Romero (ロメロ, Romero?) is the zombie pet poodle of Kotaro Tatsumi.

Official Bio

Kotaro Tatsumi's pet zombie dog.

Supposedly a toy poodle, although according to various people his size always seems to change. Being a zombie dog, Romero can gobble up food that would be bad for most dogs. His favorite food is cuttlefish. His gender is male. *Never feed dried squids to living dogs!


Romero is a zombie dog with stitches and bandages over its body, it has different fur in two shades of blue, as well as what appears to be a bruise in its right elbow. It has doll-like eyes and its long fangs stick out of its mouth.

On various moments, he would look realistically frightening or Chibi-like.


Due to Romero's zombie appearance, he seems to look and act aggressive, but he actually behaves like a normal dog. As he spends more time with the Franchouchou idols, he becomes attached to them.

He's also very fond of eating the cuttlefish given to him.



  • The name Romero is likely a reference to George A. Romero, a film director that is well known for the cult classic zombie movie called Night of the Living Dead.
  • Romero died one month after his third birthday.


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