Maria Amabuki

Maria Amabuki (天吹 万梨阿, Amabuki Maria) is the current leader of Dorami and the rebellious daughter of Reiko Amabuki.



Maria is a high school girl with long wavy light brown hair who has two small buns with long tails coming out of them made on both sides with bangs long enough to cover her forehead that ends in a straight cut over her orange eyes.

She usually wears a Dorami uniform, which is the standard Dorami uniform, consisting of a long red coat with her name and position written on the back in Kanji characters. Underneath, she wears a gray blouse, black tie, and a long black skirt.

School Uniform









Maria has a very rebellious and aggressive personality that she developed by hating her, the soft and unnecessarily apologetic attitude of her mother, Reiko Amabuki. She has proclaimed herself the leader of the Dorami motorcycle group, of which she has learned that her mother had been the leader.

She and her gang do this to look threatening to Sakura and Lily, but all they do is make them look silly.

She talks about a great game during a confrontation with Misa, but her voice shakes all the time, and Saki comments afterwards that Misa would have hit Maria's tar if they had really come to blows. Given Saki's past combat experience, it's safe to say that she accurately judged who was the more dangerous of the two.

She tries to be a tough talking motorcyclist like her mother in the past, but she is quite inept and very insane for doing it.


  • The name Maria means "ten thousand" (万) (ma), "pear" (梨) (ri) and "flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, recess" (阿) (a).
  • Maria's surname Amabuki means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "blow, breathe, puff, emit, smoke" (吹) (buki).
  • The reason why Maria prefers mopeds is because they are used by small-time modern Japanese biker gangs due to the stricter laws implemented against biker gangs after the 80~90s.
  • Maria shares the same Japanese voice actor as Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.
  • Because Maria turned out to be rebellious after finding out about her mother’s past, it is most likely that her parents are divorced as well. Since, in Saki’s flashback, Reiko does not wish for her future child to be exposed to her gangster life and have divorced parents like she had, but, in the end, Maria still became the one thing she wished her not to be, this is also most likely the case.
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