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Coco (コッコくん Kokko-kun) is a recurring character in Zombie Land Saga. He is the mascot of the Drive-in Tori, a real-life fried chicken chain in Saga Prefecture and wears an anthropomorphic chicken suit all the time.


Cocco is a person with a white anthropomorphic chicken suit and a Drive in Tori t-shirt, being a chicken suit it has the classic characteristics of a chicken but caricatured.


Very elegant and classy, if a bit silly, he dances lightly at random intervals and loves to show off to the audience about him. He is possibly the dumbest resident of Saga, being a person in a chicken suit who does nothing but dance.


Episode 5

He shows up to give a commercial together with Franchouchou at the Drive in Tori, but is repeatedly chased by Tae. In the end, thanks to Tae, they manage to film the perfect commercial.

Episode 18

He reappears at a dance contest where he is well known and agrees to let Tae enter the duel even though she wasn't registered. Even though his dance didn't stand a chance with Tae's, as a good contestant he accepts his defeat against Tae and gives her the set prize.

Episode 24

He makes a cameo appearance arriving at the Ekimae Fudosan flying.


Natural abilities

  • Dancing - He seems to love Michael Jackson's dancing, performing several of his moves in the dance contest in episode 18.


  • Facial Expression - His appearance and proportions are too strange for a person in costume, and his face is too emotional for a mask.

Unique abilities

  • Fly - Apparently he is so into the character that he himself is able to fly and land like a superhero.


  • Coco’s name is spelled as Cuckoo in the official Muse Asia subtitles, but it is currently unknown if this was a permanent name change for the character or if the subtitles spelled his name wrong.
    • His Muse Asia name is a reference to the crowing of a chicken in early morning, namely the "Cock-a-doodle-doo".


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