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Cumpleaños Sakura.jpg

April 2🎂

Happy birthday, Sakura 🎂

In Japan it is already April 2, so it is already the birthday of our beautiful protagonist Minamoto Sakura (CV: #KaedeHondo)

Congratulations! ✨✨


March 10

Starting today, and for seven consecutive days, a series of short videos starring Franchouchou's voice actors will be released.

In these videos they will show us the emotions that can be experienced during the second season "Zombie Land Saga Revenge".

The first video stars Minami Tanaka (Lily Hoshikawa).

ZLS scan R.jpg

March 9 "Zombie Land Saga REVENGE" New Scan

Kaede cumpleaños.jpg

March 6

In Japan it is already March 6, it is the 25th birthday of the sweet Kaede Hondo.

Congratulations! 🥳


February 27

Saga Jihen live.jpg

Zombie Land Saga Revenge will premiere on April 8!

Good morning, you have finally confirmed the premiere date of the second season of our beloved anime.

The opening theme will be "Taiga yo Tomo ni Naitekure" and the ending theme will be "Yume o Te ni, Modoreru Basho mo Nai Hibi o"

A few moments ago the concert "Zombie Land Saga Live ~ Franchouchou LIVE OF THE DEAD" R "~" ended with a spectacular performance by Franchouchou and Iron Frill.

Zombie Land Saga alcantarillas.jpg

The opening song was "Saga Jihen", we had a full version of "To My Dearest - Lily's practice version", also the first live performance of "Kagayaite" and an ending with Iron Frill accompanying Franchouchou during "Flag wo Hatamekasero ! ".

In addition, the TV version of the ending of Zombie Land Saga Revenge was presented.

February 18 To end the day another piece of news !!, 14 types of sewers drawn from Franchouchou traveling through various parts of the prefecture will be installed in Saga.

Zombie Land Saga ANTHOLOGY.jpg

Good evening, we have news!, the anthology comic "Zombie Land Saga ANTHOLOGY" will be released for April 7 !!

Also a cover illustration drawn by MAPPA.

February 17

Anime Japan 2021.jpg

Zombie Land Saga Revenge in AnimeJapan 2021 🌟

Franchouchou will be at AnimeJapan 2021 on Sunday March 28 from 16:30 to 17:05 (JST) in a talk before the premiere of the new season.

The event will be streamed online and can be seen around the world by making a payment.

For the transmission and the payment methods consult the official page and the Twitter account of AnimeJapan 2021:

Zombie Land Saga bluray box.jpg

February 12

Good morning fans, our zombie goddesses will be present at the launch of the visual Blu-ray BOX Digipack accompanied for the first time by secondary characters !!

The details of the design of the box can be reviewed at the following link:

February 11

Asami cumpleaños.jpg

Happy birthday, Asami! 🎂

In Japan it is already February 12, it is the 34th birthday of the spectacular Asami Tano.

Congratulations! 🥳


January 30

Very good days! The exclusive benefits, for the purchase / reservation of the Blu-ray BOX, are now available.

These are illustrations of Freanchouchou in the form of a tapestry, poster and shikishi. They are beautiful !!

(In the description of each photo, the type of product and its corresponding purchase link will be placed to obtain it.)

More information:

January 22

Minami Takaneda cumpleaños.jpg

Happy birthday, Minami! 🎂

In Japan it is already January 22nd, it is the 25th birthday of the cute Minami Tanaka.

Congratulations! 🥳

ZLS X Idolmaster.jpg

January 10

Zombie Land Saga x iM@S Cinderella Girls ⭐

Franchouchou will finally appear in idol video games! Zombie Land Saga Revenge will have a collaboration with THE iDOLM @ STER Cinderella Girls and the rhythmic game Starlight Stage from this same series that are available on mobile platforms for iOS and Android.

Collaboration on both games is scheduled for spring 2021.

Soon more information.

January 3

[Announcement 3]

Sakura - Kazumi Fukagawa.jpg

Launch of the first BD BOX of Zombie Land Saga for March 26 !!

