The Nice Bird SAGA in Your Heart is the fifth episode of Zombieland Saga.


After the failure to establish a partnership in the previous episode, Kotaro forces the girls to work on a commercial for a restaurant.


To raise their profile, the girls perform in a commercial for the fried chicken restaurant Drive-In Tori, which is edited with footage of Tae attempting to devour the company's mascot.

Later, the girls participate in the Kashima Gatalympics while wearing promotional Franchouchou T-shirts as a publicity stunt. When the girls get covered in mud in the first round, they are forced to keep themselves dirty to avoid washing their human makeup off, which ruins their self-advertisement.

After Tae wins first prize, Sakura remembers giving her a spare shirt and tells her to remove her muddy clothes, only to discover that the clean shirt underneath is actually for Drive-In Tori. Meanwhile, a journalist in attendance named Okoba recognizes Junko after viewing the Drive-In Tori commercial and decides to investigate her.



  • Drive-in Tori, the restaurant the girls are advertising, is an actual restaurant in Saga Prefecture. The real Drive-in Tori commercial can be found here.
  • The casts of Zombieland Saga also participated in a real life Gatalympic, with Minami Tanaka (Lily's voice actress) winning the bike race.
  • The traffic cone they're wearing at the is a reference to the Conehead Zombie from "Plants Vs. Zombies".
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