"There’s nothing legendary about throwing your whole life away, I’ve found something way more badass to work towards. I’m here to show you a taste of what it means to be a real legend!"

— Saki to the two biker gangs, “Episode 9

Saki Nikaidō
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The golden ponytail zombie with a sharp glare.

She's the kamikaze leader of Dorami, the legendary biker gang team that conquered Kyuushu. A self-respecting delinquent who threatens others with "you wanna die?", but will befriend anyone with guts. While she used to be obsessed with Tamagotchi when she alive, but it always turned out to be an Oyajitchi.

Saki Nikaido (二階堂サキ, Nikaidō Saki) was a motorcyclist in life who, together with the Dorami Biker Gang, conquered the entire island of Kyushu (九州 Kyūshū) with her friend Reiko Amabuki. She is currently the leader of Franchouchou and is titled as The Legendary Chief Biker (Densetsu no Tokkō Taichō).


Saki has a tough and rebellious demeanor, qualifying Sakura as a brat and openly declared that she has no respect for those who have no guts. However, after a successful performance, Saki takes being an idol very seriously and becomes the leader of Franchouchou. Saki also occasionally shows a soft side, as seen in episode 6, where she comforts Ai.

She is certainly impetuous and courageous, but this trait of hers ended up being her fatal flaw. Because she was so determined to win the chicken game against the rival gang, she kept speeding up and fatally crashed. She gets a second chance as a zombie and does the exact same stunt again, but survives this time thanks to her undead nature, even though there was no guarantee that she would have survived the accident intact enough to continue functioning.

Despite being a rude criminal with the purpose of taking over the country, she shows great kindness towards children and awareness of social norms, knowing full well that her harsh and violent attitude towards her gang will not work for her to be the idol group.

Normally, she is just as upset with Kotaro as the rest of the girls, and she didn't hesitate to look down on them. On episode 5, she becomes much nicer to him when she discovers that he has booked appearances for them in Drive-In Tori and Gatalympics, engaging in a ham-to-ham match with him for their shared enthusiasm.

Among girls who have trauma about their own cause of death and who often panic when reminded, Saki does not have trauma about her own cause of death, but an accident in which she died to help her peers. Even in the bike race at the Gatalympics in episode 5, she took the lead as a special attack captain and was sure she would win that test.

When she was taken to the mountains, she showed a rather reckless attitude in adding wet wood to the fire that Lily was making, yet she was quite cooperative with the group in collecting dry wood after the incident. When Sakura got depressed, she went to look for her in person with the excuse that she was going to wash her face but when she arrived she couldn't convince her and used her non-dominant hand to slap her showing that she didn't really want to hurt Sakura, it was visible. affected by that and began to cry. But he showed great appreciation and understanding for Sakura after she regained her memories.



Saki has long blonde hair with orange and green highlights tucked into a high ponytail. Her bangs are mostly swept to the left with a single orange highlight.

Her casual outfit consists of a brown and white jacket over a white blouse and a blue knee skirt. She also wears her shirt with a dark orange necktie.


Like the other zombies, Saki has grayish blue skin and red eyes, along with scars on her left cheek, left arm, and right leg, as well as bandages that cover her torso, upper left arm, right arm, and left leg. As a zombie, her hair is noticeably messier and duller in color. She lets go of her hair while she sleeps.


Her idol outfit changes throughout the series: On episodes 1-6, Saki wears a gold T-shirt with the word "弐" ("two") written on it, along with an orange skirt with white ruffles. Using makeup, she and the other zombies make their skin look like a normal human. Saki also wears contact lenses to achieve her golden eyes that she had as a living person.

After Saga Rock, her idol outfit changed to a red jacket with a plaid decoration, orange skirt with cotton inside it and knee-high boots.



