But It's Zombiemental SAGA is the seventh episode of Zombieland Saga.


The conflict of idols from different eras comes to a head, and Ai faces her fear of lightning.


Junko refuses to practice for Franchouchou's Saga Rock performance and locks herself away, forcing Ai to cover her portion of their duet.

On the day before the show, Kotaro assures Junko that she does not need to follow the modern standards of the idol industry, convincing her to rejoin the group.

When a thunderstorm strikes during their performance, Ai breaks down on stage and struggles to sing, but Junko lends her support and helps her overcome her fear.

In the middle of their song, the zombies are struck by lightning, which illuminates their bodies and electrically filters their voices. The audience and media are impressed by these effects, and Franchouchou are reported as Saga Rock's breakout idol group.


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