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“If the only way for the show to be a success is without you.
Then, I would much rather the seven of us fail together.”

— Yugiri to Sakura, about her not wanting to perform

Episode 12

”Good Morning Again SAGA” (グッドモーニング アゲイン SAGA Guddo Mōningu Agein SAGA) is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of Zombie Land Saga and is the twelfth episode overall.

Synopsis (Kotaro’s Diary)

(Note: This is an unofficial English translation of the synopsis from the website.)

Memories of "Sakura" still don't come back. She’s just repetitively saying "i'm unlucky". However, it is not Kotaro Tatsumi who surrenders here. Believe in yourself. I'll make "Franchouchou" sing on the Arpino stage. That is the true beginning of the project. It is the beginning of the "Zombie Land Saga Project".


Six days before the Arpino concert, Sakura remains depressed for fear that her bad luck misfortune may resurface and destroy everyone's careers. But the girls are still determined to cheer her on. As Sakura continues to be sad in the last few days, Tae becomes frustrated. She frantically tries to cheer her up because it helped her get used to her idol career. Having remembered how Sakura helped Tae, the girls remind Sakura that they would never have gotten far with her due to her kindness. They say that if their lousy luck ruined their careers, they would accept it anyway. Later, it is revealed that Kotaro had met Sakura earlier in the past.

On the day of the concert, the heavy snowfall complicates things a bit, but the entire audience arrives. Although Sakura still has a bad feeling about her luck, she introduces herself along with the girls. But during the performance, the whole stage collapsed below them, leaving the audience in shock.

Before Sakura's fears can resurface, Kotaro tries to continue the show, and the girls get up to cover her. After her friends' words of encouragement echoed in her mind. Sakura regains her composure and stands up, and continues the show, ending with Sakura fully recovering her memories with everyone and a standing ovation from the crowd.

After proving that she has regained her memories with everyone, the girls celebrate together now that she's back to being herself. Kotaro interrupts by reporting that they have not yet reached the heights of their stardom. The audience is waiting for an encore for the girls to return to the stage for the second song. The second performance ends with Sakura announcing to everyone, "Good morning!".

Meanwhile, an editorial man worries because he's now riddled with questions regarding Ai, Junko, and Lily. 







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  • The first song the girls perform onstage, “Yomigaere”, is actually the song they were supposed to perform in Saga Castle in the second episode right before it instead turned into a rap battle.
  • During the performance of their last song for the concert, the camera pans over to each member’s respective audience in the crowd. First with the camera panning over to Iron Frill watching their concert live online during Ai’s lines, to the bartender during Yugiri’s lines, then panning over to the reporter during Junko’s lines, then over to Lily’s father during her lines, followed by Reiko during Saki’s lines and then finally to Kotaro during Sakura’s lines.
    • Additionally, the mother-daughter duo from the third episode also appears in the audience.
  • This episode has the most number of known characters to ever appear.
  • It is revealed that Kotaro used to be Sakura’s classmate when they were both in their first year of high school, and that “Kotaro Tatsumi” is simply his stage name, whereas “Inui” is his actual surname. Though, his actual full name is yet to be revealed.
    • It can also be observed that, contrary to his current personality, he seems shyer and more reserved during that time.
  • Kotaro’s diary entry for the episode is written sometime after his pep talk with Sakura and before their performance at Arpino.

Dub Differences

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Cultural References

  • Kotaro and the audience do the cinematic slow clap trope after the stadium collapses on Franchouchou, prompting them to keep going with the performance.


  • This is the second episode to focus on Sakura.
  • This events of this episode takes time right after where the previous episode has left off.
  • It is revealed that Junko not only fixed the door Kotaro broke five episodes prior but has also reinforced it so that even Tae could not knock it down.
  • This is the second time the mother and daughter duo from the third episode spectate one of Franchouchou’s performances.
  • This is the second time the president of Drive-In Tori spectates one of Franchouchou’s performances.
  • This is Takeo’s second time attending one of Franchouchou’s performances.
  • This is Iron Frill’s second time witnessing one of Franchouchou’s performances.
  • The camera pans to the Bartender from the previous episode during the part where Yugiri sings her lines.
  • This is the fifth time Ookoba takes suspicion in Franchouchou. This time, he has his eyes on Lily, Ai and Junko, respectively.
  • This is the second time Kotaro’s sunglasses are removed. But, this time, he removes it himself, without showing his eyes to the audience.
  • This is the third time Yugiri slaps someone. This time, being Sakura again, but the only difference is that it was not a late reaction this time.
  • Kotaro telling Sakura how minding her manners is how one can get others to respect oneself is also a parallel to the same scene in the first episode.
  • The ending of this episode parallels that of the first episode, with it ending with Sakura/Franchouchou yelling “Good Morning!”.
    • Additionally, this is the second episode to feature the words “Good Morning” in the title.
  • The song featured on the cover of the CD Sakura drops in Kotaro’s flashback is the same song that can be seen playing on Sakura’s laptop in the first episode.
  • The scene wherein Sakura starts getting her memories of her idol life with Franchouchou back includes the guerrilla performance from “Episode 3”, their performance at the Hot Spring Resort in “Episode 4”, and their performance at Saga Rock in “Episode 7”.
    • Additionally, the scene wherein Sakura dies from the impact of the speeding truck from “Episode 1” is shown in her other flashback.
  • Ai saying that she does not think of mistakes or failure as bad things in the interview in Sakura’s flashback in the previous episode is shown again after Ai repeats the same line to Sakura.
  • A handful of scenes from the previous episodes are shown during the girls’ performance in the Arpino Stadium. The scenes include Saki and Sakura’s rap battle from “Episode 2”, the girls thinking of a name for their idol group in “Episode 3”, the girls vowing to do their best as idols in the foot spa in “Episode 4”, the girls shooting the Drive-In Tori jingle as well as them participating in the Gatalympics in “Episode 5”, Sakura and Junko’s one-on-one on the beach in “Episode 6”, their performance at Saga Rock in “Episode 7” as well as them comforting Sakura in “Episode 11”. With the only episodes “Episode 8” and “Episode 9” not having any scenes included.


  • The bandages on the lower half of Ai’s face disappear at the 5:50 mark.


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