  • Cycling Proficiency - As the former leader of The Dorami Biker Gang, it is to be expected that she can ride her motorcycle with more proficiency than an average cyclist. This is demonstrated in his episode with the race with Reiko at the beginning of this one and by performing the hen jump he is able to make a horse with the motorcycle and synchronize his jump before the motorcycle crashes.
  • Proficiency in Kanji - It is shown in the third episode that she can fluently write difficult Kanji. Contrary and almost ironically, Saki is one of the most educated (if not the only one) because she has an excellent command of kanji; something that is only seen in senior years. (She was probably part of a kanji-writing art club at some point in high school)
  • Rapping - As shown in the second episode, she and Sakura have showcased their never-before-seen rapping skills.

Natural Abilities

  • Non-senescence - As a zombie, Saki is granted the ability to remain the age at which she died forever without any physical change after the resurrection process, as well as immunity against death. As she, along with the other girls, is capable of enduring circumstances that human bodies cannot normally handle, this is shown when she performs the trick that killed her a second time, but instead of dying again, she returns with nothing but milds. scratches on it.
  • Detachable Limbs - As a zombie, she also have the ability to detach and reattach parts of her body from their sockets with little to no effort, either intentionally or accidentally. So far it is one of the zombies to which no part of the body has fallen and it is only seen that it can perform contortions that are not humanly possible.
  • Phosphorescent Vision - Dark red eyes that can glow in the dark after being resurrected into a zombie.
  • Element Absorption - Their zombie bodies can speed up the process of absorbing chemicals like those seen in Episode 4 by instantly absorbing the medicinal patches causing their muscles to relax and not be as stiff, in addition to their subsequent concerts and practices continue to use the patches. In Episode 7, their bodies demonstrate a similar capacity to batteries by receiving an electrical discharge from lightning and glow a pale blue, as well as releasing laser beams with their fingers.


  • Her first name, Saki, is written in katakana (サキ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (咲), it could possibly mean "bloom."
    • Her last name Nikaido is a name of a clan of Japanese samurai that ruled the Iwase District of Mutsu Province during the Sengoku period during the Kamakura era. The founder was Nikaido Yukimasa and they lived in the Sukagawa Castle.


  • She was designed to be "pretty", and unlike the usual outfit, one of Saki's charms is that she likes to wear things that are easy to wear. In the Saki era, there were no people with hair colors like this, but since it's an anime, they used the "fusion of modern and nostalgia."
  • Saki's scars are more like the scars from a car accident, or to be more precise, her motorcycle accident. So she should have had the same treatment as Junko because her death is almost similar, which means she would have been torn to pieces, but of course, that was not the case. She could presumably jump off the motorcycle before it crashed, but couldn't save herself from a fall from that height. Also the magnitude of the explosion that is seen would have burned part of her body as seen in the bandages that she has on her leg and arm.
  • Saki’s last Tamagotchi is still with Reiko, as a memento.
  • Saki died three months after her eighteenth birthday.
  • Saki sports probably most athletic figure in a group. Showing great agility several times during course of show.
  • At the end of the episode 9, Saki wore "Captain-for-a-day" ("1日特工队长") which hinted "旧特工队长" (ex-captain)
    • "1日" = one day
    • "旧" = old; past; ex
  • The chicken game she play consists of the one who stops first before reaching one of the many cliffs in Japan, loses and is considered a "chicken", losing prestige both the bozosoku and his gang.
    • The bands until the 90 'were extremely violent. If you stared at them for more than a minute, you probably ended up in the hospital with blunt weapon wounds. In their quest for adrenaline, they fought with other gangs, ran races like these, and obstructed traffic while smashing cars that honked at them. They disappeared due to the cost of acquiring and modifying a motorcycle, to the series of laws that gave the police more instruments to arrest them and the fact that parents let their children play video games all day in order to keep them away from bad meetings.
  • Saki's English voice actress Caitlin Glass also voices Maki Nishikino, another idol character from the anime series Love Live! School Idol Project.
  • As of “Episode 13”, she works part-time as a construction worker.
  • It is revealed in “Episode 14” that she has a crush on her childhood idol, White Ryuu.
    • And that as of that episode, she and the rest of Franchouchou were delegated ownership of his radio show.
  • Saki has two episodes centered around her so far, the first being “Episode 9” and the second being “Episode 14”.


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