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Hinasaka President (久中製薬広報部長 Hisanaka seiyaku kōhō buchō) is a minor character who is president of a local pharmaceutical company in Saga. She offers to sponsor Franchouchou's performance and helps with the promotion of the Ekimae Fudosan event.


She is a middle-aged lady who wears a gray-blue office suit, her hair is gray and it is somewhat short.


Her interactions with Kotaro are quite pleasant, and she seems genuinely interested in helping support a local idol group. Since her encounter with the zombie girls, even though she experienced trauma-induced amnesia about the incident, anything that reminds her of the incident, such as Tae crawling upside down again (albeit this time with makeup), will cause her to have post-traumatic flashbacks.


Episode 4

She appears in this episode to help Kotaro with her newly born idol group promotion, however this promotion is destroyed when the girls accidentally scare her.

Episode 18

She returns in Revenge as a judge for a dance competition. Tae manages to scare her once more.

Episode 24

She appears again in this episode to help with the promotion of Franchouchou's revenge event, speaking to news outlets about helping them.


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