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Dried Squid ( Surume) is a food item commonly seen being used in the Zombie Land Saga franchise.

It is first seen in Episode 1, used by Kotaro Tatsumi as a means to calm the zombiefied girls down.


The dried squid is an appetizer produced in Saga based on the local squid of the area, this typical Saga snack is the common food of the zombies and Jofuku. In the first episodes, the dried squid is the only thing that Franchochou's group has eaten since the idol group began, although they can persist without eating this snack for several weeks without any known side effects.

After the EFS disaster, the only thing Franchouchou eats for two weeks is dried squid straight from the factory where Ai works.


This simple dry and spicy snack common in Asian coastal countries can be eaten as normal. Beyond its common use in the series and being used as a means to calm the formerly "asleep" zombies, it has no other known effects. Though the girls seem to be able to live off of them during the start of their part-time jobs until they eventually won the money from Episode 18 to pay off their debt.


  • Tae's side bangs bear a resemblance to that of a squid.
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