Content: 3 Blu-ray discs with the 12 episodes of the first season + CD recently recorded drama that describes the daily life of Franchouchou after the legendary LIVE in Arpino !. In addition, they will include additional videos where our seiyūs such as the Challenge Land Saga among others participated. The price is about 23,000 yen without tax (about $ 222).

A beautiful Commemorative Illustration of our Sakura by launching the BD BOX just drawn by Kazumi Fukagawa.

For more details and product reservation you can visit the following link:

Live of the dead R.jpg

January 2

[Announcement 2]

Franchouchou will perform a new concert titled "Zombie Land Saga LIVE ~ Franchouchou LIVE OF THE DEAD" R "~"

The live event will take place on Saturday, February 27 at Fuchu no Mori Art Theater Dorimu Hall located in Tokyo.

Check out the announcement made by Kotaro Tatsumi (CV: Mamoru Miyano):

January 1


TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ リベンジ」運命のPV




134117360 747028659571335 4447598591232053522 o.jpg

December 30

Happy birthday, Maki! 🎂

In Japan it is already December 31, on the last day of 2020 the 25th birthday of the beautiful Maki Kawase is celebrated.

Congratulations! 🥳

December 28

Ladies and gentlemen, Tatsumi Kotaro has an announcement to give you.


ゾンビランドサガ リベンジ 宮野真守“何かが起こる宣言”

An announcement for Zombie Land Saga Revenge for January 1, 2021? !!

Rika Kinugawa cumpleaños 2020.jpg

December 17

Happy birthday, Rika! 🎂

In Japan it is already December 17, it is the 27th birthday of the beautiful Rika Kinugawa.

Congratulations! 🥳

December 9


December 9, 1984, Japan.

The plane that transported the talented Junko Konno fell with her dreams and her life, although at that moment she would become a legend, not everything would end there for her

Tae VA birthday.jpg

December 8

Happy birthday Kotono! 🎂

In Japan it is already December 8, it is the 53rd birthday of the legendary Kotono Mitsuishi.

Congratulations! 🥳

December 4


スーパーロボット大戦X-Ω 「ゾンビランドサガ」期間限定参戦記念PV

Saga The Great 7, Franchouchou's mecha, will participate in the war! 💥

A new collaboration, this time for the mobile game Super Robot Wars X-Ω (Super Robot Taisen X-Ω). A game that includes mecha from many popular franchises will now feature Franchouchou's robot for a limited time.

The game is available for iOS and Android only in Japan.

More information:


Yugiri birthday.jpg

November 22


In Japan it is already November 23, so it is already the birthday of our beloved Yugiri (CV: Rika Kinugawa). Congratulations! 🎉✨

November 18

Franchouchou x NEW ERA.jpg

Zombie Land Saga x NEW ERA

Good morning fans, we share a news with you, our dead girls will have a collaboration with the popular clothing and caps brand "NEW ERA" with Romero biting the logo!

Acrylic figurines and pins will also go on sale with each illustration of the dead women.

The products will be launched on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

For more details you can check the following link:


Feliz día al anime de Zombie Land Saga!!.jpg

October 22

Today, October 22, the day of anime is celebrated precisely in Japan, while in the world they have several dates. Happy day to the anime of Zombie Land Saga !!

To celebrate from tomorrow I will upload the episodes of its first season per day

The promotional image is from the Digital Stamp Rally campaign whose site is open from today and the event begins on October 30:

121559242 3397176253684420 588850352243285026 n.jpg

October 13


Junko promoting a genuine leather wallet (no idea if it's from zombie v: haha), with a design of its seams, just look at my wallet looks beautiful 💅 XD

For those who are interested as a gift or souvenir, they can purchase it upon request and reserve until November 15, the details of the product can be seen at the link:

October 5

120997233 681214612819407 8429370238651337909 o.jpg

【Happy Birthday Lily!】

In Japan it is already October 6 and it is the day of our little member of Franchouchou.

