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Hanako Hakase

Hanako Hakase (葉加瀬 華子 Hakase Hanako) is one of the main characters from the Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie spin-off manga. She is the "legendary scientist" and the chief engineer for Sagako Busters.


Hanako wears a red dress and a lab coat over it and wears normal heels, her physical appearance consists of large breasts and pink hair along with light blue eyes. As a hunter she wears the same pink uniform as the rest of her companions.


Her introduction of the Busters to Eikichi is incredibly flamboyant and showy, with legendary titles for everyone, she is also the friendliest of the Busters towards Eikihci, almost the complete opposite of Tae's stern demeanor.

The girly girl from Anna's tomboy. She is very cheerful, cheesy and prefers more a supporting role for the Busters, always supporting others and especially Eikichi calling him "Brother-kun". In the manga shown, she is happy and likes to show off some of her inventions to the other team members, her eccentricity is shown in the form of emotion when she talks to them about how a certain invention works and does something, she is also very proud of her own work and is attentive to how the group works and thanks to her intellect she detects when something is not right. She is jovial, awkward, and has a hard time realizing Tae's frustrations, but she's a brilliant inventor nonetheless.



  • Inventing - She is very fanatical about creating many things, like the Del-Height that she used with Eikichi to stretch it 20 centimeters more or the love potion that she was still developing. She was also very happy when Anna quickly adapted to her inventions.
    • Weapon creation - With her abilities, she can create useful items to fight.

Natural Abilities

  • Wide Intellect - Thanks to her extensive knowledge in science and machinery, she is in charge of the group's weapons and creating inventions that are useful for battles against the Sagakos. In addition to guiding the team with useful tools to locate Sagakos, her intellect has yet to be used 100% so far in the manga.

Unique Abilities

  • Sagako-slaying - Indirectly, with their weapons and inventions used by the other Busters to achieve this goal.


  • The name Hanako means "flower" (華) (hana) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Hanako's surname Hakase means "leaf" (葉) (ha), "add, increase" (加) (ka) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


  • Without Anna still in the group, she was prone to quarreling with Tae over some decisions because she saw things in the simplest way for her.
  • Her eye color ranges from pink to navy blue.
  • She tends to view Sagakos as cute pets that she can collect, somewhat similar to Pokémon.


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