight regarding what their relationship with their fans is supposed to be.

Ai and Junko argue

"Episode 6"
Two weeks after July 05 to July 08, 2018 Junko has been isolating herself for over two weeks.

Group performance at Saga Rock

"Episode 7"
July 20, 2018 Franchouchou perform in the Saga Rock concert.
End of July 2018 After the Saga Rock concert, Kotaro decides to go to Tosu's stadium. When Kotaro finishes his noodles while he imagines himself playing football, at the end of the episode a strange man arrives, the same man he met in the Drive-in Tori.

Kotaro prepares to eat at a new restaurant

Chapter 11
Kotaro visits a pottery shop in Imari to start his first test.

During testing, he realizes that everything is in Franchouchou

Chapter 12
Kotaro visits a 300-year-old liquor store that has a mechanic and a kappa mummy, starting the second test. Chapter 13
Early August 2018 After drinking Kotaro realizes how the native people of Saga appreciate Franchouchou, and that motivates him to continue, this is the last challenge. Chapter 16
August 17, 2018 Lily and the rest of Franchouchou write and perform a song for her father.

Lily says goodbye to her father properly

"Episode 8"
Between September and early November 2018 Saki meets Maria and tries to save her from risking her life. Saki later on performs as the lead vocals for Franchouchou’s new song.

Reiko and Saki meet years later

"Episode 9"
Between September and early November 2018 The mysterious man appears in the Ureshino onsen, and tells Kotaro that this is not over yet, and that he must do something else to find the true Saga. So Kotaro goes to the ruins of Yoshionagari with Franchouchou and orders them to find "the Saga he is looking for."

Tae rescues Kotaro and Sakura from a fall at the archaeological site

Chapter 17
December 03, 2018 Eighteen days before the Arpino concert.

Kotaro sends the group to the mountains

"Episode 10"
December 12 to 17, 2018 Kotaro and the girls try to cheer Sakura up and get her post-death memories back.

Memories of Sakura's past life overwhelm her. Kotaro tries with all his might to make her return to the group

"Episode 11"
December 21, 2018 Franchouchou performs the Arpino concert.

Successful performance in Arpino

"Episode 12"
December 24, 2018 The events of the first drama CD occur.

Franchouchou receives their Christmas gifts

CD drama 1
December 31, 2018 It's New Years and the girls are preparing food to celebrate.

Franchouchou is hungry

Chapter 23
Early January 2019 Kotaro gets drunk and sleeps, and has a dream in which he is visited by Saga's tourist mascot and tells him that Franchouchou has a hidden power. The opening is portrayed in chapter 26 of the manga, the chapter at the end is just a sketch that Kotaro presents to Saga's public relations office to make a movie.

Franchouchou defeats a monster in the movie script

Chapter 25
January 2019 A month after Franchouchou's explosive live show in Arpino, the cops come to their house because of reports of zombie sightings in the area. Episode 12.5.
Mid-January 2019 A bored Kotaro decides to take Franchouchou to make his own food, so inspired by something he ate in a park, our culinary adventure begins!.

The group is ready to cook

Chapter 27
January 17, 2019 Franchouchou reads an article about their success at Arpino.

Proud of their success, the group begins to thrive

"Episode 20"
January 18, 2019 Kotaro announces the concert at the Ekimae Fudosan.
February 2019 Saga Jihen's music video is recorded.

Saga jihen on the border with Fukuoka

The flowers seen in the video only bloom in Spring.
Early February 2019 Again, Kotaro takes the girls to make more dishes, in response the girls decide to thank Kotaro with something special.

After so many tests and preparation, the group is ready to take the leap to glory!

Chapter 28 and Chapter 29
Early March 2019 Franchouchou takes time to talk about the concert at the EFS and how this will be a huge step forward for them. Chapter 30
March 08, 2019 Franchouchou has their failed performance at Ekimae Real Estate Stadium.

