Tatsumi Kōtarō is the energetic producer of the idol group Franchouchou. He's the one who resurrected the girls from different eras as zombies to be part of his idol group.

Official Bio

The mysterious idol producer.

Always seen wearing a black jacket on his back, a red vest with a tentacle from the Kojima food industry sticking out, and black sunglasses that never fall off. An arrogant man who won't let common sense get in his way, he was the one that resurrected the seven "legendary" zombies. He plans to enlist the zombie idols to save the Saga prefecture, the so-called "Zombie Land Saga Project", although no one knows the true details of his plans.


Kōtarō is a young adult man with a tidy combed hairstyle, he wears sunglasses and a formal attire. Kotaro always has dried squid in his vest pocket.


Tatsumi is a loud and eccentric idol producer who has big ambitions for "saving" the Saga prefecture with his zombie idols. He is unwavering and passionate when it comes to achieving this goal, doing whatever it takes to make the girls into a sensational idol group.

Though he may have lofty motivations, however, Tatsumi himself seems to be quite an idiot and often pretends to be more knowledgeable than he actually is. When his ignorance is ever revealed, he often resorts to lashing out and yelling at whoever called him out. He rarely ever takes into account the girls' feelings about his ill-conceived and unreasonable plans, such as forcing Sakura to perform in front of a crowd of death metal fans when she explicitly told him that she couldn't.

Despite his flaws, Tatsumi does seem to have some semblance of wisdom and understanding, telling off Ai and Junko for giving up on the idol group so easily, which would eventually help convince them to join the group. Another time, when Junko locked herself up, he gives her advice on her issues with modern idols. He also shows this side by demonstrating a fair amount professionalism as a manager such as creating various business opportunities and connections and lecturing how Saki's actions in a fight could potentially ruin Franchouchou's reputation.


Episode 1

In the present day, Kōtarō resurrected six girls from different eras as zombies. After one of the zombies ran away from his mansion and was shot by a police officer, he rescued her by hitting the policeman with a shovel.

Kōtarō explained to Sakura that she and the other girls are currently zombies, and are now part of his idol group in hope of resurrecting the regional idol trend as well as saving the Saga prefecture.

He booked the girls' first performance in a death metal festival, stating that this is the only show he can get them in.

Episode 2

Kōtarō informs the girls that they will be performing at Saga castle. Displeased with their situation, Ai and Junko attempt to leave in secret, a worried Sakura follows after them. After a near miss with a trigger happy policeman and a group of rappers, it was revealed that Kotaro was watching from the shadows the whole time.

During the performance at Saga castle, things get heated between Sakura and Saki accumulating into a rap battle, with Kōtarō providing the music by beat boxing.

Episode 3

Kōtarō made plans for a live flash mob performance in front of Katasu Station.

After the performance was over, he revealed his terrible driving skills after attempting to turn around in a rush and somehow ending up on the pavement.

Episode 4

With their budget running out, Kōtarō sends the girls to perform at a hot spring resort in Ureshino in an attempt to earn a sponsorship deal with a pharmaceutical company.

Despite saying he was going to sight see whilst they practiced (much to their chagrin), it was revealed that he was actually building relations with the pharmaceutical representative at the time.

Episode 5

Although upset the girls ruined his paid sponsor opportunity for them, Kōtarō apathetically decides to increase the girls' publicity despite their recent setback. They give them a commercial acting job at Drive-in Tori. Then he sets the girls to compete in the Gatalympics while wearing their group T-shirts—Although he never realized the girls must stay muddy to cover their zombie identities. Regardless, the games went on normally but hardly any publicity to their group.

Episode 6

It is revealed by Kōtarō that the girls will be performing at the Saga Rock Festival and that Junko and Ai will be performing a duet, causing the group to feel uneasy.

Episode 7

Junko refuses to practice and locks herself way in a room in the mansion, barricading the door. Kōtarō destroys the barricade stating "Zombies belong on the other side of the barricade!" but after realizing he'd accidentally knocked out Junko he quickly settles down.

He explains to Junko that she does not need to follow the modern standards of the idol industry and that she can be her own type of idol, convincing her to rejoin the group.

Episode 8

After finding out that Lily was born a male, the girls confront Kōtarō about it who reveals that he knew all along and didn't see why it was an issue. After rebuking the girls, he throws them out of his office and slams the door.

Episode 9

Kōtarō warns Saki about interfering with other people's lives after she had died.

He later turns up at the cliff to pick Saki up after she won the chicken race.

Episode 10

Episode 11

He is seen talking to a someone at a bar pub where he and the barman talked about the Zombie Land Saga Project. The barman warns him not to have any funny ideas with Yugiri.

He saves Sakura Minamoto again from the policeman that shot her and listens to her complaints on how no matter what she does, she always ends up failing. Even after Sakura Minamoto regained her memories and refused to perform, Tatsumi refused to give up on her and rebuffs that he has what it takes.

Episode 12

It is revealed that he used to be Sakura Minamoto's classmate under the name of Inui. Sakura couldn't recognize him as he got older and it is possible that "Kōtarō Tatsumi" is an alias he used in the entertainment industry.


Despite his eccentric personality and abrasive behavior, Kōtarō has displayed numerous skills.


Kōtarō seems to have some kind of skill in a form of necromancy, as he brought the 7 members of Franchouchou back to life as zombies. More than that, it's implied he had some way to restore signficant portions of said members as most of them were damaged to critical levels (Lighting scorching -Ai- , explosions -Saki, Junko-) or literally rotted away (Yūgiri, who died 100s of years ago) but not fully as scars, skin colour and detaching limbs are still present. 

Make-Up Artist

Thanks to the skills he acquired in Hollywood he is able to make the zombies look like normal girls. Most likely beyond the normal level so that some of the skill may be due to his Necromancy


It is shown in Episode 2 that Kotaro has significant skill in beatboxing, as he did the main beat to fuel the rap battle between Sakura and Saki, and was able to quicken his beat immediately when Yūgiri joined in playing her Shamisen.


Kōtarō has been shown to be able to woo both male and female characters into doing what he wants. Such as the older woman and the boss of the chicken shop. 

Supernatural strength

Kōtarō proved himself extremely powerful for a human being, capable of casually overpowering zombies and breaking blocked doors with simple kicks.[1]


  • Despite being so charismatic, Kōtarō seems to have a fear of public speaking as seen during Episode 5 when he was asked to address the crowd at the Gatalympics.
  • Tatsumi means "southeast" in Japanese, while Inui means "northwest."
  • When Tatsumi and the barman were discussing the Zombieland Saga Project, the pub they were in is called the New Jofuku.
    • Jofuku (徐福) is the Japanese name for Xu Fu, a court sorcerer during the Qin Dynasty who was sent to take the elixir of life from the immortals. The pictures on the wall of the bar are of Jofuku park in Shingū.


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