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The Revenge of the Ekimae Fudosan (駅前不動産の復讐 Ekimae fudōsan no fukushū) is Franchouchou's comeback performance at Ekimae Real Estate Stadium after their first failed attempt, as there were not enough people who showed up as an audience.


Three weeks after Arpino's concert in 2019, Kotaro announces his plans for the concert at Ekimae Fudōsan Stadium, which ends in failure due to his mismanagement. Left in debt, the girls' confidence is restored when Tae successfully buys food with Kotaro's savings using poorly applied makeup, inspiring them to fight for a "revenge" concert. On the day of the concert, Franchouchou arrives on foot at the stadium to find it seemingly empty until people from all over Japan begin to pack it in, as the girls' broadcast gained international attention.

The Fall

An announced failure

Kotaro announces Franchouchou's next concert, at Ekimae Fudosan

After a successful album release and prefecture-wide concerts, hopes are high for Franchouchou, Kotaro insists on doing a 25,000-seat concert at EFS. While Ai is skeptical about achieving this, Kotaro insists that everyone in Franchouchou was once a legend (except Sakura) and that they can succeed in that task. Afterwards, most of Franchouchou have doubts about their chances as it sounds so far fetched to fill a stadium with thousands of people in a short time, but Sakura convinces them to do whatever they can to make the performance successful.

On the eve of the performance, Kotaro reveals that he didn't sell any tickets and instead, sales are only available on the day of the event, being very confident that the group doesn't need presales to put on a successful performance.

After failure

The concert only attracts 500 people, being a total failure

As expected, the crowd the next day is small and the performance is terrible, so much so that they didn't even sing the encore. Indebted and dejected, Kotaro falls into a depression where he spends all day drunk and on the streets, leaving no food for the zombies (who don't need sustenance anyway). Thanks to Tae's audacity she manages to do her makeup without Kotaro and goes out to find food. This inspires the rest of the group to pull themselves together and not rely on Kotaro as much as they had until now.


Ai at her work on Kojima

Leaving the group with a debt of 20 million yen. The girls spend the next month and a half working various jobs at Saga to pay the debt by themselves, while Kotaro abandons his efforts to save Saga and falls into a depression while only drinking alcohol, despite the girls' repeated attempts to motivate him, he is still reluctant to return to them and says that the Sagapocalypse is already inevitable. Believing that their success depends on Kotaro, Franchouchou schedule another performance at Geils Live House, where they intend to reveal a new song that Kotaro had prepared for their previous encore show. However, Sakura is unable to persuade him to attend, forcing them to continue the show without him.

Jofuku convinces Kotaro to go back to the girls

Jofuku passive-aggressively confronts Kotaro about him abandoning the girls and Saga, and reminds him of his reasons for supporting the girls. Although Kotaro makes it to Geils in time to ask for the encore, the song receives a lukewarm response from the audience, resulting in a complete failure of the event, but starting the flame of revenge. The next morning, a fully revitalized Kotaro greets the girls to help them relaunch their careers.



Saki gets White Ryu's radio show

Franchouchou starts from scratch again, trying to get publicity for their already reborn group. They first go in search of White Ryu, a Saga rockstar who leaves his radio show to Saki for her to continue with after his resignation. TV programs and interviews with Ai, which raise the popularity of the group in Saga and reaffirm the return of this same. The Saga Arena concert where the group makes a spectacular performance as the opening act for the show, overshadowing the main group, Iron Frill.

Franchouchou breaks it as the opening act in the Saga Arena

Lily shines as a star in a Japanese Got Talent contest, garnering millions of views for her main act in the contest. And finally Tae Yamada, who thanks to her extreme good luck manages to get the group out of 20 million yen debt in just one day. The new member, Maimai, turns things upside down when she accidentally finds out the real identity of the girls, but luckily she keeps their identity a secret and manages to join Franchouchou temporarily, attracting thousands of fans from the school where she studied.

All these events and publicity were born mainly from the soul of these zombies who were seeking fiery revenge. With their independence from Kotaro, now they can act on their own and be the ones to guide Franchouchou. Finally, they are ready for revenge.


Franchouchou merchandise sold while seeking publicity

Already in the year 2020, Kotaro schedules the stadium concert on the anniversary of the date of his previous failed concert, taking precautions to prevent a repeat of the disaster. However, Ookoba begins to undermine the identity of the girls and confronts Kotaro with evidence of the girls' secret and threatens to expose the group in the national newspaper, which ultimately unsettles Kotaro, who is indifferent to the matter and he plans to continue with his revenge.

Jofuku collapses in pain as he senses that something bad is about to come

Kotaro talks with Jofuku that night, during which it is revealed that Kotaro resurrected the girls to save Saga from a millennial curse that wants to end Saga. Suddenly, a strange storm arrives at the same time that Jofuku is in agony, saying that it is beginning. The power outage begins to spread to the rest of Saga, then to Ookoba's office, just before he can post his story about Franchouchou being zombies.

Sakura now their mansion is in the sea

Franchouchou's mansion drifts towards the Hamasaki shore before collapsing, destroying their supplies and makeup. The girls have no choice but to stay in the shelter without proper makeup. When it comes off, they try to use clay masks to cover their identity, which does not work out very well since these same ones break in the middle of the performance, the children do not believe that they are really zombies and accept them anyway, moving the girls as they allow Ookoba to understand Franchouchou's courage to act at the constant risk of exposure.

Their clay masks come off and their identity is almost revealed

Finally Kotaro reunites with the girls and puts their makeup back on, telling them that their revenge concert is still scheduled to restore Saga's morale. Afterwards, Sakura thanks Kotaro for helping her achieve her dream, and Kotaro promises to continue supporting Franchouchou until they become world famous.

Flames of revenge

The stadium is filled with thousands of people, revenge is taking place

With Ookoba's help, Kotaro convinces the Saga governor to focus repair efforts on Tosu to allow public travel to Ekimae Fudōsan Stadium, arguing that Franchouchou's benefit concert will help save Saga. Meanwhile, Saki gathers Franchouchou to promote the concert on her radio show, encouraging anyone who listens to attend. On the day of the concert, Franchouchou arrives on foot at the stadium to find it seemingly empty until people from all over Japan begin to pack it in, as the girls' broadcast gained international attention. Before their encore performance, Kotaro tearfully congratulates the girls as he reminds them that Saga is not saved yet, hiding smears of blood that he coughs up in tears.

A UFO flew over Saga and destroyed Saga with its laser beam


The concert becomes a phenomenal success, Saga is repaired with the help of the funds that Franchouchou raised while they continue to help the affected inhabitants while as thanks, they help them rebuild their previously destroyed home, along with the help of Takeo. In a post-credits scene, a flying saucer appears and blots out the landscape.


ゾンビランドサガ 3月8日幕張LIVEを楽しみにして下さっていた皆様へ

2019 video apologizing for cancellation of original concert


  • Nearly all of the main characters featured in both seasons come to support what will be Franchouchou's biggest concert yet.
  • Because there was too much important content to show, the final episode was longer than average.
  • The date of March 8 is remembered by fans. In full swing of COVID-19 there was a concert planned for these dates which was canceled due to the start of the virus pandemic, although this finally also had its revenge in 2020. It is still interesting as the same date of the cancellation of this concert is the same in which Franchouchou got their big revenge.
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