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Mamacita[1] is Kotaro's axe that he uses to compose some of Franchouchou's songs. It was destroyed by Junko and later "repaired" by Tae and Romero during the events of Episode 16.


The beautiful electric guitar and Kotaro's companion in arms that has accompanied him almost his entire life, shakes Kotaro's soul every time he touches it with the roar that comes out of it. As long as he can compose music with his axe, he can move on overcoming any obstacle, logic or limit and turning victories into miracles.

The electric guitar is later destroyed during Saga Arena's performance and later repaired by Junko with the help of Tae.


  • The name "Mamacita" literally translates to "Little Mother", but considering the context, a more accurate translation would be "Hot Momma".


  1. Episode 16 (English Dub)
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