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Policeman A

Policeman A (警察官A Keisatsukan A) is an unnamed police officer and a major recurring character in Zombie Land Saga.

Although he is more of a threat to zombies than he realizes they are to him, his reasons for repeatedly trying to kill them on sight are perfectly understandable, as he is just an ordinary, generally affable, scared cop.


He is an average adult man who is always seen wearing a Japanese police uniform consisting of a white collared shirt and dark blue shoulder pads, dark blue pants, he carries with him a snub-nosed S&W Model 37 revolver 38 gauge "Airweight".


When first introduced, he has a pretty casual and somewhat cheeky personality. However, he has proven to be extremely fearful and impulsive, as he instantly shot Sakura upon seeing her zombie form even though she initially called for help, and immediately attempts to shoot her again along with Ai and Junko after seeing her zombie appearances.

He seems to think that he is a big shot when it comes to getting women, and every now and then he tries to flirt with them. Not only do all the girls he interacts with not react to him beyond her police work, Sakura is afraid to get close to him, as he reacts badly to her without makeup. In Revenge, he unsuccessfully tries to get close to Junko when she's down for Ai, though to be fair, he starts backing off when he starts to think she's underage.

When he meets Sakura again in Episode 3 in her human form, he seems to recognize her but can't remember where. Little does he know that she was the zombie he tried to shoot twice. After the events of the third episode, he is relegated to comedy roles and does not directly face the zombie aspect of the show until episode 11. Whenever he sees one of the zombies, he immediately goes crazy with terror and tries to shoot without good aim, regardless of the fact that all zombies show sensitivity and have shown no signs of hurting him.

He shoots Sakura out of fear of being a zombie, despite Sakura showing human intelligence and speech, and is then knocked out from behind her. When he faces a motorcycle rally. Despite not comically threatening them, they still scatter as he apparently killed the mood. Again later: he braves the storm-hit flooded areas of Saga, looking for people who may be in trouble. This allows him to save Kotaro and Jofuku from the flooded bar, in which they were trapped for three days.

His carefree attitudes see him take Tae and Maria to bet on boat races, excusing his presence as a policeman's duty to "help the citizens of Saga" (spending his money and getting a small part if Tae wins more). Unsurprisingly, his superior scolds him over the radio when he's caught, and the ensuing conversation implies that he also regularly gambles on horse races while he's on duty. He has repeatedly shown himself to be a polite and friendly cop when he's not terrified, such as when he rap (kinda wrong) with a bunch of bums in episode 2 to admonish them for staying out late and messing with the girls.


Natural Abilities

  • TBA


  • Rapping: TBA
  • Cycling Proficiency: TBA

Unique Abilities

  • TBA


  • In "Episode 18" it is shown that he likes to bet on regattas as a hobby.
    • It is revealed that he is an incompetent cop since even his boss knows that he will gamble from time to time instead of doing his job as a cop.
  • He seems to think that he has run into a horror story every time he meets the girls, even though they are able to speak and never move to attack him.
    • For a guy who seems to have been traumatized every time he has an encounter with one of the zombies, he seems remarkably cheerful and mentally fine when he appears in another episode.
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