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Machiko (町子 Machiko) is a minor supporting character who appeared in the second season of Zombie Land Saga. She is Ai's co-worker at her job at a dried squid factory.


Machiko is an old lady with signs of aging on her body. She has dull purple hair with a poofy cut.


She is introduced in the first episode of Revenge at Ai's part-time job and is quite nice to Ai and her friends. When the girls' mansion collapses, she offers them a place in a nearby shelter after they became homeless, she is completely unconcerned or unfazed by Tae and his zombie behavior, including being bitten on the head as she thinks it's a show of affection.


Episode 13

She briefly appears during the opening sequence of the second season along with Ai, whom she tells that she should eat more because her face is too pale.

Episode 23

She then gets a larger role in episode 11, helping with the storm relief efforts by cooking along with the girls for the citizens of the shelter.


Natural abilities

  • Chef - She works at a dried squid factory with Ai and also helps provide food at the relief shelter.


  • Lifeguard - She is the one who provides support to families affected by heavy rains and one of the main members of the shelter where they were.

Unique abilities

  • TBA


  • TBA


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