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Skull and Bull

Skull and Bull[1] (デスおじ Desu Oji) are a pair of major supporting characters and are two of Franchouchou's first ever fans.

After the girls' performance in the first episode, they are continuously seen in the audience of all their future performances.



He wears a black leather jacket and underneath a purple shirt, pants are made of torn black leather and he wears black boots too, he has a short black and purple striped skirt. In terms of physical appearance, he is quite skinny and his face is thin and pale, he wears his neck-length gray hair as part of his hairstyle.

Despite the fact that he is lanky, he shows great physical ability and flexibility when it comes to fighting.


He has a red shirt that does not fit well to his physique so he constantly shows his belly, he has a black skirt with pink stripes over gray pants and black boots just like the other metalhead. When it comes to physical appearance, he is quite fat and chubby, on his cheeks he has a red star tattooed on a yellow ray, his hair is brown and has the shape of a drop, in addition to wearing ray decorations on it.


In a meta way, they are complete outsiders to the idol fandom, at first they are confused and irritated when their announced metal concert turns out to be a front for an idol group, only to quickly come to love the girls and their work in the rest of the world. the Serie.

When he witnesses Saki kicking Takeo, he says that's why Number 2 is the best in his opinion, and states that it must be nice to get kicked from her, while blushing, of course.

They have stayed with Franchouchou since the first and somewhat disastrous performance of him in the metal place. Even by the time the girls hit rock bottom in Revenge, these two still refuse to give them up.

Taken to another level in the first episode of Revenge, where they team up with Kotaro to animate an encore by Franchouchou despite the angry crowd that was already beginning to assault Kotaro for his tireless cheers, even going so far as to fight alongside Kotaro as they outnumbered just so Franchouchou could perform their song without being booed off stage.


  • It is revealed in “Episode 8” that Bull is a masochist, specifically for Saki.
  • In the English dub, Skull speaks with a Birmingham accent.
  • The only time the two were not shown together was in "Episode 6" where only Metalhead B is seen taking selfies with the girls in the crowd with Metalhead A nowhere to be found.
  • The only episodes wherein they don’t make appearances in during Franchouchou’s performances those days were in “Episode 3” and “Episode 4”.
    • Granted, they were only absent in the third episode since it being a guerrilla performance meant they had no idea of the event and location.
  • It is revealed in the spin-off manga, Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie, the two are former classmates of Eikichi Hyodo.
  • Funimation's dubbing for season two calls them "Skull and Bull" being a reference to the first season of the Power Rangers.


  1. Official Funimation dub
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