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"After hearing Sakura’s story, I have made up my mind. I thought I was the same as you all, but I was wrong. It’s not about the difference of our skin color. I’m sure you all struggled to survive your short lives in your respective times. However, your radiance will continue to glow even in the afterlife. It’s the kind of strength that says “This time, I’m going to make it through life!”. To shine brightly like you all, I have to live my best life in Saga, first. That’s why I’m going to graduate from Franchouchou and do my best to live in my era!"

— Maimai Yuzuriha, to Franchouchou and co. about her sudden resignation

Maimai Yuzuriha

Maimai Yuzuriha (楪 舞々 Yuzuriha Maimai) is a supporting character who can be seen attending all of Franchouchou’s performances since as early as "Episode 12".

She makes her official debut in “Maimai Revolution SAGA” as the only living temporary seventh member of the undead idol group before resigning by the end of the episode. She claims to be Sakura’s biggest fan.


Maimai wears a typical school uniform which is green, more specifically she wears a dark blue skirt that reaches up to the knees, a green jacket and underneath a collared shirt with a pink tie. She also wears glasses that are constantly breaking and her hair is brown. Maimai sports a very voluptuous figure, that overall beats even Yugiri's. During her brief stint as a member of Franchouchou, he is assigned the color green.


Maimai's personality closely resembles Sakura and has many parallels to her as seen in the episode. She is cheerful and extremely clumsy and quite impulsive. But once she overcomes those defects, she can act at the same level as her idols, Franchouchou. She never gives up and moves on, when she joins Franchouchou she realizes that she does not belong there because that group is only made up of girls whose lives were taken away and who are moving on, so despite her personality something seems cliché, it shows that deep down he is someone mature. Maimai's maturity is denoted by not being scared by zombie girls and by keeping her secret by not telling someone so she is someone the Franchouchou girls can trust.

She acts like one for Sakura. They are both clumsy, but enthusiastic and determined to succeed, and Maimai admires Sakura and Franchouchou in the same way that Sakura once looked at Ai and Iron Frill. The difference, of course, is that Maimai is still alive - her motivation is simply to live her life to the fullest, while Sakura's (and the other zombies) motivation is to make up for the fact that their lives were shortened and they never could develop their potential.

Despite spending several hours practicing without doing the correct routine, Maimai refuses to finish the day, an attitude that endears herself to Ai.


Natural Abilities

  • TBA


  • Leadership - Maimai is part of the student council of her school and proved to have power there by convincing everyone to do a school festival where Franchouchou would participate. And this is also indicated to us in episode 24 when Maimai leads a crowd of people to the Franchouchou concert after listening to their radio broadcast.

Unique Abilities

  • TBA


  • Clumsiness - As seen or rather as she tells us, Maimai tends to be clumsy at times which explains why her glasses are constantly breaking.


  • Mai means "dance" (舞).
  • Maimai's surname Yuzuriha means "false daphne" (楪).


  • Maimai is the first outsider to find out about Franchouchou’s hidden identities as zombies.
    • Additionally, she is also the first human outsider to have officially joined the group, albeit, temporarily, as Number #7.
  • Maimai's introduction in her official debut is a direct parallel to Sakura'sdeath in "Episode 1".
  • During Maimai's stay as a temporary member of Franchouchou, she sports the most curvaceous build out of the girls. Beating Sakura, Tae Yamada and even Yugiri in terms of body type.
  • The idea that a fan of Franchouchou discovers their identity as zombies had been raised since the first season, so it was decided to take up that idea and develop the character of Maimai around it. During the first chapters she was added with an Easter Egg to give the feeling that she was always there.
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