Fun, brave and a very important part of the group, your star will never stop shining.

October 4

120558827 680582752882593 8964402619933960688 o.jpg

What has happened since the premiere of Zombie Land Saga?

An anime premiered on October 4, 2018, which for many of us was an unexpected surprise and for others a breath of fresh air in the saturated world of anime. Since then we have seen many things derived from an anime originally planned with 12 episodes and a long-awaited second season.

  • The formation of the idol group Franchouchou, a studio album, a music video, and a collaboration with a renowned music group DEMPA.
  • Two live events, several broadcasts on Japanese television and a Blu-ray of the first concert. A third event was canceled due to the pandemic.
  • A successful musical, with positive reviews and a possible video release.
  • Collaboration with the brand Nissin Curry Meshi and a song derived from this collaboration.
  • Collaboration with important companies such as Sega and Sanrio.
  • Collaboration with the animes Vinland Saga and Dorohedoro.
  • Scale figures of Sakura, Ai and Junko and Nendoroid of Sakura and Junko.
  • Collaborations with cafes in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.
  • Exhibitions and special events such as Walking With Dead Saga and Zombie Night Saga.
  • Collaborations with different video games.
  • Different items such as clothing, accessories and ceramics.
  • Collaboration with a Hollywood movie.
  • Collaboration with the transport and mobility of the Saga prefecture (app, train and bus).
  • And a strong tourism promotion campaign to Saga prefecture with pilgrimage specials broadcast on television and frequent voice over visits.

It may be that I have forgotten something, but all this has helped the growth and strengthening of the fandom of the dead girls, groups have been created in different social networks and a group of artists delights us daily with the best illustrations.

In conclusion, Zombie Land Saga is still alive as from day one when we saw our favorite zombies and our love for the franchise continues to grow in anticipation of Zombie Land Saga Revenge.

Happy 2nd Zombie Anniversary !!


September 30nd



Digest movie of the musical stage - “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Stage de DOOON!”

Summary of the musical work performed from September 5 to 6, 2020 at Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo.

A new 2.5-dimensional musical full of laughter, surprises and tears will take you into the exciting world of Zombie Land Saga with many great songs performed by a completely original cast for the stage!

September 22nd

Saga Prefecture x Zombie Land Saga! 💕

120099759 652910675649801 838018255092032104 n.jpg

An excellent Tuesday fans of the dead women and voice actors of the Franchouchou I share a news with you (^u^)

The legendary digital stamp rally held in Saga prefecture will revive this fall and winter! From October 30 to January 31, stamp collection will be carried out digitally using smartphones and tablets as a prevention method against covid 19.

To the fans who have the opportunity to travel to Saga, the Tourism Association of the prefecture and our muertitas invite us again this year so that we do not miss this new campaign since it was a success last year with more than 16,000 requests becoming in a topic widely spoken by all fans of Saga.

For more details of this great campaign you can visit the following link:

September 2nd

Zombie Land Saga x World Flipper

An excellent Tuesday fans of the dead girls and voice actors of the Franchouchou ^ u ^

Our dead girls have arrived in the world of World Flipper! (° o ° )



I inform you that the details and the commercial about the event of this collaboration for mobiles are already available, which will be from September 15 to October 2.

In the event you can enjoy the limited history of Franchouchou and its bows in the game. Also, the little zombie dog Romero will appear as the boss of the event.

Will our dead women save SAGA in another world !? Is it possible for Sakura to stop getting hit by the truck in the XD games?

September 2nd


118495522 629488564658679 8594392085988462117 o.jpg

In Japan it is already September 2, so it is already the birthday of our dear Junko Konno (CV: Maki Kawase ). Congratulations!

September 1st

Zombie Land Dempa

118438164 629486404658895 3521895290802181841 o.jpg

The new song of the collaboration Franchouchou x was released in the special program broadcast by Animax, the CD with the song can be obtained with the purchase of the fanbook Zombie Land Saga Pia that will be released on September 3.




