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Saga's Prosperity (佐賀の繁栄 Saga no han'ei) is the supernatural force that opposes the likes of Saga's curse, which also operates more discreetly than the former.


Like its counterpart, Saga's Curse. The prosperity would have been born in response to Saga's quest for immortality. Unlike the curse, it does not take on a known physical form, but is capable of influencing certain almost imperceptible events. The origin of the prosperity is so far speculative and possibly linked to something divine.


The prosperity of Saga is totally opposite to the curse of Saga and acts in a very subtle and almost imperceptible way, literally both forces are two sides of the same coin [1] and aim to define the future of Saga through actions in the physical world. The prosperity blesses with prosperity those who have the strength to decide on their own destiny to save Saga, but it is they themselves who must work together with the chosen ones to save Saga under the star of salvation.



  • Good luck - A blessing of good luck helps those who have been blessed protect themselves against the effects of the curse, also called "Misogi" in the manga. This power has a limit and can only be used a few times before it runs out, it should be noted that this power can be used unconsciously or consciously.


  • Onions - Not only humans, elements like onions can be blessed and used to seal curses.


There are several events that don't fit Saga's curse modus operandi but are oddly convenient for characters who appear to be blessed.

Season 1

  • Episode 5 - Sunlight prevents the audience from watching Tae's body crumbling in midair.

Season 2

  • Episode 13 - When Kotaro leaves the New Jofuku Bar to look for Franchouchou at Geils Live House, he reaches some streets where the pedestrian lights turn green giving free passage to Kotaro
  • Episode 18 - Tae going out to buy the food and ending up making a bet of 666.7:1 to get Franchouchou out of their 20 million yen debt caused by Kotaro.
  • Episode 22 - Kotaro avoids being crushed by Wintos.
  • Episode 24 - Clearing the weather for the EFS concert.


  • Saga Sagako Busters:
    • Yuko Hyodo - Yuko had a great deal of power from Misogi but she gradually grew weaker in her fight against Sagako until she finally sealed herself in an onion alongside another Sagako.
    • Tae Yamada - Apparently blessed only as a zombie, saving Franchouchou on several occasions and being of great help in an indirect way.
  • Franchouchou:
    • Kotaro Tatsumi - He seems to be protected against the direct effects of the curse and seems to use his good luck discreetly to benefit Franchouchou at his concerts constantly.


  • It is possible that the prosperity could generate its own Sagako counterparts when needed. Likewise, the idea that Jofuku and Franchouchou are physical variations of the prosperity was also put forward.


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