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Saga (佐賀市 Saga-shi) is the capital city of Saga Prefecture, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Saga was the capital of the Saga domain in the Edo period and the largest city in the ancient province of Hizen.


In real life

Saga is located in the southeastern part of Saga Prefecture. After the 2005 merger, the city became very long from north to south, skirting the Ariake Sea to the south and Fukuoka prefecture to the southeast and north. The northern half of the city contains the Sefuri Mountains. Saga can also be considered within the Greater Fukuoka metropolitan area and, by extension, the Fukuoka-Kitakyushu metropolitan area.

April 1, 1889, the modern municipal system was established and the city of Saga was founded. At the same time, the current region of the city is occupied by 21 villages from three districts.

On October 1, 2007, the cities of Higashiyoka, Kawasoe and Kubota (all of the Saga district) were incorporated into Saga. (population: approximately 240,000; area: 431.42 km2) The Saga district was dissolved as a result of this merger.

In the series

The city of Saga is one of the main cities where anime events take place, most of all Franchouchou's concerts in GEILS death metal or for its part, most of the main events of the series along with the city of Karatsu. Also here is the bar New Jofuku that Kotaro visits frequently when he has doubts about the Zombie Land Saga project.

Places seen in the anime