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“There’s no way in hell I’m gonna die!”

— Saki to Reiko, before performing the stunt that kills her

Episode 9

”Though My Life May Have Ended Once By Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and If Song and Dance Are to Be My Fate, Then Carrying the Memories of My Comrades In My Heart As I Sally Forth Shall Be My SAGA” (一度は尽きたこの命なんの因果か蘇り歌い踊るが運命なら親友への想いを胸に秘め貫くまでよ己のSAGA Ichido wa Tsukita Kono Inochi Nan no Inga ka Yomigaeri Utai Odoru ga Sadame Nara Tomo e no Omoi o Mune ni Hime Tsuranuku Made yo Onore no SAGA) is the ninth episode of the first season of Zombie Land Saga and is the ninth episode overall.

Synopsis (Kotaro’s Diary)

(Note: This is an unofficial English translation of the synopsis from the website.)

Although sudden, it is a declining birth rate and an aging society. From now on, we must make the older people in the Saga become fans of "Franchouchou". Grandpa and Grandma is coming to watch the idol event. Don't you find it wonderful? Greetings at the event too, or ... the "Franchouchou” clarity will continue at any time by doing idle activities at full speed! Young and old! "No, more clearly”. “Zombie in Tokyo, or not?" ~


Saki and Reiko are victorious from a fight on the slope of the Kasegawa River. Reiko asks what Saki wants for her future, who replies that she is satisfied with how things are going and only needs her Maskutchi. Reiko clarifies that she hopes to form a family and have a quiet life. Both go in the Tenmangu Shrine direction.

Sakura, Tae, and Lily are intimidated by the 3rd. Dorami's captain, Maria Amabuki, who upon being defeated by Saki, retires with her gang. At this moment, Saki realizes that Maria is the daughter of her former fighting friend, Reiko Kirijima.

During returning to the mansion, Saki can't help but get involved in a fight between Dorami's captains and the rival gang, Korosuke. After an argument, both gangs leave. Saki takes the opportunity to ask Maria about her mother, who is confused and only says, she is a coward.

Returning to the mansion, Kotaro alleges Saki for her actions. Saying that violence and Idols do not mix, she reminds her that "what she does is the image of the group." At the same time, Maria is challenged by the Korosuke captain to challenge "the chicken" to what her mother, Reiko, warns her of the danger she is running. On the path she is taking, Maria is annoyed and does not listen to her. At this point, Reiko has a flashback in which she showed her comrade's death in that event several years ago. Maria ignores the warnings and goes to the challenge anyway.

The Dorami and Korosuke gangs are gathered on a Kagamiyama cliff, specifically in the same place where Saki died under the same circumstances. Maria was ready to start when her mother arrives to stop her. The dispute ends with a Saki who comes by surprise, taking the position of "Substitute Captain", Reiko recognizes Saki, who only responds with a "and who is that?", begins the challenge which ends with Saki on a motorcycle falling through the ravine, ended in an explosion, Reiko returns to Having a memory of that fateful day, except that Saki emerges victorious from the ravine, Reiko beats her to her recklessness.

The episode ends with both bands reunited in peace, while the Franchouchou perform Tokkou Dance.







  • TBA


  • This episode has the longest title in the entire series so far.
  • This is the first episode to be centered around Saki.
  • Because Maria turned out to be rebellious after finding out about her mother’s past, it is most likely that her parents are divorced as well. Since, in Saki’s flashback, Reiko does not wish for her future child to be exposed to her gangster life and have divorced parents like she had, but, in the end, Maria still became the one thing she wished her not to be, this is also most likely the case.
  • Kotaro’s diary entry for the episode is written sometime before the girls have a dance session with the elderly.
  • The saying printed on Saki’s idol outfit for her performance is a reference to the episode name.

Dub Differences

  • The car ride scene in the original goes as follows:
Kotaro: Daaaaah! Could all of you please SHUT THE HELL UP?!
Lily: Tatsumi.
Lily: Saki fell out.
Kotaro: (distressed) NO WAY! AAAAAAAAGH!
  • Whereas in the English dub:
Kotaro: GRRRRRAAAAAH! All of you, silent as a grave, NOW!
Lily: Uh, sir?
Lily: Saki jumped out of the van.
Kotaro: (distressed) WHAAAAAT?! WHYYYY?!

Cultural References

  • Saki's “Maskutchi" is a reference to Tamagochi, a popular digital pet that was made in Japan in the 90s.
    • It is unknown why they had to make a parody of the brand in this episode when they had no problem using the name in previous episodes.
  • In a first reference, reference is made to the Saga International Balloon Festival, an event that takes place on the banks of the Kase River, in Saga.
  • The song Tokkou Dance pays tribute to the song "One Night Carnival" by Kishidan, a famous Japanese gangster band.
  • This episode is titled as "DAWN OF THE BAD" on the official CD, which is a tribute to George A. Romero's movie, "DAWN OF THE DAD" (The Night of the Living Dead).
    • Additionally, George A. Romero is the inspiration for Romero the zombie dog’s name.
  • Maria shares the same Japanese voice actress as Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.


  • This is the second time Saki repeats the stunt that got her killed, and at the same location at that.
    • Additionally, Saki is also the second member of Franchouchou to repeat the same activity she was doing right before she died, with the first being Ai.
  • This is the third time that some of girls forget that they are dead, as Yugiri tries to perform the pressure point technique to a carsick Junko.
  • This is the first of many times wherein Reiko and Maria start attending Franchouchou’s concerts.
  • It is revealed that Reiko has kept the last Tamagotchi Saki ever owned, the one she hands to her right before performing the stunt that kills her, as a memento of her.
  • During the scene wherein the girls are performing the Tokkou Dance, Ai does not fully extend her pointed finger upward, unlike the rest of the group, showing how she still has trauma from how she died.
  • The old man motioning “Music, come on!” is a callback to when Kotaro did the same thing in “Episode 1”.


  • The water overflowing from the fountain does not wash Tae’s human make-up away.


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