Reiko Amabuki

Reiko Amabuki (天 吹 麗 子 Amabuki Reiko), née Kirishima (霧 島), is the first boss of Dorami, the mother of Maria Amabuki and a friend of Saki Nikaidō during her time as a member of the Dorami Biker Gang.



Reiko is an adult woman with purples eyes and purple hair tied in a ponytail that hangs close to her shoulder. She is usually seen wearing a pink shirt under an apron in a darker shade of pink and dark gray pants.


In her youth, her hair was longer with two highlights of pink and different shades of purple, while the front of her hair was tied back in a long ponytail. She wore the traditional Dorami biker outfit.

High school

It is revealed in season two that her hair is actually black and not purple, her high school clothing consisted of a pale purple sailor suit and a purple bowtie, as well as wearing heels.


Initially, her daughter Maria sees her as a spineless weakling as she is no longer the tough biker gang boss she used to be. However, when Reiko confronts Saki after riding her motorcycle off a cliff, she shows Maria that just because she is no longer a gang boss doesn't mean she's weak.

Reiko is a humble, kind and caring person who wanted to live in a normal family. She is often concerned for her daughter's well-being and often apologizes on her daughter's behalf.

As a former motorcycle gang, she is able to display a more courageous and fierce personality that he had rarely expressed unless angered. As a former leader of a motorcycle gang, it is suggested that she also had leadership social skills, there are still traces of the old delinquent in her as she still has her old motorcycle and speaks harshly again when she is really angry.

She fondly remembers her friend Saki and misses her, thinking about how Saki would think of her now.

Even when she was the leader of Dorami, she told Saki that she finally wanted to settle down and have a normal life, as her parents were divorced and she didn't want her own children to go through it.


  • She still has Saki's old Tamagotchi, which Saki entrusted to him shortly before he died in a bicycle accident.
  • The name Reiko means "beautiful, charming" (麗) (rei) and "child" (子) (ko).
    Reiko's surname, Amabuki, means "sky, sky" (天) (ama) and "to blow, breathe, blow, emit, smoke" (吹) (buki).
    • Her maiden name Kirishima means "mist" (霧) (kiri) and "island" (島) (shima).
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