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Shiori Baba [1] (馬場詩織 Baba Shiori) is the current lead singer for Iron Frill, succeeding Ai Mizuno after her death. She serves as a minor antagonist of the Zombie Land Saga series.



Shiori has reddish-brown hair that is tied in a relatively long ponytail and grayish-pink eyes. When going go out in public, she wears casual clothes, a cap and sunglasses to avoid being recognized on the street.


Shiori's idol outfit during the first season was pretty simple. In the Saga Arena, she wears a dress that resembles a queen, since Iron Frill is considered to be the queens of Tokyo.


Shiori shows a reckless personality not being afraid to say what comes to mind and is quite aggressive when proposing or rejecting offers, although she seems somewhat conceited by her attitude, actually from her perspective she wants to help Ai Mizuno get out of the old-fashioned prefecture. of Saga and manage to become a great idol with Iron Frill, but the way she expresses her offer is quite selfish by belittling Franchouchou and telling them that they are nothing compared to her group. Despite this, she shows to have admiration for Ai and wants to overcome what she did to her in her lifetime without having to go through the same fate as her.

Later it is shown that her attitude towards Ai is due to the fact that she admired her since she was little girl and dreamed of being like Ai, this is highlighted by Yui who tells her to leave the past behind and focus on what is coming.


  • The name Shiori means "poem" (詩) (shi) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Shiori's surname Baba means "horse" (馬) (ba) and "field, place" (場) (ba).


  • Shiori seems like she had admiration for Ai Mizuno in her lifetime and now wants to get over her.
    • Shiori would be the equivalent of Sakura Minamoto if she weren't hit and killed by the truck.
    • This is confirmed in episode 16 as Shiori had admired Ai since she was about 7-8 years old, explaining her attitude of including her in Iron Frill.
  • Shiori's voice actors have both done voice work for other idol anime characters:
    • Her Japanese voice actress voiced Nico Yazawa in Love Live! School Idol Project.
    • Her English voice actress voiced Chika Takami in Love Live! Sunshine!!


  1. Surname revealed in Episode 24
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