Policeman A (警察官A) is a minor character with no name given. He is a police officer from the Saga prefecture.


Policeman A is an average adult man who's always seen wearing a police uniform, and carrying an .38 caliber S&W Model 37 "Airweight" snub-nosed revolver.


When first introduced, he has a rather casual and somewhat brash personality. However, he's shown to be extremely fearful and impulsive, as he instantly shot Sakura upon seeing her zombie form despite the later initially pleading for help, and immediately attempts to shoot her again along with Ai and Junko after seeing their zombie appearance.


Episode 1

The policeman encountered Sakura in the night during a rain, at first, he asked her if she's alright thinking she's a normal teenage girl, upon getting closer and observing her appearance the policeman panicked and pulls out his gun whilst screaming. After shooting Sakura in her chest through her spine, the policeman wonders if he just encountered a zombie, before he could do any further actions he was struck to the head by Kotaro with a shovel.

Episode 2

The policeman encountered 3 rappers harassing some girls and tries to stop them only to find the girls are Sakura, Ai and Junko. Shocked to see zombies again he tries shooting the girls only to miss and hit a window instead; this in turn causes everyone to start screaming. The rappers begin clinging on the officer begging for his help allowing for the zombie girls to escape.

Episode 3

The policeman appeared after the girl's public performance at Karatsu station, walking in and smooth talking to the girls to stop them from disturbing the peace. He then gets a closer look at Sakura, somehow getting a feeling he's seen her before, causing her to become nervous. But then Kōtarō appeared in his van, and herded the girls back to his vehicle to get away from the policeman.

Episode 5

Policeman appeared during the Gatalympics as a demonstrator prior to each event.

Episode 11

He encounters Sakura again at a playground and again freaks out.



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