A 2008 calendar in Sakura’s room.

This page is dedicated to establishing a general overview of historical or important events that take place before and during the timeline of the Zombie Land Saga anime, whose first season takes place in 2018.

Date Event Source
1800s The Bartender is born. ”Episode 11”
November 23, 1863 Yugiri is born. Official Website
December 8, 1882 Yugiri is beheaded and dies. The scar around her neck
September 02, 1964 Junko Konno is born. Official Website
May 15, 1979 Saki Nikaido is born. Official Website
December 03, 1983 Junko dies from the impact of the plane crash on her way to Kyushu. ”Episode 6”
1989 The manga "Zombie Land Saga Gaiden" takes place Zombie Land Saga Gaiden
1991 Kotaro Tatsumi is born. Episode 12
April 2, 1991 Sakura Minamoto is born. Official Website
March 07, 1992 Ai Mizuno is born. Official Website
August 31, 1997 Saki dies as part of a motorcycle stunt. Official Website
Somewhere between August 31, 1997 to the early 2000s Reiko Amabuki steps down as the leader of The Dorami Biker gang. ”Episode 9”
October 06, 1999 Lily Hoshikawa is born. Official Website
Somewhere between 1999 to 2011 Lily’s mother passes away. ”Episode 8”
Early 2000s Maria Amabuki is born. ”Episode 9”
2006 Iron Frill is founded. “Episode 6”
2007 Iron Frill starts to get famous on just their first year as a pop idol group. ”Episode 6”
2007 Sakura and Kotaro (formerly known as Inui) attended their first year of high school together. ”Episode 12”
April 07, 2008 It’s Sakura’s first day of second year high school as she prepares to head off to her idol auditions only to get hit by a speeding truck just as she steps outside her house. ”Episode 1”
August 04, 2008 Ai gets hit by lightning during her concert in Tosu City and dies. ”Episode 6”
November 30, 2011 Lily dies of a heart attack. Official Website
~2013 Maria takes over her mother’s position as the eighth leader of The Dorami Biker Gang. ”Episode 9”
Early april Kotaro is seen in a library in Takeo and mentions that he must prepare for when the girls wake up. Chapter 4
Mid April Kotaro and a mysterious man go on a trip to a restaurant in Yokubo. At at the end of the chapter, the other man leaves and tells Kotaro that he is waiting for the day to save Saga. An employee later tells him that the owner of the restaurant is waiting for him, making Kotaro realize that he never spoke with the real owner. Chapter 7
April 27, 2018 Sakura wakes up in an abandoned mansion and finds out she is a zombie. She meets the rest of the girls alongside Kotaro Tatsumi and Romero. The girls, as Death Musume, perform their first concert. "Episode 1”
April 28, 2018 The rest of Franchouchou gains consciousness, except Tae Yamada. ”Episode 1”
April 29, 2018 Their second concert as Green Face takes place at Saga Castle. ”Episode 2”
April 30, 2018 The girls settle on "Franchouchou" as the permanent name of their idol group. ”Episode 3”
May 1, 2018 Franchouchou performs their first guerrilla concert by the local train station. ”Episode 3”
Mid May 2018 Kotaro makes the girls advertise Saganship Z in a hot springs hotel. ”Episode 4”
May 26,2018 Kotaro and the girls help shoot the new Drive-In Tori commercial. ”Episode 5”; The real-life Gatalympics happen a day before this date.
May 27, 2018 Kotaro and the girls partake in The Gatalympics. ”Episode 5”; The real-life Gatalympics happened on this date.
Late May ~ Early July Kotaro does not know how to write Atsuku nare, so he goes to Jofuku's bar, where the Drive-in Tori guy is, he tells him to try a soup to be inspired, from that soup the song Atsuku nare was born. Chapter 9
Early July Kotaro proposes to Franchouchou his new song, Atsuku Nare. Chapter 10
July 05 to July 08, 2018 Ai and Junko get into a fight regarding what their relationship with their fans is supposed to be. ”Episode 6”
Two weeks after July 05 to July 08, 2018 Junko has been isolating herself for over two weeks. ”Episode 7”
July 20, 2018 Franchouchou perform in the Saga Rock concert. ”Episode 7”
Late July After the Saga rock concert, Kotaro decides to go to Tosu's stadium. When Kotaro finishes his noodles while he imagines himself playing football, at the end of the episode a strange man arrives, the same man he met in the Drive-in Tori. Chapter 11
Late July Kotaro visits a pottery shop in Imari to start his first test. Chapter 12
Late July Kotaro visits a 300-year-old liquor store that has a mechanic and a kappa mummy, starting the second test. Chapter 13
Early August After drinking Kotaro realizes how the native people of Saga appreciate Franchouchou, and that motivates him to continue, this is the last challenge. Chapter 16
August 17, 2018 Lily and the rest of Franchouchou write and perform a song for her father. ”Episode 8”
Between September and Early November Saki meets Maria and tries to save her from risking her life. Saki later on performs as the lead vocals for Franchouchou’s new song. ”Episode 9”
Between September and Early November The mysterious man appears in the Ureshino onsen, and tells Kotaro that this is not over yet, and that he must do something else to find the true Saga. So Kotaro goes to the ruins of Yoshionagari with Franchouchou and orders them to find "the Saga he is looking for." Chapter 17
December 12 to 17, 2018 Kotaro and the girls try to cheer Sakura up and get her post-death memories back. ”Episode 11”
December 21, 2018 Franchouchou performs the Arpino concert. ”Episode 12”
December 24, 2018 The events of the first drama CD occur CD drama 1
December 31, 2018 It's New Years and the girls are preparing food to celebrate next year. Chapter 23
Early January Kotaro gets drunk and has a dream in which he is visited by Saga's tourist mascot who tells him that Franchouchou has "a hidden power." Chapter 25
Mid January A bored Kotaro decides to take Franchouchou to make their own food, so inspired by something he ate in a park, a culinary adventure begins! Chapter 27
January 2019 A month after Franchouchou's explosive live show in Arpino, the cops come to their house because of reports of zombie sightings in the area. Episode 12.5
February 2019 Saga Jihen's music video is recorded. The flowers seen in the video only bloom in Spring.
April 2019 It has been a month since Kotaro has spiraled into depression, which has resulted to his bar hopping and sanitary neglect. Franchouchou, on the other hand, have been taking on part-time jobs for about just as long. Episode 13
April 27, 2019 Franchouchou performs at the Geils Death Metal Stadium once again as part of the 2019 “R.I.P. Nightmarefes” event. Additionally, the Bartender finally gets Kotaro to snap back into his former energetic self. ”Episode 13”
Begginings of may Episode 14 takes place and White Ryu's visit with Franchochou "Episode 14"
June 6, 2019 Iron Frill will do a concert at the Saga Areana. The background poster has the link to the stadium.



  • The girls and Romero all died just a short while after their latest birthday. Whereas Ai died just four months after Sakura did, and there is currently no record of Tae’s birth date and date of death.
    • Sakura died just five days after her seventeenth birthday.
    • Saki died three months after her eighteenth birthday.
    • Junko died three months after her nineteenth birthday.
    • Yugiri died a month after her nineteenth birthday.
    • Lily died a month after her twelfth birthday.
    • Romero died three months after his third birthday.
  • Sakura and Saki have mentioned how it has only been a month since they started working part-time jobs as well as Kotaro’s absence in “Episode 13”. Despite this, Kotaro’s hair has grown to the point wherein it looks like more than just an entire month has passed.
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