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Keiji Higashino

Keiji Higashino (東野圭司 Higashino Keiji) is a detective and antagonist hailing from Tokyo who ventured to Saga looking for one of his figuitive cases. He is introduced in Chapter 7 of the spin-off manga, Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie.


Keiji appears to be middle-aged and thin in complexion with an inattentive appearance, his hair is short and somewhat disorganized. He wears a detective suit made up of lycra pants and black loafers, his jacket and shirt are disorganized and he does not wear a tie.


He is a detective with malice inside as when he caught Anna stealing, he used her and her thief skills to ambush future robberies that would take place in Tokyo, all that was until a big incident that resulted in Anna escaping and when they finally meet again years afterward, he asks her for some answers and what she is doing with her life today, since she is still a fugitive. He seems unafraid to get his hands dirty to serve his "justice" by brutally beating Eikcihi when he got in his way and insulting the Busters' work by belittling them for everything they've done.

Although his first encounter with Sagako ends up scaring him, he showed that he was not afraid to follow one and shoot him 5 times with his gun until it finally died. Knowing the power that these creatures could bring to the human world, he quickly realizes that the Sagakos appear in areas with very high prosperity and therefore goes hunting for them. Unlike the Busters whose goal is to purify him, Higashino seeks to use his abilities to sell them into the human industry.

He shows curiosity about the supernatural events in Saga, first qualifying them as "unknown fauna", but given the amount of supernatural things that happen around him, he realizes that he is dealing with unknown entities and he will seek to know the truth behind these beings.

Keiji gets mad at Magatsuhi

Higashino makes a deal with Magatsuhi, God of misfortunes, a deal with which he will have to eliminate all the Sagakos of Saga so that Magatsuhi recovers his power and fulfills his wish to him, showing his most selfish side by taking on his own wishes. When Magatsuhi shows disinterest in fulfilling what he promised, he becomes angry with the being and threatens him by desperately asking for power from him. Before firing his weapon at Magatsuhi he is killed by Magatsuhi himself.



  • Use of firearms - Having police training, he knows how to use firearms with which he can easily defend himself and attack.

Natural Abilities

  • Investigation - Born from his profession as a police detective, Higashino, showing curiosity about something, lets it take over him and will not rest until he knows the truth behind that concern.


  • The detective in Japanese kanji and in word is very different. The difference is that the word (刑事, keiji) is a detective who belongs to the police, and while the word (探偵, tantei) is a detective who does not belong to the police, but sooner called as a private detective or investigator private.


  • It is possible that it was previously someone who knew Anna very well since he mentions that he wants some answers from the past from her.
  • He arrives to Saga singing the song "Humpty Dumpty".
  • Higashino's idea of using the Sagakos in the industry could have many negative repercussions, not only would he be altering the curse, but by killing a Sagako without purifying it, they only become even more powerful.
    • His talk with Magatsuhi about removing all of Saga's curses for a "reward" makes it clear that while his intentions to remove Sagako are good, he does it based on his own ego.
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