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Eikichi Hyodo

Eikichi Hyodo (兵動 栄吉 Hyōdō Eikichi) is one of the main protagonists of the Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie manga, he is the newest, as well as only male, member of the Sagako Busters.

He joins after being picked to substitute for his twin sister.


Eikichi is a teenager in search of new emotions but unfortunately a shoulder accident to prevent him from becoming a baseball player, he now works without spirits on the family onion farm. Eikichi was somewhat clumsy and always tries to follow fashion or what others do in his school as well as being somewhat rebellious when smoking from time to time, in his first confrontation with a Sagako he makes the quick decision to save the old men who were under his influence to later be able to attack using onions but unfortunately he is incapable and the demon runs away. In this first encounter, he begins to understand how much his sister was risking trying to protect him and his family, almost dying fighting Sagako. He decides that it is his turn to step forward and fight as well, defeating the sagako with his baseball bat (although he accidentally lets it escape).

He was quite weak physically and did not possess much cognitive level, and as the group mentions he is technically the opposite of his sister in terms of personality and does not yet possess her full powers. As the manga progresses, both Eikichi's physique and intellect advance by leaps and bounds thanks to the help of the Saga Sagako Busters, his personality becomes more and more confident as he discovers that he can be like his sister and being someone of use for once in his life, which motivates him to continue fighting the mysterious curse.

With Anna's help and her training in the club where she worked, he becomes more dedicated and acquires communication skills of high social standards.


He wears a red shirt with a black leather jacket over it, black pants and black shoes too.As for his physique he is still a teenager much younger than his sister and does not have great strength, his eyes are dull green and his hair is black.

After Chapter 3 of the manga his physique becomes better with the help of Hanako's machine called "Del Height" that helps him grow 20 centimeters and become much more flexible than he is, something that helps him a lot in his constant battles. and being an essential part of the group now.



  • Baseball-playing - Since he practiced baseball and aspired to be a professional, he has very good batting skills which allows him to hit hard or throw objects at high speed to hit his targets. He takes on a Sagako with nothing but a baseball bat. His exorcism abilities are performed through tools passed down from his sister, although he slowly begins to take advantage of his supernatural abilities as well.
  • High education - Tae gave him lessons through dream learning to fulfill the triple A imposed by a Sagako.
  • Host - Anna taught Eikichi to be a good host by training him at the club where she works part time, this helped him to have more confidence in himself.

Unique Abilities

  • Exorcisms - Himself like his sister, he possesses the ability to seal demons using onions, but unlike his sister he is more creative with this process and can do it with different types of onions that he uses to weaken the Sagako first. According to Jofuku, his Misogi power increases with each training. Only the Hyodo twins have access to this ability, being able to seal the sagako using special protectors made from onions. Eikichi has to gradually learn to use this ability when he first joins.
  • Misogi - Power that he gains by purifying the Sagakos that appear in Saga.


  • The name Eikichi means "flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor" (栄) (ei) and "lucky, good" (吉) (kichi), which can can be translated as "extremely happy".
  • Eikichi's surname Hyodo means "soldier, warrioir" (兵) (hyo) and "dynamic, motion, change, confusion" (動) (do).


  • Eikichi was also a victim of Saga's curse which caused his shoulder accident so that he was not a successful baseball player.
  • Eikichi is revealed to have been classmates with the Death Metal fans since before they became metalheads.
  • Although Eikichi is somewhat careless, he cares for Yuko Hyodo when she sees the amount of bandages that she always wore at school.
  • Hanako and Anna start calling him "little brother" due to his relationship with Yuko.
  • According to Jofuku, the power of Eikichi's Misogi increases with each battle against the Sagakos and with this acquired power he can revive Yuko the moment he reaches his limit.
  • Thanks to Hanako he is now 1.80 and much more flexible thanks to his "Del Height". This quality only lasted one chapter of the manga.


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