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"So, Kiichi. Can you tell me that you’re still not going to give up? My job is to observe the lurking rebels in Saga, as long as it ends up just being a kid’s rant, there would be no problem. But, once they’ve crossed the line...I have no other choice but to intervene. This country is still distorted and dangerous, and this is my only way of living. And there are many people can’t change choose their way of life. Answer me, Kiichi!"

— Shojiro Ito to Kiichi Momozaki, about saving Saga

Episode 21

"The SAGA Incident: Part Two" (佐賀事変 其ノ弐 SAGA Jihen Sono Ni) is the ninth episode of the second season of Zombie Land Saga and is the twenty-first episode overall.

Synopsis (Kiichi’s Memorandum)

(Note: This is an unofficial English translation of the synopsis from the website.)

“The time is at hand. Time to take back Saga. I wonder what kind of face she’ll greet me with after I bring it to fruition. My head was full of such foolish thoughts, while I knew nothing of the real state of affairs. This is the truth, which mustn’t be allowed to be buried in darkness. I pray that this message reaches a great many like-minded souls living in the new era.”

― From the memorandum of a youth in the Saga Prefectural Museum of History



Kiichi Momozaki has found himself leading a group of veterans from the last war in Saga, eight years ago, who are far more aggressive revolutionaries than Kiichi himself. Yugiri arrives, mentioning that Kiichi's grandfather is doing poorly, but Kiichi has high hopes that their petition will succeed — even as the men who've joined his cause start attacking each other for not being fervent enough in reclaiming Saga, forcing Kiichi to intervene. At the same time, Shojiro Ito tears down one of Kiichi's flyers in disgust.

Shojiro, Yugiri, and Kiichi

Shojiro, Kiichi, and Yugiri take a picture together, intending to use it to attract more people to their cause, although Yugiri surmises that Shojiro does not want to be in the picture for some reason. However, Kiichi only presumes that he's superstitious and fearful of his soul being stolen. Afterward, Shojiro offers to get a drink, but Kiichi's comrades call him away; Shojiro surmises that they are the old ruling class of Saga, raising Yugiri's suspicions.

These men have plans, having gained the support of the merchants and seeking cannons and other weaponry, they intend to attack the main road to Nagasaki. They don't care about Kiichi, although Yugiri overhears this and talks with Jofuku, Kiichi's grandfather, about it. Jofuku seems aware, but laments that matters of life and death will always be decided by men, not boys. He refuses to take his medicine, proclaiming that Saga is him and he is Saga, and that there's no saving it. Yugiri, however, makes him drink his medicine.

Kiichi's comrades reveal to him that the idea of a petition is not nearly enough, that Kiichi cannot comprehend the anger they feel after the war eight years ago; they demand action. Kiichi begs them for more time, and leaves to continue pursuing his petition. On a bridge, Shojiro meets him and admonishes him for bringing back the rebellion, for ensuring that the war eight years ago will repeat itself, and urges Kiichi to wake up and discard his dream. Kiichi argues with him, but he simply leaves. While walking away, he meets his contact again, who gives him instructions that shock him.

Shojiro visits Yugiri and tells her to leave, and when she refuses, to at least look out for Kiichi. Yugiri takes this to heart, and writes several letters; some she sends to her allies in Nagasaki, one she writes for Jofuku, and another, for Kiichi. When it starts to snow, Kiichi finds a newspaper and realizes that his comrades have already taken matters into their own hands. He goes to meet up with them, only to find a pile of their corpses at Shojiro's feet, having slain them all before they could foment revolution. He reveals that he was an agent sent to monitor Saga and to stop any revolutionary movement that got too far along, before attacking Kiichi himself.

He is stopped from running Kiichi through by Yugiri, who blocks his sword. Police soon arrive, forcing Shojiro to leave, allowing Yugiri and Kiichi to escape; at the same time, Jofuku collapses and appears to die, the revolution defeated. Yugiri leads Kiichi away, and although he wants to give up, she inspires him to press on. She instructs him to go to her friends and Nagasaki, who will shield him from the government, and gives him her letter to read when he arrives, intending for him to continue the revolution to free Saga.

Yugiri fatally wounds Shojiro

Yugiri waits, intending to stop Shojiro from hunting Kiichi down. He follows the trail straight to her, and a confrontation ensues. He surges forward to strike her, but she dodges at the last second and fatally wounds him with her sword. As he lies dying, he admits that he wants to see the Saga that Kiichi will create, before finally passing away. Not long after, with Shojiro dead and Kiichi off to free Saga, Jofuku wakes up, still old and weak but alive. He finds the letter Yugiri left for him, saying that she intends to take the blame for the failed revolution, giving Kiichi a fighting chance to succeed, and instructing Jofuku to tell Kiichi that she fled to safety, should he ask after her.

Yugiri is executed, but Saga is later freed as a result of Kiichi's efforts.


Yugiri, as a zombie, is preparing with the rest of Franchouchou for a performance, an ode to Saga. They perform, and afterward Yugiri retires to a private bar — with none other than Jofuku, still alive, and not only in full health, but slightly younger to boot. They both comment on the modern era, and Yugiri says she enjoys it, as well as being able to perform. She says she'll choose a new path for herself, in the new Saga, and walk it.




  • Saga Prefecture
  • Nagasaki Prefecture
    • Nagasaki Highway (mentioned)
  • Mitsuse Pass (mentioned)
  • Hakata (mentioned)
  • Tawarazaka (mentioned)




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  • The events of this episode took place in the following dates:
    • December 28, 1882 - During the flashback to the late 1800s, Yugiri is sentenced to death after she takes the blame for what happened between Kiichi’s men and Shojiro.
    • Mid to Late August 2019 - Franchouchou performs “Saga Jihen” live for the first time in the series.
  • This is the first time an episode followed by a Yugiri-centric episode continues where the previous episode has left off.
  • This is the first episode to have blood shown onscreen.
  • This is the first time the song “Saga Jihen” is introduced in the series ever since it first premiered in 2019 as just the music video on YouTube.
  • Jofuku is revealed to have kept the group picture of Kiichi, Ito and Yugiri. It can be seen sitting on the shelf in his bar.

Dub Differences

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Cultural References

  • The statues of the three monkeys that appear during the Saga Jihen sequence is a direct reference to the Three Monkeys of Evil which represent: Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil.


  • This episode picks up immediately after where the previous episode left off.
  • This is the fifth episode to not have the word “Saga” at the end of the title. Instead, it is put somewhere upfront.
  • This is the second episode to center around Yugiri.
  • This is the second episode to not have an entry from Kotaro’s diary to act as the episode synopsis.
    • It is also the second episode to have one of Kiichi’s memorandum act as the synopsis, instead.
  • Kiichi’s men recall the war that involved Saga, which took place eight years prior.
  • Yugiri, once again, slaps some sense into another person she cares about. In this case, she does this to Kiichi after he starts to give up hope on his dream of saving Saga.
  • Yugiri’s red comb gifted to her by Kiichi makes another appearance.
  • Jofuku recalls Franchouchou incorrectly again. This time, as “Sagan Tosu”.
  • Kotaro yells his signature “Go, go, go, go, go, go!” catchphrase from season one.


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