Zombieland Saga Wiki

Events in Saga Prefecture


The 34th Kashima Gatalympics

Wearing a t-shirt with the same design as Franchouchou's t-shirt that appears in episode 5 of the series, Kawase, Kinukawa, and Tanaka participated in the contest by running on the tidal flats, Kawase and Kinukawa participated in "Free Play", and Tanaka he participated in "Gatachari," a competition in which he rides a bicycle on a long, narrow board over a tidal plain, and Tanaka won second prize.

Zombie Land Saga x Saga Prefecture, Karatsu City, Ureshino City, Koshien's Hometown

During Saturday August 24, 2019, Akihabara UDX, Karatsu. A set of Saga beef curry and Japanese beef curry from Saga Prefecture will be sold. Also, Kaede Hondo, who plays the role of "Sakura Minamoto", the main character of Zombie Land Saga, is scheduled to come to the venue to support the event.

Special program "Zombie Land Saga Revenge Seafood Eve!"

During Sunday April 4, the two main cast members and the producer will talk about their excitement for the second season and what they want to do in Saga Prefecture. Starring: Kaede Hondo (role of Sakura Minamoto), Asami Tano (role of Saki Nikaido), Nobuhiro Takenaka (Cygames producer)

Go with Franchouchou! Saga Prefecture x Zombie Land Saga Stamp Rally

Period: July 1 (Monday) -September 30 (Monday), 2019 • Content: A total of 14 types of stamps will be installed from the zombie version and Franchouchou makeup version that appear in "Zombie Land Saga" in 198 places of tourist facilities, shops and accommodation of Saga Prefecture. There are 15 types of stamps, including Franchouchou and Kotaro Tatsumi, to be installed at the events.

Zombie Land Saga x NAKED

Period: July 19, 2019 (Friday) -January 31, 2020 (Friday) • Venue: Saga Prefecture Office Observation Room • Content: The best time you can experience only at the Saga Prefecture Office Saga. Zombie Land Saga x Naked Collaborative Project Done! Communicate the charm of Saga and enliven the night sky of Saga! Zombie Idols "Franchouchou" Shines in Saga's Night View! • Admission fee: 500 yen for elementary school students and above

Karatsu Train

Period: July 26 (Friday) -October 31 (Thursday), 2019 • Content: An enveloping train will operate on the JR Karatsu (Nishi-Karatsu-Saga) line and the JR Chikuhi (Karatsu-Imari) line!

Karatsu Roller Coaster Gift

Period: July 26 (Friday) -October 31 (Thursday), 2019 • Get it by eating local food with benefits • Content: An original clear coaster (not for sale) will be presented to customers who ordered a specific local food during the period. Buy and Get Collaboration Products • Content: An original clear coaster (not for sale) will be presented to customers who purchase a total of 1000 yen or more of specific collaboration products during the period.

Imari Bay Fireworks 2019

Date: November 16, 2019 (Saturday) around 18:00 Fireworks launch • (If canceled due to rain, it will be postponed at the same time on the 17th of the following day) • Location: South Pier, Nanatsujima District , Imari Port, Kurogawa-cho, Imari City, Saga Prefecture • Content: Color the sky of Saga Prefecture with fireworks in collaboration with the new song "Saga Incident". • Zombie Land Saga talk event 17: 20-18: 00 • Participants: Asami Tano, Rika Kinugawa

Saga balloon fiesta

Period: December 16, 2019 • Location: Saga hot air balloon park • Content: prefectural product fairs, business meetings, public relations venues, etc. of Saga Prefectural Product Distribution Design Corporation.

Saga Municipal Bus

Period: From Saturday August 8, 2020 • Content: Inside the enveloping bus, the main character, Sakura Minamoto (voice actor: Kaede Hondo) will be broadcast in the car. In addition, we will sell a "commemorative service ticket" using illustrations drawn by the wrap bus collaboration. Fee: Operation commemorative ticket (10 tickets of 100 yen in an A4-size holder) 1,000 yen (tax included) With special transparent file

Digital Stamp Rally

Period: October 30, 2020 (Friday) -January 31, 2021 (Sunday) • Content: "The Saga Prefecture x Zombie Land Saga digital stamp rally campaign" will be carried out in collaboration with the television anime "Zombie Land Saga "set in Saga Prefecture. This is a digital stamp rally where you can visit tourist facilities and accommodation facilities in Saga prefecture and collect stamps with your smartphone. You can get a stamp by scanning the QR code at the destination facility. If you collect stamps, you can apply for a lottery where you can win original Zombie Land Saga products and Saga products. We look forward to your participation!

Manhole from Zombie Land Saga

  • Period: April 22 (Thursday) ~ • Location: Installed in 6 cities: Saga City, Karatsu City, Tosu City, Imari City, Kashima City and Ureshino City
  • Period: May 2022 ~ • Location: Installed in 7 cities: Taku, Takeo, Ogi, Kanzaki, Yoshinogari, Arita and Shiroishi.

Zombie Land Saga manhole merchandise

  • Content: In order to promote tourism in the region, the 14 designs of sewers installed throughout the pre-invoice of Saga, will be available to purchase in miniature models, key rings and stickers only in some stores of the same pre-invoice.
  • Period: Thursday, December 16.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Digital Stamp Rally!

  • Period: September 17, 2021 - October 8, 2021 • Location: Saga Prefecture

Zombie Land Saga Original Illustration Local License Plate

  • Content: Donation and introduction of local license plates with original "Zombie Land Saga" illustrations to all 20 municipalities in Saga Prefecture.
  • From:
  • October 1, 2021 ~ Saga City, Karatsu City, Imari City
  • December 2, 2021 ~ Tosu City, Ureshino City, Kashima City

Karatsu City Hometown Tax Payment

  • Start Date: Saturday October 16, 2021 ~
  • Contents: Zombie Land Saga Blu-ray and CD, Karatsu City support version. It will appear as a return item for local tax payment in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture! It comes with a limited benefit when using illustrations drawn in the city of Karatsu.
  • Estimated Shipment Date: After December 2021

Wallace Botan Cup

  • Period: February 10 (Thursday) to February 15 (Tuesday), 2022
  • Location: Boat Race Karatsu
  • Content: All participating athletes will collaborate with female runners, Zombie Land Saga, and other races will be held, and original products will be presented to Boat Race Karatsu visitors ♪

Tourism Association

  • Period: 12:00 on December 20 (Monday)
  • Content: Themed bikes of the series that can be used by the general public starting in Karatsu, Saga prefecture. The collaboration started on December 20 (Japan).

Zombie Land Saga Manhole Exhibition

  • Period: April 30 (Saturday) - May 1 (Sunday), 2022
  • Location: Studio on the first floor of Saga Television
  • Content: Sewers of "Zombie Land Saga" where the installation project has started in the 20 cities and towns of Saga prefecture.
  • This time, before the installation of the second manhole in 7 cities and towns, an exhibition of the real manholes will be held in the "Kachikachi Press" broadcast studio for 2 days only during the festival of spring.
  • This event is the only chance to see all 7 real sewers in one place!
  • In addition, the first 14 full-scale panels, miniature manholes and local license plates will also be on display.