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Hyodo Farm Onions (兵頭農園の玉ねぎ Hyōdō nōen no tamanegi) are the means of containing the Sagakos that manifest in Saga. They are the onions naturally grown by the Hyodo Family in their titular farm.


The onions from this farm have the peculiarity of serving as a means of sealing the Sagakos and people within them. The Hyodo land is special, a long exposure to the love of the land gave her strength and power to seal curses. Initially without this power the Sagakos could not be sealed and physical force had to be used to defeat them.


Assortment of snacks made from onions

They are mainly used by the Saga Sagako Busters to seal the Sagakos, the Hyodo twins are the only ones with the sealing power through onions and that is why they are so important to the team. The onions from this farm have their own and collective conscience and are able to communicate with people who were blessed with prosperity.

Being a Saga crop, different dishes can be prepared using onions without losing their special properties. Even crushed, cut and cooked they still retain the power of prosperity and are capable of sealing the Sagakos.


  • Sealing of the Curse - Love in their lands caused Saga's blessing to bless this farm and its main crop: onions. With the prosperity of Saga in their favor, this magical power is powerful enough individually to seal powerful curses capable of ending the lives of people just by manifesting in a specific area. Although the number of onions varies depending on Sagako's power, they seem to be willing to give their lives to save Saga.

    Onions can talk

  • Telepathy - Although it may seem crazy, these onions have a conscience of their own and are able to talk to the Hyodo Twins to give them important clues. In multitudes they are more than willing to give their lives to seal the Sagakos that threaten Saga.
    • Human Containment - While they can seal curses, they have been seen to seal humans when their misogi power is weak and they are about to die. Yuko Hyodo is one of the humans who contained herself inside one of these onions to be revived later.


  • In real life, onions are one of the predominant crops in Saga Prefecture.[1]
  • The sealing power was discovered years ago in an unknown way and although the exact number of sealed Sagakos has not been shown, it can be deduced that there are hundreds of these judging by a room full of onions.

    Onions with curses inside

  • When these onions were used to seal, they have a glowing mark on one side.
  • The language of the onion flower, which is marked by onions with Sagakos inside, has the meaning of immortality and eternity.


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