August 30

August 30, 1997

The+legendary+saki+nikaido 0316a9 6851686.gif

The great Saki Nikaido became a legend.

On a day like today 23 years ago, our Saki was defending her gang on her motorcycle without knowing that it would lead straight to her legendary end.

August 27

Zombie Land Saga Maid Cafe

To start this day, dear fans, I inform you that a collaboration event will be held with our dead girls, who will wear great maid costumes to offer a great service to the fans with much joy and charm. \ (^ ∇ ^) /


The event will be held from 2 stores: Cafe & Bar Ani ON STATION AKIHABARA Main Store operated by Namco Bandai Amusement Co., Ltd., and Hakata Bus Terminal Store.

Fans who attend this event will be able to enjoy original products with freshly drawn illustrations, awards, menus with the dead of this collaboration and request programs with music. ♪ ♫

More details about this cute maid event will be announced at noon on Monday, September 7 on the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement page:

August 24

Zombie Land Saga x World Flipper

The collaboration with the mobile game World Flipper, developed by Cygames, has been announced. This pin ball and action game lets you throw characters to hit enemies.

We do not yet have details on the collaboration such as the Zombie Land Saga characters available or the collaboration start date, we will have more information soon.


August 13

Zombie Land Saga x MAPLUS

117973070 614308382843364 4259068205268698097 n (1).jpg

The Navi app appeared !!, a GPS navigation system available only for Japan. This cell phone application will help people as a guide, whether it is driving or walking.

The application will feature the voices of our dear dead Sakura Minamoto and Junko Konno, which will guide the destiny of those people who need them.

The application is now available, for more information you can see it at the following link:

August 11 vs Franchouchou Good morning dear fans of the dead women and voice actors of the Franchouchou, I inform you 3 news: 

117347713 612164489724420 6120943996099866718 n.jpg


The first is about the visual launch of the collaboration of our little deaths from Franchouchou with

The second, to inform you that the cover of the fan book "Zombie Land Saga Pia" has already been launched, which you can review at the following link:

Inside the fan book will be included the new song of this collaboration entitled "Zombie Land DEMPA !!", which will be released on September 3 on the CD Appendix of the fan book.

Finally, inform them that a special program entitled "Special Emergency Program !! ~ Will Zombies and Dempas Save Earth !?" will be running on Animax on September 1 at 23:00 pm Japan, where our beloved voice actors from Franchouchou and the group will perform a variety of numbers. Additionally, all details about the recorded content, such as the great cast and staff interviews, will be posted in the fan book.

The details and the trailer can be reviewed at the following link:

August 5

116246861 606780503596152 4667990116143557804 o.jpg

Zombie Land Saga x Aniplus: Break a Leg Aniplus invites us to participate in its cover contest! It is an invitation for all fans of the dead to create the best covers of Zombie Land Saga to win several awards.

Create a cover of at least a minute and upload it on YouTube with the tag [BREAK A LEG] at the beginning of the video name or you can send it to the Aniplus page. Participants must previously create an account with Aniplus. The contest is open to fans of all nationalities.

Those selected will be screened during the collaboration "Zombie Land Saga x Aniplus Café" as well as on the Aniplus channel and the winners will obtain a set of this collaboration.

The contest will be available until September 23, 21:00 (GMT +8)

All the details of the contest and subscription on the Aniplus page:

August 4th

NextAfraidLamprey-size restricted.gif

August 8, 2008, a new legend was born.

Today is another year since Ai would leave this world in the most legendary way possible


July 30

Zombie Land Saga Stage by Dooon!

115777471 603640257243510 8161182214857461107 o.jpg

Cast & Staff The entire cast of the play has been confirmed, announcing a change in the role of Kōtarō Tatsumi.

