The Episode Guide provides the sequential order of the episodes of the Zombie Land Saga anime.

Season 1

Season 1
Ep. # Image Title Synopsis Premiere Date
"Good Morning SAGA/グッドモーニング SAGA"
A walking corpse wakes up sinisterly in a strange western-style mansion. Knowing nothing, neither her identity, nor where she ended, she can do nothing but wander aimlessly. Eventually, a horrifying reality is unveiled before the undead eyes of the zombie, as its fate is shown. Wearing a liar mask, she can do nothing but walk in the dark. Then, as the zombie bathes in the light of the sky, she hears the noise of other people. A scream resounds in the middle of a great chaos. That is a cry for destruction. October 04, 2018
With the zombie gang finally aware, Sakura seems to be finally calm. At last, they can start working as an idol group! First of all, they must ensure that no one discovers that they are zombies, causing massive terror. The group is also trying to change its name to "Death Musume (Temporal)", although it seems that everyone is leaning towards that title, and nobody can think of anything else. Then the idols prepare for a proper debut. There has to be an event that's great for them! October 11, 2018
The event at the Saga Castle, as they thought, would generate a lot of anticipation. Sakura and Saki couldn't contain their excitement, the brave Yūgiri and Lily worked on the construction of the advertisement, and Tae was doing their thing. Even though they don't act like idols, they really tried to feel like real idols. But with Ai and Junko's experience in the mix, everything should be fine. One for zombie, everything for zombie! October 18, 2018
"Warming Dead SAGA/ウォーミング・デッド SAGA" They ended up naming their group "Franchouchou" without my permission. The role of the group leader is now on Saki's shoulders. It seemed like a good idea that I deliberately made myself known as the producer. Speaking of which, it's not a bad idea that they ended up operating more independently. Now these talkative zombie idols who are a little motivated to make money can start earning a living. We will go to the hot springs to reach a commercial agreement. Hopefully, the secret that these girls are just makeup zombies won't be unraveled, or it will all end. October 25, 2018
"The Nice Bird SAGA In Your Heart/君の心にナイスバード SAGA"
They go beyond my imagination. The opportunity for the link with the pharmaceutical company was completely eliminated. However, there is this producer Kotaro Tatsumi, this time I got the comercial appearance right of a super famous company that everyone knows. "Franchouchou" will make its fame roar throughout Saga. The phoenix covered in mud flaps into the sky. November 01, 2018
"Because It's Sentimental SAGA/だってセンチメンタル SAGA"
Fans came to Franchouchou, this is also a skill of producer Kotaro Tatsumi. Let's have an interaction with a fan here, even if that heart hurts. Even if you make full use of digital, you shouldn't forget the strength of analog connections. If you really have fans in front of you, your teamwork will get stronger. Perfection... It's time for the shower. November 08, 2018
"But It's Zombiemental SAGA/けれどゾンビメンタル SAGA"
The appearance in an outdoor musical event "Saga Rock" has been decided. But as always, Junko looks like a slug. It is not because the sunglasses cover me. The members seem restless, the pressure on Ai is getting stronger ... Rock Saga Is the weather forecast for storms this day? The clouds have literally become suspicious. First of all, I don't want to get wet, so I'm going to bed today ~ November 15, 2018
"Go Go Neverland SAGA/GoGoネバーランド SAGA"
Saga rock was a success. There is no rain to stop us. There is no zombie that does not revive. The name "Franchouchou" is gradually being recognized. However, if you become famous, there is a greater chance of being noticed by strangers. I wonder if that guy would be the trigger and zombies learn serious facts after meeting that man. Zombies, sing for tomorrow no matter what! November 22, 2018
9 Kz8tfvgdhdd31.jpg "Though My Life May Have Ended Once By Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and If Song and Dance Are to Be My Fate, Then Carrying the Memories of My Comrades In My Heart As I Sally Forth Shall Be My SAGA/一度は尽きたこの命なんの因果か蘇り歌い踊るが運命なら親友への想いを胸に秘め貫くまでよ己の SAGA"
Although sudden, it is a declining birth rate and an aging society. From now on, we must make the older people in the saga become fans of Franchouchou. Grandpa, Grandma is coming to watch the idol event. Don't you find it wonderful? Greetings at the event too, or ... the "Franchouchou" clarity will continue at any time by doing idle activities at full speed! Young and old! "No, more clearly." November 29, 2018
It seems that not only older people but also naughty fans have increased. Thanks to the talented producer, zombies are becoming professionals. I decided to let these zombies take a new step. This is a huge mountain that you must climb. And there is only one thing to do to get to the top December 06, 2018
11 84D59E19-1A78-48E4-BAE6-B0E736F19E93.jpg "A One-of-a-Kind SAGA/世界にひとつだけの SAGA"
Sakura had an accident. The memories of her life seem to be back. Her original personality keeps her in bad shape. (Omitted) The Other zombies seem to try to return Sakura to the original but... (Omitted) At the moment, I want to sleep today. Postscript: I can't sleep. Did I drink too much coffee? December 13, 2018
12 590d0a868df728522a541702637be326.jpg "Good Morning Again SAGA/グッドモーニング アゲイン SAGA"
Memories of Sakura still don't come back. It is just a matter of "possess" or "have". However, it is not Kotaro Tatsumi who surrenders here. Believe in yourself. I'll make Franchouchou sing on the Arpino stage. That is the true beginning of the project. It is the beginning of the "Zombie Land Saga Project". December 20, 2018

Season 2

Ep. # Image Title Synopsis Premiere Date
Episode 13-1.jpg
"Good Morning Returns SAGA/グッドモーニングリターンズ SAGA" "The living corpses continued to wriggle in their destiny. Even when the seven wishes covered with despair as a false mask. When I saw their gazes pierces my flesh, I'm laughed fearlessly. People will hear the sound when the light from heaven shines on the revived corpse. A scream that echoes in the madness. Our scream of revenge." April 08, 2021
Episode 14-1.jpg
"The SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio/ぶっ壊れかけのレディオ SAGA" "I'm awaken like a zombie, and they seem to be relieved. I often make myself drunk to hide my pale face, but it's not the time to keep on whining. To make Franchouchou shine again, I need a big stepping stone. An eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth, a legend for a legend. Receive the fiery passion as if it were the dragon's flame. Even if the body is destroyed, the soul will never be." April 15, 2021
3 "Episode 15" April 22, 2021
4 "Episode 16" April 29, 2021
5 "Episode 17" May 06, 2021
6 "Episode 18" May 13, 2021
7 "Episode 19" May 20, 2021
8 "Episode 20" May 27, 2021
9 "Episode 21" June 03, 2021
10 "Episode 22" June 10, 2021
11 "Episode 23" June 17, 2021
12 "Episode 24" June 24, 2021



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