Takeo Go

Takeo Go is the widowed father of Lily Hoshikawa and is a supporting character in the series, starting from his debut episode, “Episode 8”, onwards.


When he first appears in Franchouchou's photoshoot, Saki assumes he must be a moneylender trying to collect debts from Kotaro. He's actually only there because he thinks Lily is an identical stranger who looks just like his daughter, and she's a good person at heart.

He loved Lily very much, but after becoming his manager and her acting career took off, he focused more on her daughter's career than her well-being. Years later, it is clear that he regrets being so negligent.

While it was clear that he was accepting of Lily's gender choice, he would still call her "Masao" instead of his preferred name, and he also severely underestimated her concerns and concerns regarding her gender identity. During their last pre-mortem conversation, while Lily was distraught over the fact that his body hair was growing, Takeo went out of his way to assure him that it wasn't a big deal and tried to get him to accept that he was growing . While it was clear that he meant well, in the end he did not understand how devastating the ordeal was for Lily, and the conversation ended up turning into a massive regret that haunted him for years to come.

He received a head kick from 105lb Saki that somehow had enough power to knock him over and instantly knock him out.


He is a huge, burly man with a scar on his left eye, the kanji for his name literally translates to 'War Man Grand', worthy of a huge and cartoonish man. and that follows the theme of Lily's birth name.

Currently, he has a noticeable scar on his left eye. After Lily's death, during a moment of anger and sadness just before she wrecked the television in her house, you can actually see her scratching her own face and creating that desperate scar from the loss of Lily.

It is so big and heavy that it causes shaking every time he walks, a flashback shows that Lily's mother was much more attractive than him. It's pretty obvious who Lily got her cute looks from.


Despite his gigantic size and intimidating appearance, he is genuinely friendly to others and generally a reserved and reserved man.

  • He makes this noticeable at the Franchouchou concert in Episode 8; he remembers the time with Lily and finally manages to put it behind him.

He seems to deeply regret how his last words to Lily were dismissive about the fact that Lily was distressed by the growth of body hair, due to being trans and did not want to go through puberty, He cries hard after Lily's death, clearly blaming himself for overworking her.


  • When asked about how the crew came up with his character design, they responded how they “wanted to draw ugly men for a change” which would make others question if Takeo himself is whether or not a human being.[1]
  • As revealed by Lily in Takeo’s debut episode, he wears Size 5XL clothes.


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