The cast is as follows:

  • Sakiho Motonishi - Sakura Minamoto
  • Yuriya Suzuki - Saki Nikaidō
  • Rie Matsuoka - Ai Mizuno
  • Yūna Kitahara - Junko Konno
  • Mioka Sakamoto - Yūgiri
  • Rin Takanashi by Lily Hoshikawa
  • Asami Morita - Tae Yamada
  • Yusuke Seto - Kōtarō Tatsumi
  • Nobuhiko Adachi - Death Metal Fan A
  • Hyōga Tanaka - Death Metal Fan B
  • Kurumi Hiramoto - ensemble (support)

The direction and script of the play are in charge of Yu Murai and in the music, as in the anime, there will be Yasunaru Takahashi and Funta7.

More information about the work:

July 29

Zombie Land Saga X ANIPLUS

Keyvisual Vertical.jpg

The collaboration with our girls will be at the ANIPLUS cafe in Singapore on the Esplanade Mall opening on Thursday, August 6, 2020, which has previously hosted collaborations such as Saekano and BanG Dream. A variety of dishes will be served in the cafeteria including the Drive-in Tori Rice Bowl inspired by Saki's favorite restaurant. Desserts will also be served that include drinks from each muertita and a breakfast omelette that resembles Tae's cut hand.

In addition, the cafeteria will have themes with each death as well as each location within the premises. Fans who attend and buy any dish on the menu will get the different merchandise as well as a special dish (roller coaster) offered by the cafeteria that can be reviewed at the following link:

July 21

Zombie Land Saga x Saga City Bus

110304074 596886544585548 1850158845276466569 o.png

Good morning dear fans of the Franchouchou dead girls and seiyūs I present to you as a new editor for this great page and together with our dear staff we will work hard to bring you the best. Today I bring you great news about a collaboration with the company Saga City Transportation Bureau, which will operate a bus with a wrap of our Franchouchou deads.

Inside the bus, our beloved and cheerful Sakura Minamoto will lend her voice for the onboard broadcast. Also, presentations and informative broadcasts will be held near the start and end points, as well as at each stop around the entire Saga.

Starting on Saturday, August 8, the bus service will begin, and the sale of tickets will be from Friday, August 7 at 8:00 am (Japanese time). In addition, the sale of a commemorative ticket with the illustration of the collaboration will take place.

You can review the commemorative ticket, all the ticket sales points and the bus service schedule at the following link:

July 17th

107827418 594333321507537 1511768578164144314 o.jpg

【Zombie Land Saga Pia】

The Fan Book "Zombie Land Saga Pia" will be released on Thursday, September 3. It will contain information about the anime episodes and songs, as well as interviews with the cast and staff including director Munehisa Sakai. It will also include content about the "Franchouchou x" collaboration that was announced on March 31, 2020.

More information:

July 17th

Zombie Land Saga Stage by Dooon!

108138245 594246878182848 4098592456856636659 n.jpg

The Zombie Land Saga play has confirmed its performance dates after having canceled the March performances due to the pandemic.

Four performances to be held on September 5 and 6 at the Sogetsu Hall theater in Tokyo. The ticket office began its sale today, July 17, as well as the sale of official products.


  • Sakiho Motonishi - Sakura Minamoto
  • Yuriya Suzuki - Saki Nikaido
  • Rie Matsuoka - Ai Mizuno
  • Yūna Kitahara - Junko Konno
  • Mioka Sakamoto - Yūgiri
  • Rin Takanashi - Lily Hoshikawa
  • Asami Morita - Tae Yamada

More information:

July 14

On July 10, the August issue of Animage magazine went on sale in Japan, which includes an article about Zombie Land Saga with an interview with Risa Taneda. I made a translation of that interview to share with you.

108069784 592151908392345 9215802416116263157 o.jpg

A terrifying zombie girl returns. The rarity of zombie girls.

- Interviewer: By the way, tell us your impressions when you saw this work for the first time.

Taneda: I thought the PV before the broadcast was really zombie horror. In the first episode, when Sakura wakes up in the western-style house and Tae chases her, the dark screen and sound scared me and I couldn't help but wonder, "Is this really an idol job?" (Hahaha)

- Where was the point that made you feel like a zombie?

