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The Mysterious Man

The Mysterious Man is a manga-only character who helps guide Kotaro in his quest to save Saga prefecture.


He wears cloth pants and a cloth t-shirt as well, he appears to be in his 40s, wears glasses and has a short hairstyle.


In the few times that they appear in the manga, he is shrouded in mystery around what he knows about Saga, although his intentions with Kotaro are good in teaching him the Saga that he must find, it is clear that he knows more than what is seen simply view.

He knows Saga very well and knows where to find the points where Saga most prospers and at the same time because they decline over time, he also has good contacts within the prefecture with recognized locals and their owners who would later help Kotaro.


Natural abilities

  • Knowledge of Saga - He knows very well the relevant points of the prefecture and has contacts in those areas.
  • Wisdom - In one way or another, he tries to teach by tests of finding himself, these being very effective.


  • The guy mentions to Kotaro that he should go find the 3 wise men of Saga, which may be a reference to the 7 wise men of Saga. "The Seven Sages of the Saga" is the name given to these seven Saga men, each of whom has made a significant contribution to the modernization of Japan. Their contributions began in the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate and continued until the Meiji Restoration. Even today, this era shines impressively in Saga's history.
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