"Ahhhrhhh Ahhrgghhh."

— Tae, Zombie Land Saga Revenge trailer

Tae Yamada
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The long, black-haired zombie.

The only zombie out of the seven who is still not fully conscious.  As such, she is the most zombie-like of the group, always trying to gnaw on something. Although Tae only speaks in groans, she seems to be able to understand what the rest of the members are saying to a certain extent.  Because she is driven purely by instinct, Tae always ends up munching on Junko when close.

Tae Yamada (山田 たえ, Yamada Tae) is the mysterious seventh member of the zombie idol group Franchouchou, with her title simply referring to her as The Legendary Tae Yamada (伝説の山田たえ, Densetsu no Yamada Tae).


Tae is the only one of the girls who hasn't fully regained consciousness, so she's still a mindless zombie. As such, Tae is unpredictable and driven by sheer instinct, doing things like biting the other members and throwing herself into the crowd. However, she seems to have some semblance of a conscience, at least being able to understand the members to some degree and be cooperative enough to participate in the practices and performances. She also seems smart enough to have a caring side for her fellow zombie idols.

As the only zombie that hasn't awakened, she makes little contribution to the team and often gets in the way of their attempts to bite people or when her head falls off. On the other hand, it is surprisingly useful in times of a pinch, such as when she bites into one of Maria's buns when trying to threaten Sakura and Lily, and scares a large boar after it attacks the girls.

Tae's zombie antics and girlish demeanor are often sources of comedy. However, on Episode 12, when Sakura, blinded by depression, vehemently pushes her away too many times, Tae reaches her Breaking Point of anger and shows that even if she is ultimately a harmless zombie, she can actually be quite scary when she's really mad.

Episode 5 in particular shows her extreme appetite, going so far as to attack a guy in a chicken suit because she thinks he's a real chicken, not to mention swallowing a whole plate of raw meat before this, and a plate of eels on a stick (including the plate) followed by five eel sticks later

She tends to bite and gnaw on anyone or anything she can get her hands on, including her own hair. However, according to Kotaro, she is totally harmless.

Although she has not spoken, she is already able to imitate the movements of the girls and learn to do them herself, even trying to get Sakura to repeat them with her, there is also an advance in speech because in that same episode she tries to repeat in Japanese "One, two, one, two", phrase that Sakura taught her when she was distracted, so it is likely that she will start to formulate more concrete words in the future.

When she sees a squid she is going to jump on it even if it is not a squid itself and only has its shape, if it weren't for Sakura she would have eaten a lot of things, she is quite playful as well as building a snow sculpture on her own with Romero, Lily usually treats her like her pet and plays with her.



Tae and Sakura share the same cup size and overall body type.

Tae has long, straight dark plum hair with two parts that stand out slightly with her bangs, they are also straight with a piece that runs down her face and is reddish-brown. Her normally baggy clothing hides a very well-endowed and curvaceous figure which is proportionally identical to those of Sakura, with only slight differences by sheer numbers mostly due to Tae being much taller. However, her idol outfit her impressive proportions are much more noticeable.


From what you can see under her clothes, everything except her face and hands is covered in bandages.

Tae typically has bandages on her neck, chest, head, and upper leg with a loose black dress tied with a white rope. She also has gray over the knee socks with black shoes.


Her idol outfit changes throughout the series: On episodes 1-6, Tae wears a purple T-shirt with the word "Zero" written on it, along with an purple skirt with white ruffles. Using makeup, she and the other zombies make their skin look like a normal human. also wears contact lenses to achieve her red eyes that she had as a living person.

After Saga rock, her idol outfit changed to a red jacket with a plaid decoration, purple skirt with cotton inside it and knee-high boots.



  • Dancing - Although she is unable to sing, she is able to move her body to the beat of any song.
  • Snowman Building - In the tenth episode, she is shown to have built an accurate snowman of Romero that is thrice the size of the girls.

Natural Abilities

  • Non-senescence - Due to being a zombie, Tae is granted the ability to remain the age at which she died forever without any physical change after the resurrection process, as well as immunity against death. As she, along with the other girls, is able to endure circumstances that human bodies normally cannot handle, like the lightning bolt in the seventh episode, and instead of suffering a third degree burn, the girls end up becoming luminous and self-possessed - tuned voices.
  • Detachable Limbs - As a zombie, she also has the ability to detach and reattach parts of her body from their sockets with little to no effort, either intentionally or accidentally. It is the zombie whose limbs fall the most and it is a potential danger if she performs a sudden act of force in public as she can expose the secret.
  • Phosphorescent Vision - Like the rest of the girls, her undead eyes are shown to be able to glow in the dark.
  • Element Absorption - Their zombie bodies can speed up the process of absorbing chemicals like those seen in Episode 4 by instantly absorbing the medicinal patches causing their muscles to relax and not be as stiff, in addition to their subsequent concerts and practices continue to use the patches. In Episode 7, their bodies demonstrate a similar capacity to batteries by receiving an electrical discharge from lightning and glow a pale blue, as well as releasing laser beams with their fingers.

Unique Abilities

  • Monstrous Form - After having had enough of Sakura’s self-deprecation and sulking, she briefly morphs into a more terrifying form of herself with a larger and pointer set of teeth and her phosphorescent eyes are more prominent. This form also makes her more nimble.
  • Superhuman Strength - As shown in the eleventh episode, she is able to drag Sakura out of the room she locked herself in and into another area in the mansion just by hanging onto the collar of her pajamas with her mouth.
  • Cross-species Communication - She is able to communicate with Romero using dog language and often howls with him at the moon.


  • Her first name, Tae, is written in hiragana (たえ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (多恵), it could possibly mean "many, much" (多) (ta) and "blessing" (恵) (e).
    • Tae's surname Yamada means "mountain" (山) (yama) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da).
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  • Staff has said they wanted Tae's image to be "sexy onee-san who comes for your blood;" they wanted to give her the impression of a beautiful long-haired Japanese horror character. They thought it would be cute if the hair moved like dogs' ears and could move independently, they also enjoyed designing the clothes, choosing prisoner style shirts and pajamas that they really liked.
  • Tae's past may be hinted at by her name, the name "Yamada Taro" is often used for corpses if the police cannot identify them, similar to John Doe. It is safe to assume that "Yamada Tae" is the Japanese variation of Jane Doe, the female equivalent of John Doe.
  • Tae's Seiyu, Kotono Mitsuishi, said that the first emotion that was born in Tae's heart was familial love for Sakura. And that she also found her own conscience in episode 11, when Sakura suffered amnesia, all this in an interview that was done with her.
  • Up to the third episode, Tae's voice actress was credited as "???".
    • This was to hype up the fact that she shares the same Japanese voice actor as Sailor Moon.
  • Tae is the only member of Franchouchou who hasn't done any lead songs as she is unable to properly speak.
  • Tae's hair resembles the head of her favorite food, squid.
  • Along with Yūgiri, Tae is the only other zombie whose cause of death hasn't been revealed yet.
  • By actual age at death, Tae is the oldest of the girls as she died at the age of 29.
  • Tae's outfit closely resembles that of Buddhist Motsuke Koromo style robes.
  • Tae is one of three with most curvaceous figures in group. Sharing same cup size and body type with Sakura Minamoto and beaten only by Yugiri.
  • One of the foods that she likes the least, Takoyaki, was created in 1933 in the Showa era so she can only come from a nearby time.
  • As of “Episode 13”, she “works” part-time alongside Sakura for a local pasture farm.


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  • [2] Sample Modern Re-production of Robes
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