Zombies often give the impression of being hit by cars. When I saw Sakura being hit by a light truck at the beginning of the first episode, I thought, "Oh, after all." Ai also had a scene with a poker stuck to her head in the first episode, and I felt like it was a classic zombie horror production. Also, the one I thought was closest to the zombie I imagined was Tae. The awakening of her conscience was not good, so she was less human.

- There were some girls who took the zombie approach positively.

I think it was Saki who most enjoyed being a zombie. It was interesting because they took my hands and head off, and I think she thought of the chicken race in episode 9 "I'm a zombie so I shouldn't die." Lily too, seems to be glad that she won't grow any more.

- How do you think Junko and Yugiri accepted the zombie process?

I think Junko is a girl who accepts that she is dead. "But, I'm already dead" is a known habit, and I've seen it in a good way. Yugiri is a mysterious character because he is a character that has yet to be discovered. It seems that Sakura and the others are involved in the mystery of the revived zombies, so I am looking forward to the later episodes.

- Taneda-san seems to like horror movies, but which one is particularly impressive?

I love movies like "Pan's Labyrinth" directed by Guillermo del Toro and "The Black House" directed by Yoshimitsu Morita, which are scary but give you a sense of art.

- You have appeared in works related to horror, but do you have any precautions when acting?

I think it is important to change the breath according to the situation, to bring the animated to life when speaking in a low voice. Mixing screaming with pain can be a factor that fuels fear.

- Did you have any horror experiences related to this job?

I don't have Reikan so there was no such thing as a psychic phenomenon. However, at the presentation of "Zombie Land Saga LIVE ~ Franchouchou Minna de Orabou! ~ In SAGA" in August last year (Note: the event was held on July 26), I personally had a chilling experience. There were two difficult songs, "Atsuku Nare" and "Mezame Returner", but it was hot and humid in the summer so I unconsciously took my gloves off when I was resting. I realized this about 10 seconds before I appeared on stage and tried to put them back on quickly, but I couldn't do it in time and one of the gloves was thrown on the stage ...

- Definitely a terrifying experience. We are beginning to consider resuming live performances and events, and we need to be careful next time.

I agree. A collaboration with idol group "" that was announced in March this year has started to move, and I think new songs will be released for the sequel. What kind of events and concerts await me, I'm excited and waiting for more information. We await the announcement of new information.

The interview with Tane-chan does not reveal any new information but confirms that they are still working on the second season and other surprises they have planned.

July 11

Happy birthday Tane-chan!

107104029 589451485329054 2754226028151328497 n.png

It's already July 12 in Japan, the birthday of voice actor Risa Taneda who is the voice of the talented, hard-working and determined Ai Mizuno, Franchouchou's "Legendary Idol of Heisei" and the first generation of Iron Frill.

My favorite voice actor, not just from Zombie Land Saga. Ai is a faithful portrait of Risa Taneda: beautiful, happy and determined, with a difficult moment in her career from which she was able to recover and return to the profession she loves so much.


June 24, 2020

105427250 578348239772712 4881918346536979643 n.jpg

【Zombie Land SEGA】

Zombie Land Saga x SEGA Plaza Online Franchouchou's dead women in pirate costumes will appear on June 25 in "SEGA Lucky Lottery Online" an online lottery available only for Japan. The ticket sales period begins today, June 25 and will be available until 11:59 p.m. on July 26 (Japanese time).

Ticket price: 700 yen (tax included).

Award delivery time: scheduled for the end of December 2020.

You can review all the available prizes at the following link:

June 9, 2020

Dream Link! x Zombie Land Saga

102263867 567648340842702 8625104322544867486 o.jpg

A new collaboration, this time with the Taiwanese mobile game "Dream Link! Re: Connected" developed by MAMBA. Set in a fantasy world, this is an RPG that revolves around a premise that links dreams with reality. Sakura, Ai and Junko will join the main group to protect the world of dreams.

Available for Asia on Google Play and App Store. You can download it via apk.

More information:

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