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"Most child actors don't think about their futures, they only think about how cute and tiny they are right now. But no one gives a rat's ass about that stuff when you get older and you're gonna grow up whether you like it or not, so you better have a plan. That's why I'll succeed. My acting skills are impeccable and I've got the drive that it takes. I won't fade away as I age, I'm going to be a legendary actor someday. I'm gonna prove that to this crowd, so keep up your pathetic little act while you can and watch me blow you outta the water."

— Light to Lily, “Episode 17

Light Oozora

Light Oozora (大空 ライト Ōzora Raito) is a minor character who made his debut in "Episode 17". He is a child-actor prodigy who became Lily Hoshikawa's rival at Japanese Got Performance.


Light wears an elementary-school student uniform with a red tie, and a light-blue jacket with a white bubble pattern. His pants are short and green. His hair is abundant, giving a great head of hair.


Light may appear to be a lovely child at first glance, but his true personality is that of someone haughty and self-important to the point of not caring how much his words affect other people. In spite of his arrogance, he is pretty intelligent and able to emotionally manipulate people around him to achieve his goals, which is shown when he steals Lily's song to win over the contest judges. However, although he ended up winning, Lily managed to make a more significant impact, shattering Light's pride. Thanks to the conversation he had with Lily afterwards, he managed to come to respect what she did, and be able to move on, as she reminded him that he still will be able to age as a human child.


Natural Abilities

  • Charisma - Light is very charismatic, being capable of charming and inspiring his audience to cheer for his performance.


  • Juggling - Light is shown to be able to perform advanced juggling tricks with five juggling balls at once.
  • Singing - Light is very skilled at singing, even capable of defeating Lily Hoshikawa in the final round of the talent show.
  • Acting - Light's acting skills are comparable to Lily's. He is shown to be able to put up a front much nicer than his natural, more self-absorbed personality.

Unique Abilities

  • TBA


  • Light's surname Oozora means "big, great" (大) (ō) and "sky" (空) (sora/zora).


  • Light is voiced by Minami Takayama who is known for playing another famous young man named Conan Edogawa from the eponymous series Detective Conan.
  • Light's character is partially based on Light Yagami from Death Note.
    • After his first successful performance, Light delivers Yagami's famous line, "Just as planned" (計画通り, keikaku-dōri), while having the same facial expression.
  • Light is the second rival of (one of the members of) Franchouchou to hail from Tokyo, and their second rival overall.
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