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Misa Higashitsuru

Misa Higashitsuru [1] (東鶴 美沙, Higashitsuru Misa) is a minor character in Zombie Land Saga who made her debut alongside the rest of her gang in "Episode 9".

She is the current leader of the Korosuke Biker Gang and the rival of Maria Amabuki.


Korosuke Biker Gang Uniform

Misa has silver hair with bangs covering the right side of her face and purple eyes.

Her biker clothing consists of a black outfit with pink interior showing part of her body, knee-high boots, and a long hood.

Boat Racing Uniform

In ZLS: Revenge and with her new profession, Misa cuts her hair as a sign of change and she wears a boat racing outfit for her racing competitions.


Misa is a woman who likes to impose respect on others, and has a willpower and drive that encourages people to follow her. She likes to impose fear on her opponents, as she did to Maria and her gang in Episode 9.

However, despite this, she is still willing to help the citizens of Saga after a flood left Saga destroyed.

After Saki's intervention during the game of chicken, she is surprised by her audacity, sought to replicate her speed. This was how she began doing boat races in Karatsu.


Natural Abilities



  • Cycling Proficiency - Being a member of a motorcycle gang, she has many skills when it comes to driving vehicles at high speed, primarily motor bikes.
  • Boatracing Proficiency - Misa shows some skill in the boat race, although she always accelerates at a bad time and ends up crashing; despite this, because Maria showed up to the race, she gains the determination and manages to win the race which makes her group happy.

Unique Abilities



  • The name Misa means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "sand" (沙) (sa).
  • Misa's surname Higashitsuru means "east" (東) (higashi) and "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru).


  • Misa's surname comes from the end credits of Episode 9.
  • After the events of Episode 9, Misa has since taken up boat racing in hopes of surpassing Saki Nikaido in terms of her cycling speed, as shown in Episode 18.
    • After witnessing Saki's speed and recklessness, she decided to cut her hair. Cutting one's hair usually symbolizes a drastic change in one's life.


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