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Takeo Go

Takeo Go (豪 剛雄 Gō Takeo) is the widowed father and former manager of Lily Hoshikawa and the husband and former classmate of Sachika. He is a supporting character who made his debut in "Episode 8".



Takeo is a huge, burly man with very small eyes. He has a noticeable self-inflicted scar on his left eye caused scratching his face in a moment of anger and sadness from the loss of Lily.

When working, he dons a baby blue high collar utility shirt with a towel on his neckline and/or a hard hat. His facial hair is unshaven and eyebrows are unkempt. Outside of work, he dons a grey vest with a white collar shirt and a blue tie while having no facial hair and neat eyebrows.


Takeo's appearance in 1989 is very different from what he is today. It was revealed that he used to have blonde pompadour hair and was not bald yet.



Despite his gigantic size and intimidating appearance, Takeo is a genuinely kind and friendly guy to others, and generally a quiet and reserved man. He makes this noticeable at the Franchouchou concert in Episode 8; he remembers the time with Lily Hoshikawa and finally manages to put it behind him.

He seems to deeply regret how his last words to Lily were dismissive about the fact that Lily was distressed by the growth of body hair, due to being trans and did not want to go through puberty, He cries hard after Lily's death, clearly blaming himself for overworking her.


Takeo alias "Big Foot" was the strongest student of his school and of the time, for that very reason a gang called Q-taro decided to recruit him for his strength, the objective of this gang was to conquer the country and be the kings of the gangs of the time, however Takeo was only looking for something more powerful, "love".

Despite being big and generating fear in people, he is someone with a big heart and shows a lot of affection for people who appreciate him as he really is, although he has incidents when he tries to confess his love, he keeps trying until he succeeds. Sachika, his future wife accepts his proposal to marry him even while in high school.


  • The name Takeo means "sturdy, strength, robust, tough" (剛) (take) and "hero, manly" (雄) (o).
  • Takeo's surname Go means "overpowering, great, powerful, excelling, Australia, fine feathers, writing brush, little" (豪).


  • When Takeo is asked about how the crew came up with his character design, they responded how they "wanted to draw ugly men for a change" which would make others question if Takeo himself is whether or not a human being.[1]
  • As revealed by Lily Hoshikawa in Takeo’s debut episode, he wears Size 5XL clothes.
  • Takeo shares the same name as one of the cities located within the Saga Prefecture.
  • He received a head kick from 105lb Saki that somehow had enough power to knock him over and instantly knock him out.
  • According to Lily, he sang the song "Inochi" because his wife loved it in life.
  • He is one of the characters that appear in the prequel manga Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie. He studied at Minami High School‏‎ which years later Maimai Yuzuriha would attend.
    • During a day at his school, Takeo is possessed by a curse turned into Sagako which causes him to gradually become delirious and scare other people.
  • During Chapter 6, he has trouble confessing to Sachika because of a Sagako who avoids him every time he tries, but he did not give up and with the help of Saga Sagako Busters they defeated the Sagako and managed to confess to Sachika.
  • When he was born his parents mistook him for a demon because of his large size and large face, hence his parents called him Takeo, in honor of his large size.


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