With the announcement of season 2, I think it's high time for a glorious return! Zombie Land Saga: Revenge has been announced, but this wiki has been neglected for a while now. So, I have in my head a few ideas to help fix things up.

First and foremost, episode and/or arc summaries.

Story Synopsis

As the wiki is organized right now, each character has their own Episode Synopsis for each and every episode, making it difficult to understand the content of each episode on a whole. As such, I'll personally be working on changing this so that each character has a synopsis for their specific story. Sakura, Saki, Ai, Junko, Lily, and the others will have a synopsis section for their own arc, instead of a summary of what each one did each episode. Some characters will not need a synopsis, such as Policeman A, but that doesn't mean the character needs to be neglected. You are welcome to piece together his story (and others')

As such, all the content from the current character pages needs to be moved somewhere! That's what this poll is about. Arc Synopsis pages will be overarching stories that include a basic summary of what happens over the course of a specific event. This may include more than one episode. Episode Synopses are detailed episode breakdowns that will explain the entire episode. I'll tally the votes in a week or so and get to work.

Should we do Arc Synopsis pages, or detail each Episode page with a Synopsis?

The poll was created at 02:25 on July 28, 2019, and so far 7 people voted.

Final Thoughts & Your Suggestions

Working on this change will bring up a lot of things that this wiki is lacking (and oh boy is it lacking right now) that will be worked on retroactively with the main project. Feel free to discuss any potential ideas you have in the comments below, or you can just add them whenever you want! Wikis are collaborative, so we'll be working together on this one.

If you have an idea or suggestion for this specific change that is being worked on, please add your thoughts in the comments below. Ciao~

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