The group fails humiliatingly

"Episode 13" and "Episode 20"
Beginning of the Revenge of Franchouchou
March 23, 2019 Franchouchou starts a part-time job for their return

With Kotaro out of the project, the girls must find a way out of the abyss they are in

"Episode 20"
April 23, 2019 It has been a month since Kotaro has spiraled into depression, which has resulted to his bar hopping and sanitary neglect. Franchouchou, on the other hand, have been taking on part-time jobs for about just as long. "Episode 13"
April 25, 2019 Franchouchou explores Kotaro's room.
April 27, 2019 Franchouchou performs at the Geils Death Metal Stadium once again as part of the 2019 “R.I.P. Nightmarefes” event. Additionally, Jofuku finally gets Kotaro to snap back into his former energetic self.

A fight in Geils Death Metal caused by Kotaro and Franchouchou fans

May 01, 2019 The Age Changes Reiwa - The Prophecy Is Coming

Saki and White Ryu throughout all the day

"Episode 14"
Early May 2019 Franchouchou collabs with White Ryu. Later on, White Ryu steps down from his position as the main radio host to his show and delegates it to Franchouchou, instead.
Saki and Franchouchou take over White Ryu's radio show.
First week of June to June 12, 2019 Franchouchou starts practicing for their last minute concert against Iron Frill at the Saga Arena.

Without Ai, Junko must manage to put on a spectacular performance in Saga Arena

"Episode 15"
June 19 to June 22, 2019 The scheduled date of Franchouchou and Iron Frill's concert at Saga Arena. "Episode 16"
June 22 and 23, 2019 Franchouchou sings at the Saga Arena and Iron Frill recognizes them as rivals.

The Saga Arena concert is a success for the group

End of July 2019 Franchouchou and Lily enter national television to make the group more recognized being a great success.

Lily on national television

"Episode 17"
August 13, 2019 Tae goes grocery shopping and ends up earning 20 million yen by betting on a speedboat race.

Franchouchou is surprised that Tae just got them out of debt

"Episode 18"
Mid September 2019 Maimai Yuzuriha discovers Franchouchou's identity as zombies and temporarily joins the team.

Franchouchou along with Maimai, the new temporary member

"Episode 19"
October 28, 2019 The school festival is held and Maimai leaves Franchouchou. "Episode 19"
Early November 2019 Franchouchou performs “Saga Jihen” for the first time in the series, excluding the recording for its music video which was initially released in 2019.

Interpretation of Saga Jihen

"Episode 21"
Mid February ~ February 17, 2020 Okoba finally cracks the case on the girls’ real identities and threatens to publish a report with his discovery. Meanwhile a sudden storm engulfs Saga, leaving Jofuku weak.

Conversation between Kotaro and Jouku reveals the existence of Saga's curse

"Episode 22"
February 17, 2020 Flood damage throughout Saga.

Kotaro and Jofuku trapped in the bar

Homeless and with the prefecture destroyed, Franchouchou sings in shelters to increase morale among the population

February 18, 2020 Kotaro's Mansion Collapses - Bar New Jofuku Submerged Under Water. "Episode 23"
February 21, 2020 Kotaro is rescued.
February 18 to 21, 2020 Now homeless, Franchouchou try their best to keep moving forward during these trying times. Their identities as zombies are almost revealed to the public and Kotaro promises Sakura that he will keep going, even if it takes him forever to help get them to their goal.
March 01, 2020 Franchouchou announces EFS live on radio.

Saki announces a benefit concert to help Saga

"Episode 24"
March 07, 2020 Franchouchou heads to the stadium where the concert will take place.

Franchouchou gets their revenge and the whole world begins to know Saga

March 08, 2020 Franchouchou performs the revenge concert as a charity aid to Saga - The whole world sets eyes on Saga.
Mid-March 2020 Due to the success of the concert, Saga begins to prosper, triggering the curse to manifest again as Sagako.

A flying saucer destroys Saga

"Episode 24"


  • The girls and Romero all died just a short while after their latest birthday. Whereas Ai died just four months after Sakura did, and there is currently no record of Tae’s birth date and date of death.
    • Sakura died just five days after her seventeenth birthday.
    • Saki died three months after her eighteenth birthday.
    • Junko died three months after her nineteenth birthday.
    • Yugiri died a month after her nineteenth birthday.
    • Lily died a month after her twelfth birthday.
    • Romero died three months after his third birthday.
  • Sakura and Saki have mentioned how it has only been a month since they started working part-time jobs as well as Kotaro’s absence in “Episode 13”. Despite this, Kotaro’s hair has grown to the point wherein it looks like more than just an entire month has passed.