Welcome to our first community project! Zombieland Saga Wiki is pretty new, so we need all the help we can get to make this a place worth looking at! Outlined below are some tasks that need to be done, including general editing, media, and iconography.

Page Content

This will be ongoing until the show ends, but character quirks, stories, relationships, and galleries will need to be filled in. The wiki will only support official art for the foreseeable future, do keep that in mind. Episode plots will also need to be filled out in detail. For pages that need a significant amount of work, please refer to the Article Stubs page. If you find a page with a large amount of missing content, or create a page that needs to be filled in, add this line to the top using the Source Editor: {{stub}}.

Pretty much every character and page has missing content at this point. Don't be shy and feel free to add things in where you think they should go! There are currently no editing guidelines, so admins will moderate the content, proofread, and adjust things as need-be.


So, two things need to be adjusted:

  • Homepage Welcome Icon
  • Wiki Wordmark


For reference, that's this icon here. Currently, we are taking custom submissions for this icon. The characters can be adjusted as you will, but the word "Wiki" needs to be added to it somewhere. There is no time-limit for submissions.

Submissions should be made to the Submissions Category of the Discussion Page

Staff Applications

We're currently opening up staff positions for the wiki! Currently, we're looking for Content Moderators for comments and proofreading. Applications should be submitted to the Applications Category of the Discussion Page. Simply list your qualifications and past experience by linking the wikis you have contributed to and discuss why you feel you are a good fit to be a moderator for this wiki.


That's all for now. If you have questions you can talk with me, NoGround (talk), by posting on my wall or any of the other Administrators. If you have suggestions for the wiki the Suggestions Category of the Discussion Page is open for posting. Comments are also open on this page for questions.