Go Go Neverland SAGA is the eighth episode of Zombieland Saga.


Lily meets her father in a meet and greet event and things go emotional from this point on.


As Franchouchou enjoy a string of new gigs and events, a large man named Takeo Gō comes to one of their events after noticing something familiar about child star Lily Hoshikawa. Lily explains to Sakura that the man was her father, further revealing that she was originally a boy named Masao Gō who suffered from overwork and exhaustion during a short lived television career. During an especially stressful phase, and experiencing the shock of growing a facial hair, her body gave out as she died. Realizing how much Takeo cared for Lily, Franchouchou invite him to a special concert where Lily performs a special song to give him a proper goodbye.


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