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The Elixir of Immortality (フロフキ Furofuki) is the one behind everything that happened in the history of Zombie Land Saga, a curse will fall on those who seek from it the source of eternal life.

This elixir is linked to entities known as "Gods" that are said to inhabit Mount Penglai. Currently only Jofuku knows its properties.


The ruler of Qin, Qin Shi Huang feared death and searched for a way to live forever. He entrusted Xu Fu with the task of finding the secret of immortality. In 219 a. C., Xu Fu was sent with three thousand virgin boys and girls to retrieve the elixir of life from the immortals, including Anqi Sheng, who supposedly lived on Penglai Mountain in the East Sea. Xu Fu sailed for several years without finding the mountain. In the year 210 a. C., when asked by Qin Shi Huang, Xu Fu claimed that there was a giant sea creature blocking his way, and asked the archers to kill the creature. Qin Shi Huang agreed, and sent archers to kill the giant fish. Xu then set sail again, but never returned from this trip. The Documents of the Great Historian say that he came to a place with "plains and wide swamps" and proclaimed himself king to never to return.

According to the tradition of Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Xu Fu came to the Ariake Sea, where he decided to float a cup on the water and go ashore where he made landfall. As such, the place where he landed the cup is known as "Bubai", which literally means "floating cup".

Xu Fu reached the top of Mount Kinryu, where he met a hermit and obtained the elixir of immortal life. The name of this elixir is Furofuki, and it still grows on Mount Kinryu today.


Its main use is to return the subject to be used by someone "immortal". It should be noted that if the elixir of Jofuku is given by Anqi Sheng, the "immortal" Taoist. for the understanding of the Taoists. They are not exactly "immortal" as in the western understanding of "eternal" or "not aged" forever; instead, they would simply live an incredibly long life and eventually die of old age at some point (possibly inconceivably far in the future).


  • Conceptual Immortality - Something to highlight about the functioning of immortality is that it seems that the subject totally depends on the very concept of Saga and therefore when Saga disappeared from the map in the physical world in 1876, this concept within the minds and hearts of the People slowly began to disappear, constantly weakening Jofuku to the point of rendering him incapacitated.


  • The name "Furofuki" is said to come from the word "Furofushi", which means "do not grow old, do not die" in Japanese.
  • In October 2008, the Saga-Xu Fu International Symposium was held in the city of Saga. Many researchers from Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea participated and made presentations. A lecture was also given on the relationship with the Yoshinogari site.[1]


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