Officer Suenaga

Policeman A (警察官A), also known as Officer Suenaga, is a police officer who is a major recurring character in Zombie Land Saga.

Although he is more of a threat to zombies than he realizes they are to him, his reasons for repeatedly trying to kill them on sight are perfectly understandable, as he is just an ordinary, generally affable, scared cop. mind.


Policeman A is an average adult man who's always seen wearing a police uniform, and carrying an .38 caliber S&W Model 37 "Airweight" snub-nosed revolver.


When first introduced to her, she has quite a casual and somewhat cheeky personality. However, he has proven to be extremely fearful and impulsive, as he instantly shot Sakura upon seeing her zombie form even though she initially begged for help, and immediately attempts to shoot her again along with Ai and Junko after seeing her zombie appearance. He seems to think he is a big shot when it comes to getting women, and occasionally tries to flirt with them. Not only do all the girls he interacts with have no reaction to him beyond his police job, Sakura is afraid to get close to him as he reacts badly to her without makeup.

When he meets Sakura again in Episode 3 in her human form, he seems to recognize her but cannot remember where. Little does he know that she was the zombie who tried to shoot twice.

  • After the third episode, he's relegated to comedy roles and doesn't directly face the zombie aspect of the show until Episode 11.

He has been shown multiple times to be a courteous and friendly cop when not terrified

He seems to think that he runs into a horror story every time he meets the girls, even though they are able to speak and never move to attack him.


Natural Abilities

  • TBA


  • Rapping: TBA
  • Cycling Proficiency: TBA

Unique Abilities

  • TBA


  • His last name is revealed to be Suenaga by Yugiri in “Episode 13”.
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