“A zombie dog?!”

— Ai, after seeing Romero by the door, “Episode 2

Kotaro Tatsumi
Kotaro Tatsumi's pet zombie dog.

Supposedly a toy poodle, although according to various people his size always seems to change. Being a zombie dog, Romero can gobble up food that would be bad for most dogs. His favorite food is dried squid. His gender is male. * Never feed dried squid to live dogs

Romero (ロメロ, Romero) is the zombie pet poodle of Kotaro Tatsumi and is the mascot for Franchouchou.

Despite being also being a zombie, he does not seem to need to hide the fact that he is undead whenever he joins Kotaro and the girls in public, as he can be seen without his head during the shooting for The Drive-In Tori commercial in the fifth episode.


Regular Form

Romero is a zombie dog with stitches and bandages over its body, it has different fur in two shades of blue, as well as what appears to be a bruise in its right elbow. He has a doll-like right eye and has long blood-stained fangs sticking out of its mouth.

Monstrous Form

In his monstrous form, he grows larger and appears more detailed. His only eye is shown to stick out of the socket and the Saga-shaped scar on the right side of his body is more visible.


Due to Romero's zombie appearance, he seems to look and act aggressive, but he actually behaves like a normal dog majority of the time. As he spends more time with the Franchouchou idols, he becomes attached to them.

Like Tae, he generally tries to eat things that aren't even meant to be edible. As shown in the fifth episode, wherein he swallows a baseball whole, and again in the tenth episode wherein he ate a grasshopper that was unlucky enough to get close to him.

He is also shown to be very loyal to both Kotaro and the girls.


Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced Senses - As a dog, he has better senses compared to humans.

Unique Abilities

  • Immortality - Similar to the girls, Romero is given the ability to not physically age and stay the same appearance as the age he died as well as immunity to circumstances that could normally be fatal to humans and animals.
  • Detachable Limbs - Parts of his body are detachable and can easily be reattached.
  • Phosphorescent Vision - Though, he has not shown this feat yet, it is assumed that his eye can also glow in the dark.
  • Monstrous Form - A feat he and Tae shares, they can both morph into scarier versions of themselves that highlights their aggressiveness.

Unused concept art for Romero from the second Fanbook


  • Romeo's first drawings came out like this and ended up leaving the design as it is. It was purely out of instinct, although they weren't sure if that "instinct" was good or not. But it was his favorite. It goes alongside the zombie-like Franchouchou, but it was conceived at a time when we weren't really sure what kind of image we'd go with. The stories of everyday life are difficult anyway, so they followed the current form. They added the sakura ribbon and all that to give it some distinction during the time when the other characters were zombies.
  • The name Romero is likely a reference to George A. Romero, a film director that is well known for the cult classic zombie movie called Night of the Living Dead.
  • Romero died one month after his third birthday.
    • Additionally, he shares his date of death with Junko Konno.
  • Like the girls, it is also unknown how Romero got resurrected.
    • It is also worth noting that, alongside Tae, his cause of death is also unknown.
  • The only time wherein he does not make an appearance (excluding the next episode preview and outro) is in the fourth and seventh episodes.


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